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  • Beyond The Blackboard Analysis

    I noticed that some of the speakers who were educators almost subconsciously placed the blame more so on the students than on themselves (this certainly isn’t true for all of the speakers, but this applied to at least two of the speakers in my opinion). For the speakers who did not do this, they are emulating a lesson that Mrs. Stacey Beck demonstrated in “Beyond the Blackboard”. This lesson is that there is no superman coming around to deal with all of the problems, we all have to take our own initiatives if we really want to see change…

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  • Beyond The Blackboard Reflection

    “Beyond The Blackboard” is a movie of 2011 and it is based on the book called “Nobody don’t love nobody” by Stacey Bess. The story starts with short scenes about Stacey Bess childhood where we can see that her life wasn’t too easy. She got pregnant young and got married. But the main story starts when Stacey Bess was looking for a job, and this was her first job as a teacher. She imagined that her new school was going to be perfect, a normal school with books, tables, good and common kids; but…

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  • Computer Influence On Students

    could be used for a lifetime. This course would teach people how to efficiently use the software’s that are offered on his or her computer. Secondly, Chattahoochee Tech should require their new students to take the Introduction to Computers course (COMP 1000) so it can teach the students how to use things such as Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Learn is the website that Chattahoochee Tech uses for the courses and the assignments that go along with them. Every course offered at Chattahoochee…

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  • Disadvantages Of Online Learning

    courses and programs (degrees) are offered via Course Management Systems (CMS) or Learning Management Systems (LMS) as opposed to the traditional classroom approach, even registration is done through some type of system that connects with the LMS. Higher education has reached a point where interacting with an LMS like Blackboard, or Canvas is even common in regular “in person classes”. For example, faculty will often request assignments,…

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  • Importance Of Writing A Wiki Entry

    From the wiki (look beneath the wiki instructions), click the Edit Wiki Content button. Figure 6.3.2. This is the wiki toolbar you will see in Blackboard, and you will be learning how to use the toolbar buttons highlighted in red. Clicking different buttons lets you format the text of your wiki entry and add other elements, such as pictures. "Font" means the way text appears (fancy or simple, big or small, black or red, etc.). Buttons for Formatting Text Figure 6.3.2. The top line of…

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  • Self Reflective Essay Example

    Self-reflective Essay While in the class this past ten weeks, I’ve learned quite a lot. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to take an English class that I had to write so much. Week after week, there were so many writing assignments. Each week we had to read an article and answer questions on that article through the discussion board on the college blackboard. After posting your answers, then you had to respond to two other classmates’ answers. Each week we also had to read an editorial…

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  • Critical Thinking And Assignment Instructions

    You may come see me during my office hours for additional support. Blackboard Responses: Cannot be made up. Writing Improvement Logs: Late writing improvement logs will be penalized a point for every class day the writing improvement log is past due. Each writing improvement log is worth a maximum of ten points. Late Exit Essay Practices: Except for the Department Exit Essay, late exit essay practices will be accepted. However, you will have to bring the essay during my office hours, so I…

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  • Reflection On My Performance

    do about it, the understanding and planning just wasn’t there, especially about the media log task. We all seemed a little overwhelmed by this assignment and it made it very hard to complete. I became very tired and worried as the due date approached and we hadn’t really communicated other than on blackboard. Our schedules…

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  • Kahoot Case Study

    Sign up is free and no registration, email address, password, or sharing of personal information is required. Soundness of Pedagogy Kahoot aligns well with the constructivism learning theory in that it allows for active learning. When used in an online virtual classroom (Blackboard, Collaborate, OMNI) this activity combines online chats, email exchange, and group/social activities. Facilitators can be as actively involved as they wish. Facilitators can control the advancement of the frames,…

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  • The Importance Of Success Coach

    Blackboard is a key tool in a student’s college life. Blackboard allows students to check grades, turn in assignments and also serves as a direct communication tool between colleges and universities to students. Email newsletters are a way for colleges and universities to provide students with weekly or even daily newsletters filled with information about campus activities, events and news about the school. Campus run newspapers provides students with articles about many different topics…

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