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  • Essay On Classification Of Teachers

    Teachers are very unique individuals. Teaching style, personality, attitude, and many other factors all vary from person to person. While teachers mainly focus on providing students the ability to learn, there is not a set way they accomplish this. The characteristics of these individuals allow for classification and division based on the type of teacher. Certain types of teachers may not be favored by everyone, but they still have good intentions and strive to teach every day. The first type whom you may encounter is the strict teacher. Students usually aren’t very fond of this type of teacher. It seems like there are rules for everything you can think of in their classroom. There may even be a rule which sets guidelines for establishing rules! Simple everyday tasks will have their own way in which they must be completed. For example, if there are two methods to obtain an end result for something, the way the teacher prefers becomes the correct way. It does not even matter that the outcome will be identical, no matter which approach is taken. This type of teacher is also not a stranger of threatening to write students up. Every little mistake will result in a write up. The write ups usually become such a problem that the principal begins to question each incident and may even ignore the teachers request for punishment. The best way to deal with this type of teacher is to be on time to class each day, be on your best behavior, and do not cause too much ruckus. Next, you…

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  • The Wasters

    Teachers are the backbone of the learning process at any and every degree of learning. Students rely on teachers to relay information in a manner that makes the subject comprehensible and beneficial; however, the quality of teachers a student may experience in his or her tenure of learning may greatly vary. Each teacher has certain qualities that separate them into classifications of productivity. A teacher’s ability to produce a productive learning environment and influence a student can have a…

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  • Intellectual Disability Case Study

    This SPED team consist of: Special Educator: Mr. Richard Franklin, General Educator: Ms. Rama Smith (Spelling, Literature), Speech Therapist: Mrs. LuDonna Martin, Principal: Mr. John Denton, Community Organizer and Retired Teacher: Mrs. Nelda Clements and I as the Special Education Assistant and of course the students’ parents. This paper was designed to answer a few questions about ID and the concerns that these educators have in regards to the terminology of ID. The issues with ID laws and…

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  • SPED Team Essay

    disability. A SPED should consist of a regular education teacher, a special education teacher, parents of the student, and health care professional or organization in the community. For SPE 351 my designed SPED will consist of special education teacher, Mrs. Brandi Hoffman, regular education teacher, Ms. Amy Kelly, parents of the students within the classroom, and the Stars Community Outreach Organization. Mrs. Hoffman is a special education teacher at the elementary school I have been…

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  • Negative Stereotypes Of A Teacher

    environment into which they are. The social identity theory asserts that, people always tend to put themselves as well as others into various social categories like religion, gender, age cohort and the like (Tajfel & Turner, 1985). These categories are differentiated by their different prototypical characteristics held by the members. Social classifications cognitively order and segments the social environment in a way such as to provide every individual with a method of classifying others.…

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  • The T-Scores Of Fletcher's T Score On Conduct Performance

    Fletcher mother and two of his teachers completed BASC II scales. The BASC II measures a student’s emotional, behavioral, and adaptive functioning. The score that is used for the scale is the T-score. The T-score indicates the distance of a score from the norm group mean. The BASC II has a mean T-score of 50 with a standard deviation of 10. Scores ranging 60 to 69 are considered to be in the At-Risk range. The T-scores that are 70+ are in the Clinically Significant range. On the Adaptive…

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  • The Importance Of Teacher Education In China

    extent of teacher training in the People 's Republic of China is wide-ranging. Numerically, instructors in China represent the biggest teaching system in the world. In 1998, there were 229 training organizations, at various levels, with 138,745 students doing majors in teaching. Today, this ever-expanding massive training system has barely met the demand for the number of teachers required to sustain the ever growing school system in terms of both quantity and quality. As of 2010, there were…

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  • Political Structure In North Korea

    the book, Nothing to Envy, the regime’s impact on the citizens is brought to life. This paper will analyze how the regime affected certain families through its repressive policies and then compare those same situations to a democratic government. In 1958, Kim Il-sung ordered the classification of the North Korean people into about fifty distinct groups. These groups were divided into three broad classes. The Core, wavering, and hostile. The Core class would consist of Kim Il-sung, his family,…

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  • EBD Challenges

    in teaching students with EBD. Many of these challenges are related to the interpretation of the definition of EBD itself. This paper will address the many challenges of teaching students with EBD including a discussion of the definitions presented to the Federal government for adoption. EBD Definitions The definition of EBD according to IDEA 2004 states that emotional disturbance includes at least one of certain characteristics over a period of time to the extent that it adversely affects…

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  • SEN Pupils Essay

    What is the most valuable piece of information a teacher can have about a SEN pupil in order to meet the pupil’s learning needs? The aim of this assignment is to find out what information is available in schools about SEN pupils, and how this data is used to help teachers to understand SEN pupils’ learning needs. I am going to look at what qualitative data and quantitative data they have on SEN pupils and try to decide which piece of information is the most useful…

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