Sample Essay Overcoming Challenges

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  • Do Theories Of Intelligence Affect Academic Resilience?

    unchangeable (Dweck, 2006). Students with fixed mindset believe intelligence is static and tend to desire looking smart, therefore they avoid challenges, give up easily, see effort as fruitless, ignore useful feedback, and are threatened by others’ success. Students with a fixed mindset report feeling dumb when they have to work hard, and are more likely to become discouraged or defensive, may avoid opportunities that will require risk of doing poorly, may blame others for difficulties, lie about their scores, or even consider cheating. Dweck (2010) noted…

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  • Importance Of Resilience In Education

    My preconceived notion of resilience was the ability to get knocked down and have the strength to get back up again. However, when I read the article it caused me to challenge my perception of resilience. In my response, I will address and discuss critically what challenges I believe I will face and how I can best safeguard myself against the potential tests to my resilience, as a trainee Teacher. I believe it is incredibly important for anyone undertaking a PGCE or any Teacher training route,…

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  • Reflection In Counseling

    Introduction Throughout this course, this writer has been challenged to practice counseling skills on either herself or volunteers to get use to the practice and implementing various techniques. This writer has gained additional awareness into what the counseling relationship looks like as well as how to challenge the client, problem solve, collect and reframe the story, identify possibilities, set goals, implement a plan, and ultimately lead the client to termination and maintenance. This…

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  • Conclusion Of Strength And Challenges

    Summary and Analysis of Strengths and Challenges There are some important strengths and challenges within B’s life that I discovered throughout the interview. The top three strengths in B’s life that stood out to me were her faith, family and positive outlook on life. Having a strong faith is a strength for B because it is something that she strongly believes in. She is passionate about what she believes. She feels her faith is one of the things that keeps her going because it reminds her to…

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  • Narrative Essay On A Cousin's Wedding

    First challenge was set on the ground floor, we called it ‘warm up exercise’, he would have to do some push up as warming up for others rounds. David and his team must send out two people to do twenty push up but they must also choose a lady from our family to show out strength( he was tricked the second times when we secretly told him that this was the easiest round). Unfortunately, David and one of his cousin named Blake survive through that round. Then we went up to the second floor,…

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  • Impact Of Social Media On Global Business

    Manager need to be aware with the opportunities and challenges that social media can provide. I’ve learned by watching this presentation that there are different types of social media where websites and applications are dedicated to forums, microblogging, social network and wikis. In 1990’s telephone and radio reached million users and after year 2000, the…

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  • The Importance Of Change In Nursing

    maintaining a healthy eating pattern while having one cheat snack per week, which was less than 300 calories. Having a hectic schedule made this task difficult. It was hard to find the time to prepare healthy foods and snacks that I could grab throughout the day. Stopping and picking up snacks from a store was much more convenient. Ruff, Acklund & Adjoian (2016) found that corner stores negatively influence ones nutritional habits through the easily accessible, cheap and high calorie foods.…

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  • The Challenges Of Studying Abroad Essay

    Three Challenges At this time, there are a lot of students who want to study abroad, regardless of the difficulties that might face. They think that study abroad will be much easier and better than their own country. In fact, studying abroad need determination and trying. It is a challenge. You will face a lot of social and academic challenges, at first, they might be difficult, but if you take an advices and listen to other people it will become easier. Some of those challenges…

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  • Situational Challenges: The Model Of Effective Leadership

    as the process of mobilizing people and tackling tough challenges and thrive. The leadership model does just that by breaking situations down into Situational Challenges: Technical, technical and adaptive, and adaptive challenges. After observing the chart, I easily detected that technical challenges are problems that occur in the workplace or around the community with solutions that provide through organizational procedures. For example, I dealt with today at work as I was trying to…

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  • Importance Of My Adventure WV Habitat For Humanity

    throughout the week with Habitat for Humanity helped me to learn about other ways that I could utilize skills that I had already developed while in high school. I had previously never imagined that I would be able to help build a house or do roofing work, but I was able to do both during this trip. This service aspect of the trip also helped to reinforce my love for serving others. I have always found the feeling of knowing that you helped someone and made a difference in his or her life to be…

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