A Review Of Senator Schumer's Argumentative Essay

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SCHUYLER COUNTY (WENY) - The fight against drugs continues as new legislation looks to make 22 chemicals, typically found in the synthetic marijuana drug K2, illegal across the country. Friday, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer was in Watkins Glen to introduce the federal legislation.

From the fentanyl laced pills found in Chemung County this past March to the synthetic marijuana found at a convenience store in Broome County just this past week , U.S Senator Chuck Schumer says synthetic drugs are sweeping the nation. Something Schuyler County Disritct Attorney, Joe Fazzary agrees with. "If you don't know or you haven't heard, synthetic drugs are the new wave," says Fazzary.

Senator Schumer explains K2 is a mix of chemicals, that typically comes from China, and are laced into marijuana. The drugs can be 100 times more potent than marijuana and are more deadly. The side effects often cause hullicination, aranioa, suicidal thoughts and cause people to walk around liek "zombies." Schumer says the chemists find loopholes around the law by changing a few molecules that then technically make the synthetic drug legal. "The synthetic drug makers always try to stay a few step ahead of our
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"At one point we were being flooded with bath salts, they were legal, they could be possessed anywhere and people were openly selling them. And we all saw the effects and deaths and terrible things that happened and once the fed clamped down, once this legislation was sponsored by Senator Schumer last time came through the cut the flow off. Bath salts are still around there's no question but now they are like any other illegal drug. They are being sold in clan destine fashion and they can be invesitagted that way and our chances of increasing the population of those who use it have gone down dramatically," says

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