The Odyssey Essay

  • The Odyssey Essay

    Essential to the passage, the extensive imagery and repeated motifs support the underling theme of the extract. Percolating with grotesque imagery unlike any other in ‘The Odyssey’, it serves to underlie the affect of cunning and intelligence over strength. A gargantuan barbarian “[dribbling] streams of liquor and bits of men” (405), Polyphemus’ cannibalism and dominance over his prisoners is clearly outlined. But then when blinded, immense accompanying graphic imagery such as: “Eyelid and

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  • The Odyssey Thesis Paper

    Odysseus is so self-glorified is he even tempts Poseidon by saying that he does not need the gods and that he only needs himself. If Odysseus never did this he would have gotten home without having to make the long journey which is told in “The Odyssey”. But since Odysseus thinks he does not need the gods it forced him to face many dangers and to lose his crew. His wife has been forced to wait several years because of Odysseus’s insolence. Another example is when Odysseus goes back to Ithaca

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  • Greek Hospitality in the Odyssey Essay

    There is nothing worse than having a host with negative hospitality. Negative hosts are unkind to their guests, or may refuse to host a stranger altogether. In The Odyssey, the following is an account in which Odysseus and his men are not shown positive hospitality. This was the encounter of the Cyclops, Polyphemus. After Odysseus asks for positive hospitality, and reminds Polyphemus that guests are sacred to Zeus, Polyphemus replies: “Stranger, you must be a fool, or must have come from very far

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  • The Art of Storytelling in The Odyssey Essay

    person faces each day, whether it be morally, emotionally, mentally, or physically. It acts as a bridge by which a reader can connect to a good story and resonate with its truths in hardship. Another element of good story-telling found within The Odyssey is a constant battle between good and evil. It often seems like life is solely a battle between right and wrong. Homer demonstrates this connection in his story by maintaining a constant foreplay of good versus evil, hero versus villain. Everyone

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  • Odyssey Hospitality Essay

    receive his punishment for the way he treated his guests. Since Polyphemus did not treat Odysseys and his men well, Odysseys wanted his revenge. They seized their "...stake with its fiery tip and bored it round and round in the giant's eye till blood came boiling up around the smoking shaft and the hot blast singed his brow and the eyelids round the core and the broiling eyeball burst." (IV, 433-437) Odysseys got revenge on another group of men that weren't very hospitable to him, not even in his

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  • Role of Gods in the Odyssey Essay

    leave. In this case, his journey home is just as prevented by gods, as the gods permits it. Throughout the novel, the characters attempt to flatter the gods. The characters understand that their lives depend on the mercy of the gods. In the Odyssey the gods played a vital role to the plot of the story.  Throughout Odysseus’s amazing travels, it’s the hope of seeing Penelope and his son Telemachus that often brings him the courage and strength to succeed.  Without the help of Athena, and her

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  • Essay on Role of Women in Homer's Odyssey

    The influential feminine strain in the Odyssey also has important effects upon the whole flavor of the poem. Many other early epics are characterized by coldness, morbidity, and brutality, caused by the subjects with which they deal. The virtues, such as courage and martial prowess, which are seen in the Iliad are impressive, but they are undistinguished and limited, for they exist in a world of mas-culine competition and warfare. It is only in the Odyssey, among early Greek works, that such familiar

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  • Essay on Odyssey and Odysseus Outstanding Qualities

    7.What does the dramatic climax of Odyssey take place?Is this before or after reunion of Odysseus and Penelope?Why? =In my understanding each book contais different dramatic climax but for me I have some examples of it like when he finally reveals that he isn't a beggar like Athena disguised him to be but rather Odysseus that has returned.The day that he killed all the suitors.The day that all his men died and so many more.  8.Who is Odysseus’s enemy and why? =I  believe it was indeed Poseidon

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  • Loyalty in the odyssey Essay example

    Odysseus never disobeyed what the gods ordered him to do. The ability to be so obedient proved his loyalty to the gods who already had his future determined. In the end his loyalty enabled him to return back to his homeland of Ithaca. In The Odyssey, loyalty is an important theme that has an effect on the entire epic novel. Homer was able to show that loyalty by presenting it with many different characters. Penelope’s loyalty was established through true love. Telemachus showed his loyalty by

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  • Redemtive Vilonce in the Odyssey by Homer Essay

    Central to this version of the myth is the suppression of powerful females, and their bodies are laid out to create the cosmos in some cases. The Odyssey provides a classic example: Circe, a powerful temptress, is subdued by Odysseus’s threat of violence, therefore placing Odysseus socially above her. Throughout the book Odysseus is faced with endless hardships. He is thrown through massive and relentless life threatening ordeals. He then comes home and finds that he must compete for his wife

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  • The Role of Penelope in The Odyssey Essay

    woman must realize. Nausikaa directs Odysseus to the city but recommends that he goes by himself to avoid the scandal that might arise if she were seen bringing in a male stranger. It is Precisely this the best reputation which is presented in the Odyssey as the most valued goal in life. Penelope's responsibility is to develop and maintain the best reputation. As wife she must preserve the reputation of her husband, her family, and must maintain the system of the household. As a woman she must arise

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  • Exploring Gender Roles in The Odyssey Essay

    it up, basically property and sex slaves, not exactly worded as such within the text, but the meaning is still relatively the same, were the primary statuses associated with the women in The Iliad, not very pleasant roles I think. However, in The Odyssey women are no longer portrayed as objects, with the exception of a

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  • Athena, and the Role of Women in the Odyssey Essay

    disguise, and also in his dreams. Athena is a Goddess that is confident, practical, intelligent, and very crafty. She is a master of disguise, which is very important in Odysseus' world. These characteristic make her such an important character in "The Odyssey." It's clear to see that she is the major reason that Odysseus was able to return home safely. Athena is a Goddess with a lot of power over mortals, but Zeus has the power over the Gods and Goddess. He is the chief and he makes very imperative

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  • Essay about The Odyssey literary elements

    that his father is coming back home. Telemakhos is not even hinted by Athena of the fact that Odysseus is alive and that he will soon return. The audience knows of Odysseus’ existence on Kalypso’s island. Homer has used situational irony in The Odyssey, but rather than creating an element of surprise to the characters, it creates an element of surprise to the audience because what really happens is not what the audience would expect. Odysseus has been very unfaithful to his wife, Penelope, during

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  • Concealment and Disguises in Homer's Odyssey Essay

    to note that these figures are also nurtured in the symbolic cave. Therefore if the spiritual power of light cannot overcome the cave, it is devoured and destroyed; the womb becomes tomb (Seigneuret 327). A vivid incident of this account in The Odyssey was at Polyphemus' Cave (Homer Book IX Line 287-295). In this episode, Polyphemus eats Odysseus' men.  The interpretation of this is that obviously these men were born in a home, which is a parallel to a birthplace cave (womb), but were killed

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  • Twelve Maids: Odyssey and Penelopiad Essay

    lives. In retrospect she mentions that, “'I resolved to interpose myself when the time was right, and to tell Odysseus that the girls had been acting under my direction.'” (138). This thoroughly explains why Odysseus hanged the maids, and why The Odyssey never goes into detail about why the maids slept with the suitors. One theory that is briefly touched upon in The Penelopiad is the idea that perhaps Penelope was not faithful to Odysseus during the 20

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  • The Art of Manipulation in Homer's Odyssey Essay

    that deserved great wealth. His tale finished, the audience sat "held in the spell of his words" until King Alcinous suggested that each man at his table hearing Odysseus's account lavish even more gifts upon him (193).  It is an astute man, The Odyssey teaches, who can take the very means of his discontent and sorrow, and profit from it. Through his manipulation of words and people, Odysseus went from being a brine-covered, naked suppliant with no identity to the most legendary of heroes clothed

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  • Essay on Character Analysis of The Odyssey by Homer

    before himself, and thus saves them. He put his men first before himself, thus saving them, a responsible and creative endeavor. Revenge is a dish best served cold, or so they say, and Odysseus leaves nothing to chance during the finale of the Odyssey. When Odysseus confronts his wife's would-be suitors, he takes matters into his own hands and portrays justice. Instead of letting anyone leave, he decides to turn the dinner party into a full out massacre. His son Telemachus removes all the weapons

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  • Character Analysis on Odysseus from Odyssey by Homer Essay

    see, he can only hear and feel, well polyphemus only feels the sheep, he isn’t going to think about feeling underneath the sheep to find odysseus and his men. The finally get out of the polyphemus. Odysseus is very wise through out the story The Odyssey and these were some examples of showing that. The next characteristic that describes odysseus is determined. Through out the story he shows that he is determined by disguising himself as a beggar to make everyone think that he is worthless and test

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  • Is Odysseus A Hero? in the Poem The Odyssey by Homer Essay

    different obstacles he faced on his journey back home. Not only did it help him get through many obstacles, but it also helped him to keep moving forward towards his family and kingdom waiting for him back home in Ithaca. Throughout “The Odyssey,” Odysseus shows leadership in numerous ways. Leadership is the action of leading a group of people; just like how Odysseus is

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  • An Analysis of Loyalty in Homer’s Odyssey Essay examples

    of hubris and dishonor angers Poseidon who then curses Odysseus, sending storms and contrary winds to hinder his path. Although the loyalty men held towards the Gods play an important role in the Odyssey, it is the loyalty between mortals that leave the most impact. Loyalty, as defined by The Odyssey, can be characterized by an event occurring towards the end of the poem when Odysseus finally returns to Ithaca. Upon his return, Odysseus noticed a dog asleep in the street that ‘raised his head and

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  • Essay herody Odysseus as Epic Hero of Homer's Odyssey

    strength and many more attributes that exceed those of humans, need a way to connect with their audience through a common characteristic and emotion is a quality everyone can relate to.     Odysseus takes on the roll of the leader in The Odyssey by always knowing what needs to be done and carrying out whatever that may be. Odysseus and his men are trapped in the Cyclops' cave by a slab of solid rock and the only one who can move the stone is blind and doesn't want Odysseus and his men

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  • The Heroic Qualities of Odysseus (The Odyssey) and Everett (O Brother, Where Art Thou)

    important ones is their great leadership. Odysseus has led his men since the start of the Trojan War, and even though he has led different groups of men, they all listen to and respect him. He portrays this leadership throughout the entirety of The Odyssey, but it is shown most clearly when he is ordering his men to keep going even though

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  • Essay about Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou Compared

    attempt to blind the creature offers a distraction for each character to escape from the Cyclops. Secondly, each story contains a similar perspective of the Lotus Easters. When you eat the intoxicating fruit of the lotus, as described in the Odyssey, the thought of home, purpose of voyage, and memories of the past are no longer important. Odysseus and his men arrive at the land of the Lotus-Eaters and become addicted and drawn to the fruit. They are so leered to the fruit, that it becomes a

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  • Buy Essays Online: Flaws of Society and Man Revealed in Odyssey

    sons of men on earth"(67).  Since the crew was experiencing intense suspicion of Odysseus, they were forced to violate their trust, and go against his word about not touching the bag of winds.            Another flaw that Homer addressed in the Odyssey was how man survived on the misfortune of others.  Usually throughout the book, when man is faced with a larger challenge, man uses

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  • The Odyssey Essay

    After Odysseus and his twelve best men first talked to the Cyclops, two men were devoured by this beast just because he was hungry. This may have shaken up his remaining men, but Odysseus wouldn't let his crew turn and run. Instead, he devised a plan to get what they had wanted, the Cyclops' rams, which were fat with heavy fleeces. The plan included making the Cyclops drunk, blinding him by driving a pointed six foot pole through his lone eye, and hiding beneath the rams to avoid any confrontations

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  • The Odyssey Essay

    Odysseus’s motivation behind his years of hardship remains his adoring wife and son. His love and yearning for them continues as a recurring theme through the chapters. Odysseus’s love spreads not just to his family, but also to his men. Among various qualities, Odysseus exhibits endless patience and compassion. Again and again his patience frays thin, but again and again his compassion binds the loose ends. One situation on the island of Thrinacia, home to the god Hyperion’s forbidden cattle,

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  • Homer’s Odyssey and the Odyssey of Our Lives Essay

    Achilles’ fate was chosen when he decided to go after and kill Hector. He knew that he would die, and yet he did not fear it. Odysseus has to remember that heroism isn’t the only factor important in life, but intellect is a major one also.     Odysseus’ intellect also includes guile, a key factor in his journey. Odysseus not only uses his cleverness at the expense of enemies, but he also uses it as a way of amusing himself. Odysseus tells the cyclops Polyphemus that his name is Noman. Once the

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  • Essay on The Odyssey

    Though Odysseus had a lot of pride, he would use his cunning and his intelligence to get him through a situation. Throughout the story Odysseus did some self centered acts that were not so noble. For instance, when he blinded Polyphemus (Cyclops) only eye. He did it because he needed to rescue his shipmates that had been eaten by the Cyclops. Odysseus could have left the men to die; instead he decided to use his intelligence to outsmart the Cyclops. When he outsmarted the Cyclops he let his pride

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  • Essay on Oedipus and the Odyssey

    alongside their husbands.         Finally, both epic poems practice the usage of dramatic irony. Dramatic irony is irony that occurs when the meaning of the situation is understood by the audience but not by the characters in the play. In The Odyssey, the audience and gods knew the whereabouts of Odysseus and knew what was expected of him in the future while he and the whole city of Ithaca did not In Oedipus the King,

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