Say No to Drugs Essay

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  • Steroid Athletes Should Be Banned

    achievements. It was said that he failed a couple of drug tests and that he was on cocaine. Many people lost respect for him when they heard this. He denied doing drugs at first, but he then admitted to it. Professional athletes should be banned from their sport for doing drugs because young people look up to them and they are putting a bad example. Doping in sports is not allowed in any sport, and should not be allowed to do. People such as kids, sports fans, and people whom like sports, loose respect for the game when they hear that athletes are doping and getting away with it. According to The Baltimore Sun, it says that in the MLB athletes get three chances…

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  • Legalize Drugs

    The United States has tried to change they drug behavior for some time now, but ever since 1914 they have done little to do so. This operation has gone on for the last 85 years now, but there has been little to no change. I say that because there are over 3 million patients of drug addictions in the U.S. alone that are not getting treated. In recent news, there has been a debate on the motion to legalize drugs. The debate consists of two teams. The first team is a professor of law at George Town…

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  • Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

    Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Back in the day when a person didn’t have enough money to fulfill their needs and wants they went out and got a job. Today we have welfare, this is a well needed program in the United States for people in need. Although this is a helpful program for many, welfare has many flaws. Now, more than ever people are abusing the benefits they receive from the government. Recipients will take the taxpayers money and use it to buy drugs, and not use it to pay for what…

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  • A Review Of Senator Schumer's Argumentative Essay

    SCHUYLER COUNTY (WENY) - The fight against drugs continues as new legislation looks to make 22 chemicals, typically found in the synthetic marijuana drug K2, illegal across the country. Friday, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer was in Watkins Glen to introduce the federal legislation. From the fentanyl laced pills found in Chemung County this past March to the synthetic marijuana found at a convenience store in Broome County just this past week , U.S Senator Chuck Schumer says synthetic drugs are…

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  • Andrew Read: Chapter Summary

    he began to question about how these natives birds lives longer then humans so he became an evolutionary biologist. So now, he works with malaria parasite. These parasites bread very rapidly as if they are on drugs. Therefore, Mr. Read is worried about these bugs. In the 1960, the United States surgeon General believed that we have won the war against these bugs. Now days these bugs have become super bugs. These super bugs are now are killing more people then car accident per year. These bugs…

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  • Drug Policy

    Currie’s article, “Toward a Policy on Drugs,” (1993) he expresses drug policy in the United States, and provides evidence to support his beliefs on the matter. Currie (1993) says that the police can only do so much to stop the problem, and that the people must speak up for how they want the problem solved (p. 571). In the first few paragraphs, he states that punishment of drug users is not an effective way to end the drug problem. He goes on to say that we must instead rehabilitate drug users,…

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  • Middle Childhood Drug Abuse Research

    Drug Abuse and its Impact on Middle Childhood Children and Adolescents Sarad Basnet Cerritos Collge Child Development 110 Drug Abuse and its Impact on Middle Childhood Children and Adolescents Back in Nepal, my neighbour Eku, has been into drugs for a long time. He was 13 when started smoking Marijuana and even Drinking alcohol. Me and my other friends as a child were constantly reminded by our parents to not to be like him and even not to talk to him. He was five years…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Recreational Drugs

    “Recreational drugs is a drug as (Cocaine, Marijuana, or methamphetamine) used without medical justification for its psychoactive effects often in the belief that occasional use of such a substance is not habit-forming or addictive” (Merriam Webster). Many people believe that even if they do not do it all the time they will not get hooked. “In my 17 years of living i have seen and done things that an average person has not seen or done, for one i have seen someone get shot and killed just…

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  • Social Implication In Sports

    using EPO, as this gave her an unfair advantage over her competition. I can say this is an ethical issue as she knew she was taking something that was not allowed and that her competitor weren 't allowed to take to improve her performance, which brings her morals as a person under scrutiny. By having poor morals it brings up the case of ‘how many other are taking performance enhancing drugs?’. Well it said Liza is only a part of 1% of people caught using…

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  • Research Paper On Mandatory Drug Testing

    Should middle schoolers be drug tested? Drug testing is normal procedure in a number of circumstances. In fact, we have whole institutions set up around drug testing Olympic and professional athletes as well as those at the collegiate level where money and potential careers are on the line. However, now the practice has moved down into high schools. In nine states, it is now mandatory for participation in extracurricular activities in junior high, and some parents are saying things have gone too…

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