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  • The Importance Of Online Surveys

     Overcoming Challenges to Conducting Online Surveys Jiali Ye Georgia State University, USA Chapter VIII AbstRAct The widespread use of personal computers in the work place and at home has created a new opportunity of conducting research. With the increasing accessibility of the Internet and e-mail, using the new medium to distribute surveys is gaining popularity among researchers. The online survey, however, is a “double-edged sword,” with the ability to access a large number of respondents at low costs, but the risk of increasing difficulties to evaluate the quality of the research (Couper, 2000). Concerns over response rates, sampling, and controlling the data collection environment have posed serious challenges to online survey researchers. The purpose of the present chapter is to offer suggestions for addressing these concerns. After a brief discussion on the formats of online surveys, the author will outline the challenges of conducting online surveys, and provide some strategies to overcome these challenges. IntRoductIon formats of online surveys Internet-based research may appear in various forms, but generally there are two formats for online surveys: e-mail surveys and Web-based surveys. E-mail surveys. According to Bachmann, Elfrink, and Vazzana (1996), e-mail questionnaires appeared almost simultaneously with the introduction of e-mail. E-mail surveys used to be restricted to population samples from within a company or a university. With the…

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  • Concentration Quantification And Comparison With The Hic Eluate And Bacterial Lysate Essay

    was purified from the column. Using the spectrophotometer to create a standard curve and running samples through a chromatography column were techniques learned previously in this course, but the concept of an HIC column was a novel concept that we learned about in this experiment. Prompt 2 The hypothesis we were testing concerned when the GFP would elute from the column based on its hydrophobicity. Prior to beginning the experiment, we predicted that the GFP bacteria would elute in the last…

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  • Case Management Case Study

    demonstrates that local healthcare systems face unique challenges when implementing chronic disease management strategies among the economically and ethnically disadvantaged patients. The healthcare systems serving these groups are often under-resourced, thereby ill-suited to withstand the high clinical load. On this basis, the authors utilize controlled trials to test the feasibility of using case management to this population (Ma, et al., 2009). The model evaluates its reducing ability on…

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  • HPV Case Study

    Knowledge was defined as learning of facts and gaining insights related to an action, idea, object, person, or situation. Outcome expectations represented the individual’s belief about a specific behavioral outcome, while outcome expectancies represented the values the individual places on those outcomes. Self-control referred to personal regulation of the performance of a behavior which encompassed explicit and specific goal setting abilities for accomplishing a behavior. Situational perception…

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  • Homelessness And Homelessness Essay

    clientele can include adolescents living on the street, single men and women, and one or two parent household families with children. Of all these groups, it is the families with children that hold the greatest skill set to utilize resilience as a coping mechanism. Families can offer a social buffering mechanism and enhance positive coping behaviors. In addition, it is the role of the mother and her emotional state that likely identifies the family unit overcoming the homelessness and the…

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  • African American Resiliency Case Study

    African American Resiliency: Examining Racial Socialization and Social Support The purpose of this study was to examine the importance of racial socialization and social support in the resiliency of African Americans. It is essential to look out how African American life and culture serve as protective factors in overcoming adversity. Racial socialization is a set of behaviors that address how African Americans should feel about their culture and how they react to racial tension in America.…

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  • Cartel Case Study

    usually secretive and illegal, their empirical evidence is limited and cannot be based on random samples. Most of the evidence is extracted from law enforcement prosecutors and governments that allow cartels to reside. They both agree that it is difficult to guess the success of cartels because of their secretiveness and ability to stay under the radar of regulatory agencies. However, Levenstien and Suslow pull a great deal of data from the cases they have and create a strong argument for how…

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  • Opportunities For Athletes With Disabilities

    (ADA). Furthermore, as more evidence was brought forth as the needs of those with disabilities was not being met, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA) was signed into law in 2008. Even with legislation signed into law more than 40 years ago, those with disabilities face challenges to participate in sport and recreation (Wolohan, 2013). Deficiencies of Resources Worldwide, there are over 650 million disabled people, which is at least ten percent of the world’s population…

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  • Discriminatory Society In Gattaca, By Andrew Niccol

    lengthening operation - after which even the cynical Jerome "does not question his commitment". Again, in the scene where Vincent bravely crosses the road despite his myopia – Irene's later comment "you couldn't see could you..…you crossed anyway" mirrors the viewer's astonishment that Vincent possesses so much courage. Here, the atmosphere created by Niccol as the music crescendos and the tempo quickens conveys the importance of Vincent overcoming and defeating this challenge. Niccol involves…

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  • Five Factors Of Humanity: The Big Five Theory Of Personality

    all levels. This is common for persons applying for top management positions, as an error in recruitment will cause a significant impact in any organization. Tests for selection and recruitments assist a company to make an informed choice between candidates on their strength or weakness. In carrier, professional counseling candidates tests on their work values, interest, and preparedness in their new position. Some of the considerations made are the client’s interest, measured by strong interest…

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