Kratom As A Spiritual Journey

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Spiritual Journey

For my paper, I will be covering and exploring scientific theories that are then applied to my personal life experiences to form a sort of hybrid story/academic research paper, which I feel suits perfectly my strong character traits of constant hesitation. I will bring to mention my personal philosophies, past/present dependency problems, acute depression, and individual spiritual experiences which were able to defy my understanding of science, and thus exist without empirical explanation.
When I think of one’s reality, I try to see things from every angle, yet admittedly do not, but I am confident many others are trapped in this single-viewed paradox. I am not fond of the terms human nature and the potential assumptions
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Kratom is a traditional evergreen tree that is part of the coffee family found in S.E. Asia, Indochina, Malaysia, and Thailand. It has been used in these regions since before the 1800’s and used to treat pain associated with the strenuous work that these individuals of this time were forced to do. It is actually just starting to gain popularity in the West, so much that the DEA attempted to propose a ban on the substance at the end of the month of September 2016. One may use kratom as a methadone substitute to help one ween off serious opiates. It also has very powerful anastalgic properties, which make it a great alternative to pharmaceutical pain medication, which has high abuse potential. I learned that Kratom is currently being used by the pharmaceutical industry to create an analog of the molecular structure to market as a new medication, which makes the proposed ban reason very transparent and even ironic, given they attempted to place kratom in the category of “No medicinal value” at the …show more content…
I have been purchasing Kratom since July, 28th 2014 and thus have spent roughly $444 dollars on the herb in total (I did buy a larger quantity when the ban was proposed so maybe $300 is a more consistent figure ). I began using the substance infrequently, maybe once a week, which I still believe to be the healthiest, most responsible, and effective rate of consumption. By doing this I was able to self-medicate when I felt the lows of depression, while maintain a healthier relationship with my consciousness, well-being, and the plant. I observed numerous friends become introduced to the kratom and fall into cycle of everyday use, which I always regarded as foolish and only done by individuals with weak minds and no will power. Everyday use seems to be more appropriate for someone using kratom in place of a daily pharmaceutical or for a concurrent physical problem (such as chronic pain) or a psychological issue. I was able to maintain my infrequent use for some time (roughly two and a half years) but soon slipped into the abyss of everyday use. Even using kratom everyday can be plausible as many individuals do, but the common consensus in the kratom community remains the same regarding the inconsistencies of everyday use. Essentially, what will generally happen is since consumption is everyday, it will become ritualized, habitualized and a tolerance to

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