Photosynthesis Essay

  • Photosynthesis Essay

    However, too much carbonate might slow down the rate of photosynthesis within the disks. This is because the addition of too much carbonate will directly increase the amount of carbon dioxide in water thus increasing the pH. When the pH is increased, the enzymes in the ivy leaf discs will denature, thus no longer allowing them to function. Method and Materials: Variables: Independent: This was the different concentrations of sodium bicarbonate solution (1%, 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, and 10%). This

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  • Photosynthesis and Respiration Essay

    placed in a sugar molecule. This pathway is called C-3 photosynthesis. This is the way that most broadleaf plants make sugars during the dark reaction. C-3 photosynthesis has a disadvantage though. Oxygen competes with CO 2 for a binding site during the dark reaction. Sometimes sugars are not formed, but energy is still expended to complete the cycle. This is called photorespiration. Another dark reaction pathway is called C-4 photosynthesis because 4 carbons are fixed or placed in a sugar molecule

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  • The Effect of Temperature on Photosynthesis Essay

    chloroplasts and the rate of color loss was monitored by a spectrophotomer to measure the transmittance of light1. To begin the experiment, the spectrophotometer was set to a wavelength of 605nm, which is the wavelength for photosynthesis. In order to measure photosynthesis, we used a suspension of chloroplasts obtained from spinach leaves. As a control for the effect of temperature, one of the samples was kept at room temperature which is 25° C. We began our experiment by creating 4 sample

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  • Essay on Photosynthesis Lab Report

    most transmittance. Materials and Methods Before beginning our experiment, some spinach leaves were taken from the refrigerator, removed from their stems as the stems do not photosynthesize, and set under a light for 20 minutes to “restart” photosynthesis. To protect the chloroplasts in the spinach, the leaves were placed in an isotonic 0.5 M sugar solution. An isotonic solution was necessary so the plant’s cells would not burst. The sugar and

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  • How Light Intensity Affect Photosynthesis Essay example

    DiscussionLight intensity affects photosynthesis. This is because from table 1 the results show that an increase in light intensity will increase the rate of photosynthesis. Simply light and carbon dioxide are used to investigate the rate at which photosynthesis is occurring. As the light is moved away from the plant the number of oxygen tend to increase. An increase in light intensity will increase the rate of photosynthesis. if the light is low then the rate of photosynthesis will also be slow. According

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  • Chapter 6 And 7 Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration Review Answers

    Glucose 21. Where does the ATP for the Calvin Cycle come from for the production of carbohydrate molecules? Light Reactions of photosynthesis 22. Where do all the carbon atoms in organic molecules ultimately come from? Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere 23. Why is ATP important? Essential for all tasks necessary for cell’s life 24. What gas is produced in photosynthesis necessary for cellular respiration?Oxygen 25. What is the equation for cellular respiration? C6H12O6 + 6O2

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  • Light and Photosynthesis Essay

    Effects of light. Light initiates the opening of the stomata, which results in carbon dioxide being absorbed for photosynthesis during the light-dependant phase, during this the rate of photosynthesis will increase. Brighter light means an increase in photosynthesis At low light intensities, as light intensity increases, the rate of the light-dependent reaction, and therefore photosynthesis generally, increases.

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  • Photosynthesis: Light and Plant Essay

    and therefore slows the rate of photosynthesis. With less photosynthesis the plant begins to release fewer oxygen bubbles. Evaluation: Our experiment went fairly well, however our results were not very accurate for various reasons. Firstly, the lamp we sued was a simple table lamp instead of UV light used to mimic sunlight. Therefore the light used was not an accurate imitation of sunlight. This may not have allowed the plant to increase it’s rate of photosynthesis to the fullest. Therefore the

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  • Light Intensity's Effect on Photosynthesis Essay

    I also predict that the rate of photosynthesis will increase in direct proportion to the increasing light intensity up till a certain point where the rate will decrease and level out. The proportional increase will happen because of the reason that I have already mentioned above, and there will be a point where the light intensity will not affect the rate of photosynthesis because another factor will be limiting the rate of photosynthesis e.g. level of carbon dioxide or temperature

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  • Photosynthesis Lab Essay

    Step 3 Record the initial pH value of the water in the beaker: 5.7 Step 7 Record the pH value of the water in the beaker at: 8:00 am: 5.5 9:00 am: 5.3 10:00 am: 5.1 11:00 am: 4.9 12:00 pm: 4.7 Step 11 Record the behavior of the glowing splinter after it’s placed in the test tube: The flame almost immediately went out Record the duration of the burn: 1 second Experiment 3 Data and Observations Step 3 Record your observations of the leaf after being removed from

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  • Essay on Investigating the Rate of Photosynthesis by Using Leaf Disc

    This affects the rate of photosynthesis. The surrounding temperature. Room temperature 28°C Carry the experiment is held at the biology lab where the temperature are 28°C. Fans are switched off to prevent humidity factors. Higher temperature can cause the photosynthesis to occur faster. Thus the temperature must all be the same so that it wont affect the rate of photosynthesis. Apparatus: No. Apparatus Quantity Size + unit Uncertainty 1. Beaker 12 100ml ±10ml 2. Syringe 6 10ml ± 0.1ml

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  • Essay on Ap Biologly Photosynthesis Lab Report

    Record the distances. 7) Turn on the spectrophotometer to warm up the instrument and set the wavelength to 605 nm. 8) Set up an incubation area that includes a light, water flask, and test tube rack. 9) Your teacher will provide you with two beakers, one containing unboiled chloroplasts and the other containing a solution of boiled chloroplasts. Be sure to keep these on ice at all times. 10) At the top rim, label the cuvettes 1,2,3,4, and 5, respectively. Using lens tissue, wipe the

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  • Organismic Biology - Tutorial 4 (Photosynthesis: the Basis of Life)

    It uses the oxygen and glucose made in the first phase to create and release CO2. The length of this process depends on how much energy was stored in the plant during the daytime: CO2 + 4H+ + 4e-  [CH2O] + H2O e. Explain why Rubisco is possibly the most important protein on the planet. The Rubulose bisphosphate carboxylase is an enzyme that fix’s the carbon in carbon dioxide. It produces two molecules, which produces 1 molecule of glucose in the Calvin cycle. Therefore, Rubisco is important

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  • Photosynthesis in Elodea Lab Essay

    After 9 minutes (“more time under light source”), there were more bubbles than at the beginning. However, it was not due to the closeness of the lamp but to the amount of time under it. Also, the plant was heated up towards the end and it gave results, even though the distance between the plant and lamp was greater. Some possible mistakes that could have occurred during this experiment can include the following: Miscalculating the distance between the Elodea plant and the light source. Putting

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  • Cell Process Essay

    How does each parameter have bearing on the reactions of photosynthesis? Temperature, if the temperature is too the rate of photosynthesis will decrease and as the temperature increase the rate of photosynthesis will increase as well. But if the temperature gets too hot the enzymes begin to lose their shape (denature) thus they are unable to function properly and the rate of photosynthesis decreases again. pH, the pH level effects the enzymes in the plant cells because if the pH level of the enzymes

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  • Cell Energy Worksheet Essay

    Respiration", n.d.). Photosynthesis: • What is the overall goal of photosynthesis? The purpose of photosynthesis is to create food for the plants. Plants use carbon dioxide which is produced by animals. The use water and the sun's energy to create glucose and sugars (Ask, n.d.). • Because photosynthesis only occurs in plants, why is it essential to animal life? It all comes down to the food chain. Plants use photosynthesis to make energy for themselves to

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  • Essay on Ib 150 Exam 1

    time 1. Understand the importance of photosynthesis to (almost all) life on Earth * LOCS A. *** changed 8/28 *** List (separately) the inputs and outputs of the light-capturing reactions of photosynthesis Inputs of LCR: Outputs of LCR: B. *** changed 8/28 *** List (separately) the inputs and outputs of the Calvin Cycle of photosynthesis Inputs Calvin Cycle: Outputs CC: C. Relate the inputs and outputs of photosynthesis to those of cellular respiration The

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  • Essay about 1234

    “This process is called photovoltaics. The electrons in the solar cell capture light energy and are boosted to a high energy level where they are accepted by the wire making up the electrical circuit” (photovoltaics and photosynthesis, 2001). Both processes cause the lost of electrons. In the case of the solar panels, the lost of electrons occurs when protons within the sun rays hit the solar cells the electrons attract solar energy. Once electrons have been transformed in conduction electrons, they

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  • Essay about Sadiughjkln

    They consist of two special cells called guard cells that surround a tiny pore called a stoma. Differences between day and night plants. - Day plants open up their stomata in the day for photosynthesis to occur, while night plants open in at night. Carter, Stein J. "Photosynthesis." Photosynthesis. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2012. <>. Whitmarsh, John. "The Photosynthetic Process." N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2012. <http://www

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  • Preliminary Biology Yearly Notes Essay

    entire population from the percentage of tagged animals caught in the second capture | Suitable for rapidly mobile organisms | Disturbs the population; may lead to death of tagged species because of handling; time consuming | Photosynthesis and Respiration -Photosynthesis: the process by which plant

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  • Factors that Affect the Growth in Duckweed Essay

    the plant grow bigger, along with photosynthesis. I am going to investigate whether Baby Bio, a fertiliser containing NPK, helps the duckweed increase in growth. I am using the type Lemma minor, which will absorb the NPK through its roots. Aim === To investigate the effect of Baby Bio on plant growth. Prediction ========== Once duckweed reaches a certain size it divides. The products of photosynthesis, such as glucose, can be joined with

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  • Global Warming Causes and Solutions Essay example

    (“Climatic”). Rain forests are known as the Lungs of the World because they absorb enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The absorbed carbon dioxide is converted to oxygen through photosynthesis and then released into the atmosphere. Any unused carbon dioxide from the photosynthesis process is stored in the trunks of the trees for centuries (Connor). A total of two hundred and forty billion tons of carbon is contained in all the rainforests throughout the tropical countries (NASA)

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  • Chapter 36 Plant Form Notes Essay

    component of wood Plant Tissues * Three main types of tissue * Dermal * On external surfaces that serves a protective function * Ground * Forms several different internal tissue types and can participate in photosynthesis, serve a storage function, or provide structural support * Vascular * Conducts water and nutrients Dermal Tissue * Forms the epidermis * One cell layer thick in most plants * Forms the outer protective covering

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  • Mineral Requirements of Plants Essay

    role such as Phosphorus which aids to the process of photosynthesis, aids growth and also encourages root growth and blooming. Potassium helps with the quality of the produces and also reduces the chance of disease for these reasons potassium is absorbed in larger amounts. Calcium provides normal transportation and also helps with cell wall structure and overall plant strength. Magnesium is also an important mineral which aids with photosynthesis and growth. Sulphur plays many active roles of a

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  • Lab for Envbiroemnt Essay

    In the photosynthesis, carbon dioxide and water yield to glucose and oxygen. Because carbon dioxide and water come from cellular respiration, and it’s made from one molecule of glucose and oxygen. These processes can’t be seen through regular human perfect vision so it is extremely difficult for many to differentiate them that is why experiments are made like the bubbles experiment. These systems are vey important to many animals which are in need of the oxygen that the plants produce. “

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  • Essay on Scie207 Lab 3

    | |11 | Rough endoplasmic reticulum |Synthesizes membrane components and proteins | |12 | ribosome |The site of photosynthesis | |13 | lysosome |Digests worn out cellular

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  • Taewww2W2W2W2W Essay

    organelles. Diagram of Plant Cell Distinctive Features of Plant CellCell wall provide plant cells rigidity and structural support and cell to cell interaction.Plastids help in storage of plant products. Chloroplasts aid in carrying out the process of photosynthesis to produce food for the plants. Vacuoles are water-filled, membrane bound organelles which stores useful materials. Plants have specialized cells in order to perform certain functions for

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  • The Effects of Snails and Elodea in Water on Carbon Dioxide Levels

    the top and yellow at the bottom. It was blue at the top, where the elodea was, because the elodea was using the light and the carbon dioxide to perform photosynthesis. Due to the elodea photosynthesizing, there was little carbon dioxide in the top portion of the water. The bottom portion was yellow because the snail was not performing photosynthesis, because it is not a plant, and the snail was breathing out carbon dioxide. This factor is the cause of the bottom portion being yellow. Test tube

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  • Essay on Herbicide Experiment

    The process of photosynthesis occurs in the leaves, utilizing sunlight as the initiator for the formation of sugars from carbon dioxide and water molecules, and results in the release of oxygen gas into the air. Today, there is a wide range of diversity in the plant kingdom (Singh-Cudy 55). About 365 million years ago gymnosperms evolved, which later became the first plants to evolve the seed, which consists of the plant embryo and an encased supply of stored food. During the early stages of

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  • Detailed Lesson Plan Essay examples

    Why do you think it is called solar calculator? Based on the pictures you have seen, will you identify the ways by which solar energy is used by plants, animals and humans? Photosynthesis The animal gets food from the plants. The boy is eating meat that comes from the animals. The clothes are hanging. The clothes get dry because of heat and sunlight coming from the sun. The bedding are disinfected because of the heat coming from the sun. The mother exposes her baby to sunlight

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