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  • Essay on Drugs: Drug Addiction and Domino Effect

    One is that he “the attempt to prohibit drugs is by far the major source of the horrendous growth in the prison population” (655). Do we agree with him that the source of the prison’s population growth is booming, because of all the people that we are arresting do to drug related crimes? For Friedman to say if we legalize drugs we will decrease over population of prisons. Friedman is only partially correct, while he thinks the jail population will go down because you’re not arresting people for the

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  • Say No to Racism Essay

    racism. To persuade the others to be anti-racism, you need to speak convincingly about why you’re fighting racism and why the people at home should join you? Make sure you’re prepared to answer questions about your cause by researching it thoroughly. Say the police shoot an unarmed black man in your community. To combat racism, find out what reasons, if any, the officers have given for the shooting; if the officers have been penalized; and if they have a history of using excessive force. It’s also in

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  • Drugs Essay

    and there will be no way to change it. They say the reason they are trying to get it legalized is because it is less harmful than any other drug. Well all drugs are harmful no matter how you look at it. They all can cause problems and hurt people in ways that they won’t even remember doing. What makes this drug less harmful? I think everyone agrees that there isn’t one. This is one of the hardest drugs that a person can get addicted to and the hardest drug for a person to get off from. It is called

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  • Genital Herpes: Say It with Conviction Essay

    child, though such cases are rare. Then there is the worry of rejection, while it is an infected person’s duty to inform their sexual partners, some of them do not. This fear poses a great risk to the public as it can cause an infected person to not say anything and spread the virus further. After all, nobody wants to be abandoned and alone just because their sick. Luckily such cases do not happen to often and more infections happen due to the lack of knowledge then due to deception. So how do we

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  • War on Drugs Essay example

    and programs that need financial aid. Programs such as D.A.R.E, and the “Just Say No” Anti-drug campaign. The “Just Say No” campaign was founded by Nancy Reagan in 1984, it focused on white, middle class children and was the centerpiece of the Reagan Administration’s anti-drug campaign. The campaign mainly consisted of TV commercials and public advertisement, to keep kids from trying drugs.      When the war on drugs first began to take shape in the early seventies, the government wanted to know

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  • Drugs And Welfare Essays

    This test can test for more than ten drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines. The tests don't cost much - less than ten dollars each - and are fast. People are either for or against drug testing. Opponents of drug testing believe that it is violating the constitutional protections in the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S Constitution states, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures

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  • Drug Essay

    gums. To more rapidly absorb the drug into the body, abusers inject it, but this substantially increases the risk of overdose. Inhaling it as smoke or vapor speeds absorption with less health risk than injection. Cocaine use can lead to death from respiratory failure, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage or heart attack. Cocaine causes a short-lived, intense high that is immediately followed by the opposite intense depression, edginess and a craving for more of the drug. People who use it often don’t eat

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  • Legalize Drugs Essay

    enemies, fear, loathe, and demonize” help emphasize his point on the negative connotation associated with drug use. He feels that we are attacking the people who have fallen victim to the usage and selling of drugs, while legalizing and regulating drugs, in the author’s opinion, would eliminate all the negative effects. This type of tone demonstrates that he is tired of fighting the fight against drugs, where there are more violent and heinous crimes to focus attention on. (Stamper, 2005) The author

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  • Drug Sentencing Essay

    (Drug Enforcement Administration, 2011). Another example, a second time they commit the same crime they can get no less than 10 years and no more than life imprisonment (Drug Enforcement Administration, 2011). The sentence for a second time offender that has 1,000kilograms of marijuana or plants can get no less than 20 years and no more than life. The researcher found a study done by Syracuse University confirmed that the average sentencing was for those who were first time offenders and those who

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  • The Drug War Essay

    controversial, to say the least. Scholars and polemicists have contested the interpretation and construction of these clauses since the inception of the Constitution. Nevertheless, examining these clauses, only one explanation seems accurate: what the people sanctioning the Constitution would have understood the meaning of these clauses. Moreover, a clear discernment of these clauses will dictate faithful obeisance to its meaning, and not transgression; for if the life of the drug war hangs on a breach

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  • Drugs Essay

    This causes the drug user to ignore the potential dangers. Drugs are also symbolized as power, freedom, and status. Other people use it to “escape” their reality emotional crisis. People do not really care about the law because the risk of getting in trouble very low. Of all the drug crimes and drug users, only a small percentage do get punished, so fear of the law is almost non-existent. If that is not enough, most drug users do understand the risk of getting caught, but they accept the risks

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  • Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

    careless and stupid people ever get caught in drug test" (Gladwell). With athletes persistently finding ways to "beat the test" many are nervous to see the tests giving up. Many people believe that the increase in doping within sports is due to the media. "[Athletes] now have to cope with ever tighter constraints imposed by the media and with economic necessities which are more and more pressing every day. In these circumstances the decision to take drugs is often taken passively. Sportsmen and

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  • Mandatory Drug Testing in High School Helps Prevent Drug Abuse

    Many of the drug users in America are candidates for having a disease. The most common disease amongst users is the AIDS virus. Maryland and Baltimore are two cities that have many users carrying this disease. In Maryland forty-two percent of the AIDS cases are drug related and in Baltimore, seventy percent are drug related. Drugs are the leading instigators of negative lifestyles. By having random drug-testing, public health will become better. From recent studies, the schools that do partake

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  • Legalizing Drugs to Win the War on Drugs Essay

    to buy the drug. The money that the government makes off the taxing and the pricing of the drugs could go to health care or to lower the taxes that we are paying for today?s items. This would give Americans more money in their pockets to buy better things. The debate over drug legalization has existed for decades. It is a hot topic for discussion among young and old alike. While many different opinions have been argued over, most of America can agree on one thing--we have a serious drug problem in

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  • What is Drug Court? Essay

    punish, or expose those who use drugs, but to save their lives and discover abuse problems early, so that they can grow-up and learn in a drug-free environment (Walters, J.). I believe that utilizing drug courts is the most effective way of dealing with substance abuse users. For example, my uncle in the past has struggled blatantly with drug problems. Unfortunately, my aunt passed away and he is now a single father of four beautiful children.He has used many different drugs, which led to him being arrested

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  • Essay on Drugs In The Music Industry

    The streets of Seattle are cluttered with young people who have moved there just to do heroin just like Kurt Cobain did-all this at a time when the people in the Seattle music scene claim that drug use among musicians is tapering off (Newsweek p 54). Smashing Pumpkins fired drummer Jimmy Chamberlin after finding that he was addicted to heroin along with late keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin. This was definitely a step in the right direction, although they may have done it for the public acclaim. But

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  • Caffeine is a Psycoactive Drug Essay

    brain that causes you to feel tired called adenosine. It also raises the blood sugar levels in the brain, resulting in increased neural activity. goes on to say that caffeine can sharpen thinking when you’re tired, boost alertness and improve physical speed and endurance. In the book “Contemporary Nutrition” it says that higher doses in the 200-800mg range can cause negative effects such as nervousness, anxiety, increased blood pressure and dehydration. Although caffeine’s effects are

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  • Mexican Drug Cartels Essays

    and many Western countires repeadly make it seem that they were giving the people a say when in fact they were controlling the government. The United States has always intervened in the political and economic actions, within Mexico. This constant intervention from outside countires made it hard for the ovenment which is already weak and powerless to resit the powerful and dangerous drug cartels. Many people say that these issues and problems are solely due to the governemts actions Supporters

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  • Essay about Anti-legalization of Drugs

    opinion why drugs shouldn't be legalized. He argues that " Crime would increase. More permissiveness equals more use equals more violence " ( Rosenthal 371). Surveys indicate that " 25% of convicted inmates in jails, 33% of state prisoners, and 40% of youths in state-operated facilities admit being under the influence of an illegal drug at the time of their offense" ( BJS, Drug and Crime Facts, 1992). If drug use increases with legalization, legalizing drugs is far more

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  • Classifying Drugs: Dependency Essay

    Marijuana can also cause an extreme hunger for food and sweets (Saferstein, 2011 p.197). Our next category of drug is the depressants. These slow down or depress the central nervous system. Alcohol is the most commonly used type of depressant drug, although if you ask most people they would say that alcohol is not a drug. Alcohol’s intoxication varies depending on certain factors such as, social settings, amount consumed, and an individual’s personal expectations of alcohol. It will travel quickly

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  • Drug Testing Throughout Society Essay

    an employee is a recreational drug user. (If he is a drug user then ?) This fact alone does not automatically impact their job performance in a negative way. Also, random drug testing is becoming more common place recently . While states only loosely enforce drug-testing laws, opponents say that random drug testing can ruin a person’s life. Even recreational weekend usage may result in the loss of employment if drug usage is determined with a drug test. Random drug testing is often argued to be

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  • Drugs Essay

    painting, sculpting, poetry, etc.), less of a gateway drug than alcohol, treat PTSD, and could possibly produce billions of dollars for the government, and that is just a few to name. Gregoire found the following (2014): More than 5 million people suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) annually, and new research suggests that cannabis may help them find relief and may even offer better care than the current class of drugs commonly used to treat the disorder. About 30 percent

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  • College Students and Drug Abuse Essay

    students to think that taking these drugs is normal. At Columbia University, a student even went as far as to say that “the culture here actually encourages people to use stimulants,” (Jacobs 2) Doctors have been seeing a rising amount of young adults who have claimed to have an attention deficit disorder in order to obtain medications to help them in college. Another leading cause of drug abuse is “the belief that drug abuse or the non-medical use of any drug will not have long-lasting effects

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  • Essay on Drugs?

    to help them get off that floor by coercing them and not take the risk of that elevator  reaching ground level. Trying to help someone who is constantly in denial is hard, but  it's worth trying because in the end result you'll be proud of what you were able to  accomplish.                     Drug addicts also need to be coerced because addiction doesn’t only hurt  the addict, it also hurts those around the addict.  Addiction is not only an internal  disease that cause damage to their body but a mental disease, one that will continue  until either death or rehab

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  • Drugs Essay

    highly addictive, but also deadly. In this case, the government is, for the most part, justified in declaring it illegal. The only argument is banning something that only affects the person at hand.      A more familiar, and highly debatable, illegal drug is marijuana. It doesn’t have nearly the same health risks or addiction rates. The main active chemical in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocaccabinol). Short-term effects of marijuana use include problems with memory and learning. There may be

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  • Deviance Theory and Drug Use Essay

    These three theories can be used to develop various causes of deviance in the form of drug abuse. Conflict theorists may say that deviance in the form of drug use may be more prevalent in poor areas because the poor have fewer means to earn legitimate money, and to survive by normal means; so they are forced into a life of drug dealing and drug abuse (Chapter4 1). To apply this to the power theory one might say that more powerful people participate in more lucrative forms of deviance such as insider

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  • Fading Fads: Drugs in Schools Essay

    of the rising use of drugs in school, many schools around the country are finding ways to expel drugs from class. A recent article focusing on drug abuse among teenagers stated that giving in to peer pressure may be wired into our brains. The piece explains that adolescents train themselves to copy those around them because the brain uses imitation to learn new information. “Your brain is thinking, ‘This is what my group does, and this is what I need to do to fit in,’” says Dr. Jay Giedd (“Day”)

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  • Animal Testing in Drug Industry Essay

    Thus, animal testing in drug industry must be stopped. In addition to physical pain suffered by animals during drug testing, the animals also experience mental pain. According to Singer, three separate British government committees have agreed that animals are not only capable of feeling physical pain, but also mental pain, such as fear, anxiety, stress, et cetera (Singer, 1980). Animals kept in cages in drug laboratories are undergoing anxiety of being abused again every single day. Moreover, they

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  • Drug Testing Student Athletes Essay

    Using drugs can also affect a young adults brain, body, behavior, and health. When it is a first user their school and sports may suffer or even over dose. Long-term usage of drug can change a person’s mood, depression, anxiety, etc. National Institute on Drug Abuse says, “Studies show that the earlier a teen begins using drugs, the more likely he or she will develop a substance abuse problem or addiction”(“National” 1). That means student-athletes really need to make good decisions early in

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  • Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Essay

    Requiring those with limited mobility to travel to an area that has a drug-testing site (not to mention the nightmare that causes for individuals living in rural areas) and take time out of their day is placing a burden on them that may help to keep them in the same impoverished situation. This is the absolute last thing any welfare policy should be doing. Many people may think that asking them to travel may not be a big burden—but that is really a sign of the life situation you are in. Without a

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