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  • Reflection Paper On Self Reflection

    Self-Reflection Who is Haley Wise, a single question that holds many different answers, I could say who I use to be, who I’m today or even who I wish to become when I’m older but to those seeking answers will no find an indefinite one. Everyday I’m constantly learning and changing making myself never constant in a way so that the answer to that question is never the same each time asked, time moves forward and so must I in the struggling search for my identity. After progressing to this stage in my life, I have gained a certain perspective on my own abilities and limitations to tell people what I excel in versus my weaknesses in varying subjects. Strength quest tells me that I’m a learner, achiever, focused, disciplined and commanding, altogether are good qualities to have in a leader but also meaning I lack certain power with others. Since I was a child, I possessed a strong affinity towards learning/ organization and was inclined towards my own sense of creativity, with my skills I found myself exceling in school and writing in my spare time. School always posed challenges for me but I always managed to find a way to keep going through anything with my natural sense of learning, focus, discipline and the ability to organize my time well to insure I would not forget anything important that I needed to complete. When I wasn’t working, I was writing and creating stories, often without even thinking I would make up stories to tell myself were I would name the characters and…

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  • Reflection On Self Reflection In The Workplace

    Throughout this class, there was an emphasis on core values and served as a catalyst of self-reflection my personality and how that plays in the workplace. I started my first job when I was 18 years old and there was no training involved. My first job was formulaic on how I perceived the workplace and understand its structure. The core of who I begin when I started this job. These helped me align my values and what I searched in the workplace. Integrity in the workplace is key. My job lacked…

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  • Self And Self Reflection

    Self reflection is the mental process that acquires knowledge and understanding through thoughts and experience which helps encourage self awareness. This essay focuses on assessing my objectives and how I have developed my skills from the beginning of this semester until now. At the start of semester A, I wasn’t confident in preparing for the skills sessions and workshops. I wasn 't always able to find the correct answers to the workshop questions set which made it relatively difficult for me…

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  • Reflection On Self-Reflection

    Self-reflection is the image of looking at oneself. It has the implication of being conscious of what one is being. According to Rowntree (1988), reflection is studying one’s own study methods as seriously as one studies the subject and thinking about a learning task after you have done it. However, this is in a learning situation. On the other hand, Boud et al. (1998) defined sel-reflection as a generic term for those intellectual and effective activities in which individuals engage to explore…

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  • Reflections On Self Reflection

    the Instructional Technology program at Kennesaw State University, I have been required to complete several self-reflections in order to evaluate and reflect upon my professional practice and dispositions. By completing these self-reflections, I have been able to improve and strengthen my ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced learning experiences. In the ITEC 7460 Professional Learning and Technology Innovation course, I was required to keep a Coaching Journal in…

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  • Self Reflection On Self Work

    Self-reflection is the capacity to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about the self. This is a great time of the year to look back since I have joined the firm for more than three months already. During this period of time, I have been actively participating in various professional networks’ events and meetings, building and maintaining relationships across service lines, proactively playing a role in pursuits and client work, growing into a strong team player, delivering…

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  • Self Reflective Self Reflection

    Self-Reflection This GSW 1110 class has improved my writing skills in many different ways such as my techniques I use to get my paper to where it needs to be, how to research for credible sources, counterarguments and refutations, and how to present different tasks in different papers. In the beginning of this class, we had set goals to accomplish my the end of this course. My goals were to stay organized, making sure each topic I picked was interesting, manage my time better, making sure the…

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  • Reflection About Self Reflection

    As one gets older in life, it 's easy to reflect on life. For many, self-reflection could be a great way to see one did wrong in life, and help them change the path for a better life. The problem of self-reflection is It 's a flawed process. People are biased in their own thinking, and can 't really nail down the error in their ways. The best way is to get a set of eyes that is not your own. A person that can give you critical advice that can help you make the right changes to live a happier…

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  • Reflection Of The Self Reflection Paper

    A Reflection of the Self I found this to be an appreciable assignment in which I was pushed to exceed my normal comfort zone in writing and expressing my views. This assignment helped improve my writing and reading in several ways. I overcame struggles in my writing, reading and found innovative ways to progress through these difficult texts in the development towards writing this essay. The process of going from “Madman”, “Architect”, “Carpenter” and “Editor” was a tremendously useful tool in…

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  • Self Awareness Self Reflection Paper

    White in racism and oppression I forgot about ALL people of color. If I conducted the self interview now I would change all response in the recording. As I listened to my words I felt a sense of unawareness. Unawareness to what racism and oppression really is. Listening to the recording I felt there was a lot I needed to learn about racism and oppression. Thank you to this course I have gained more knowledge on the topic of racism and its dynamics. During this course we have studied D. W.…

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