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  • Personal Characteristics Essay

    Describe the individual factors that make a person who they are, by giving examples of each of the following factors: a) Physical characteristics b) Emotions c) Likes and dislikes d) Values and beliefs Each of us has different individual characteristics and factors, and it is the combination of these that make up who we are. The individual factors are made up of physical characteristics (what people see –examples might be our size, build, colour of hair or skin); emotions (the way in which you feel – examples might be confidence, shyness, an outgoing nature, or miserable); likes and dislikes (things you enjoy doing or those that you avoid – examples might be work, hobbies, sporting activities, cooking / eating, socialising); and values and beliefs (how the world appears to you – examples might be your religion, your moral code, your political beliefs, or your life choices in terms of education and employment). Resubmission: In relation to values and beliefs, these are essentially our moral make-up. They are the thoughts and beliefs by which we live our lives, and which will help to provide direction for us. Although they may develop as we progress from childhood into adulthood, our values and beliefs will generally tend to stay the same for much of our adult lives. Our values are ideas and moral views that we, as individuals, feel are very important to the way in which we live our lives, for instance the way in which we raise our children, or the way in which we…

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  • Personal Characteristics Of Leadership Philosophy

    create “a new wave of experimentation and advancement” (Senge, 2013, p. 11) within the STEM curricula at OCTC in this Action Research study, my leadership philosophy is guided by Senge’s (2013) disciplines which are building a shared vision, personal mastery, team learning, mental models, and systems thinking for effective leadership within a learning organization. Building a shared vision is sharing pictures of the future with the members to decide on a common goal, and personal mastery is…

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  • Personal Characteristics Of Steve Jobs

    success characteristics of the entrepreneur: 6 IV. How the entrepreneur leverage on window of opportunity: 7 V. The business model: 8 1. Computing Hardware & Software: 8 2. Mobile Devices: 8 3. iTunes Store: 8 VI. The company organization culture: 10 VII. Conclusion: 11 VIII. Bibliography 12 * * * * * * * Executive Summary: Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Job in 1976. Apple is one of the biggest mobile phone makers in the…

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  • Personal Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneurship

    someone’s personal trait. For example, extroverted and analytical people tend to be authoritative leaders, while extroverted, good communicators and delegators tend to be team leaders (Storey & Greene 2010). While entrepreneurs can either be introverted or extroverted, they do have personality traits that are uncommon among the general population. The authors also add that entrepreneurs are people-oriented and care about how the society functions. This is one of the reason they invent things…

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  • The Importance Of Personal Characteristics

    After taking the personality test I was blown away by the detailed information about my characteristics. Most of the information I read, clearly and uniquely explained the essential details that defined the fabric of my character. The following is one of the portions of the passage that I read…. “Most ENFPs have great people skills. They are genuinely warm and interested in people, and place great importance on their inter-personal relationships. ENFPs almost always have a strong need to be…

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  • My Personal Characteristics In Counseling

    Characteristics such as rapport building skills, empathy and unconditional positive regard can all be developed in the counseling process with clients; however rapport building and empathy are two that are most likely to change with each client and therefore should be genuinely new and relevant to each person as they come along. For example, each client that comes in will need a different set of feelings from their counselor, since every one’s story is different. The empathy can be a general…

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  • Personal Characteristics Of An Technology Administrator

    In general, an excellent administrator should possess a number of personal characteristics that will allow them to work effectively with faculty, staff and students. This person should possess workplace skills, applied knowledge and develop effective relationships through communication. The workplace skills of a great administrator should include reliability, a modeling of what is expected from others and a vision to lead others. Above all, this leader must always seek out what is best for…

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  • My Personal Characteristics

    Brainstorming Personal Characteristics To be a leader, you have to be good at leading someone or a group, and I am. I am a confident individual who is easily able to make decisions even in a short period of time. Another key reason to why I’m a leader is that I am responsible for everything I do and if I make a mistake, which is rarely, I will own up to it. When I I’m making a decision or leading a group or project, I plan out everything from start to finish. Getting all the materials or…

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  • Personal Contributions: Personal Characteristics By Samuel Jepson

    Personal attributes Samuel Jepson Contents Technical knowledge 2 Planning and organisational skills 3 Problem solving skills 3 Flexibility and adaptability skills 4 Communication skills 4 Team working skills 4 Self-motivation skills 5 Leadership qualities 5 Creativity 5 Respect 6 Dependability 6 Punctuality 6 Determination 6 Independent workers 6 Time management 7 Health and safety 7 Following organisational procedures 7 Adhering to legislation 7 Standard ways of…

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  • My Personal Entrepreneurship: Personality, And Characteristics

    In preparation for my personal entrepreneurship statement, I evaluated my own personality and characteristics and also had those close to me evaluate my personality through online questionaries and interviews with my parents. The instruments that I used were the Myers-Briggs Indicator and two questionaries from The Authentic Happiness Project at the University of Pennsylvania. These tests were very interesting because I saw a lot of similarities between the results, giving me great insight on my…

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