Photosynthesis Importance

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Importance of photosynthesis

The sun is the main and ultimate source of energy for the planet we live on. Many forms of solar radiation exist but the most important form of radiation in biology and for photosynthesis are infared rays, ultraviolet rays and light rays. Photosynthesis is the way in which some specialised bateria and green plants use their chlorophyll to trap light energy and then use this energy to convert carbon dioxide and water to glucose and oxygen. The green colour in plants is from the chemical chlorophyll which is found in the chloroplasts in the cells of the plant. It is very concentrated in the leaves of the plants due to the surface of the leaf being flat which allows it to have a very big surface area to absorb light:
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Most of the carbon dioxide used in photosynthesis comes from the atmosphere and enters the leaf through the stomata. This is the external source of carbon dioxide. Some of the carbon dioxide produced by the plants own cells in the process of respiration. The amount of carbon dioxide available is quite low. This affects the rate of photosynthesis i.e. The lower the level,the slower the rate of photosynthesis. Artificial sources of carbon dioxide can be used in greenhouses to increase crop growth, e.g. Carbon dioxide can be pumoped into the greenhouse. Deforestation and burning of fossil fuels leads to an increase in levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which in turn leads to the greenhouse effect and global …show more content…
Glusoce can be used ny the plant for respiration or it can also be converted into starch for storage in the plant. If starch is found to be present in the leaves of a plant then this indicates that the plant has been photosynthesising.

Plants also use some of the oxygen produced in photosynthesis in the process of respiration. The remainder of the oxygen is released into the air through the stomata. If it can be shown that the plantis producing oxygen then that plant must be photosynthesing. By measuring the amount of oxygen which is released by a plant in a certain in a certain length of time, the rate of photosynthesis for that plant can be

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