Essay On Classification Of Teachers

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Teachers are very unique individuals. Teaching style, personality, attitude, and many other factors all vary from person to person. While teachers mainly focus on providing students the ability to learn, there is not a set way they accomplish this. The characteristics of these individuals allow for classification and division based on the type of teacher. Certain types of teachers may not be favored by everyone, but they still have good intentions and strive to teach every day. The first type whom you may encounter is the strict teacher. Students usually aren’t very fond of this type of teacher. It seems like there are rules for everything you can think of in their classroom. There may even be a rule which sets guidelines for establishing …show more content…
This individual has been teaching at the school, for what seems like, a hundred years. They often complain about technology and feel accomplished when they do something as simple as log into the computer. One phrase that they may overuse is “Back in my day….” This type of teacher is usually fairly easy to get along with. They’re very well balanced and have reasonable expectations for students. Usually, they’re nice and easygoing. Although they may forget things a lot, it can play into the students’ favor. Extending deadlines can be very easy because the teacher will understand that sometimes people forget or simply get busy and cannot accomplish every single thing. The amount of effort this type of teacher puts in seems to decline each class period. Remarks such as “Only a few years until I retire,” are very common as well. As long as you’re respectful, getting along with this type of teacher will be a piece of …show more content…
The teacher is a reasonable individual who understands that there are five other classes who also assign homework. It is super easy to get along with this type of person because they are very flexible with deadlines and assignments. They help balance out workload and make up for the other types of teachers who may not be as favorable. Class will be very easy to follow along and the students are treated as adults. There are no bathroom passes, or having to ask permission for every single action you take. These teachers may become angry, unexpectedly, one day though. If the students take advantage of the freedom offered and begin to take the kindness of the teacher for granted, it will lead to more rules and will be a lose-lose situation for all involved

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