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  • Social Justice In Society

    Introduction Starting with Aristotle in the Classical Era of Grecian thought, the concept of justice has been debated not only in form but in function. There is little doubt that the concept plays an important role in both secular and ecclesiastical thought with scholars in both arenas writing at length on the impact it could have on community, civilization and citizen (Sandel, 2010). In the 19th century, this debate took a new path by concentrating on the concept of “social justice” and not simply justice alone. Before this point, justice was centered on the ideal of individuals fulfilling their societal roles as well as receiving the correct due for their efforts. This was, at least in the classical era of Plato and Aristotle considered…

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  • Project-Based Social Justice Toys

    big for her neck. She looks freaky.” These and many other comments could be heard as students put the finishing touches on their life-sized Barbie. As part of a Project-Based Social Justice Mathematics (PB-SJM) pedagogy, students investigated body image as portrayed by childhood toys by scaling Barbie dolls to their height (Mukhopadhyay, 2014). Students used the concept of ratios, scale factors, measurement, and multiplication of fractions to create their 2-D life size versions of Barbie.…

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  • My Definition Of Social Justice

    My Definition of Social Justice: Initially, my definition of social justice was focused on the concept of equality and how the existing power structure is used. Social justice for me was doing things right by all members of a community without discrimination. Where by power, in any situation is not abused for the benefit of one group and disadvantage of another. (August 25, 2016) As Rawls mentions in his "A Theory of Justice", justice is the set of principles or guiding structure we as a society…

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  • Retributive Justice And Social Justice In Saville In Felony

    Characterisation and language features concerning the values of retributive justice, power, and integrity are used by Saville in Felony (2014) to comment on the idea of telling truths and issues of self-reproach and social justice. Carl and Julie’s differing truths on guilt and punishment, as articulated through their depiction and verbal expression, are placed in opposition to the value of retributive justice by Saville. The characterisation of Ankhila as marginalised and her dialogue with Jim…

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  • Social Justice In John Rawls: A Theory Of Justice

    John Rawls in his “A Theory of Justice” tries to identify an alternative viable theory of social justice to other predominant doctrines, which have dominated our philosophical tradition. While the author acknowledges that most citizens and institutions recognise the principle of social justice, he also underlines that their conceptions on the distribution of basic rights and duties are influenced by their interests and hence, are not always to the advantage of all citizens. In fact, Rawls…

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  • Inequalities Of Social Justice And John Rawls's Theory Of Justice

    topics in modern-day American politics is the rising wealth gap. This begs an appropriate question; at what point do inequalities of economic liberty and social justice become unjust? Three liberal approaches to justice attempt an answer. In his book Theory of Justice, John Rawls follows a high liberal tradition of thought, asserting that a distributive pattern of justice is most correct. On the other hand, in his book Anarchy, State and Utopia, Robert Nozick argues for an emergent approach to…

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  • John Howard Griffin's Contribution To Social Justice

    Fifty-seven years ago, John Howard Griffin had the courage to temporarily assume a black man’s identity through medical treatment in order to better understand what it means to be “black” in a society where black’s have little to no rights. He travelled throughout the southern states for six weeks and encountered a plethora of discrimination, oppression, and social injustice during his journey. Arguably, Griffin’s passion for the black community came from his liberal arts education at the…

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  • The Importance Of Social Media Justice

    With today’s world of social media there is a strong following for internet mob mentality, or people who follow blindly on a topic that they do not know much about. People who do not read the facts on both sides, scrutinizing the person or event in question, can have the biggest impact in the life of someone who made a public mistake. With the larger mobs for the election and their ideals, to twitter statements that someone does not agree with. No matter what the situation people need to be…

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  • The Challenges And Implications Of Social Justice In Nursing

    Health Organization, health is considered a fundamental human right of every human being. However, as time has passed, the gap between health status or the lack thereof has widened between the marginalized and the privileged (Giddings, 2005). Social justice is an important element to incorporate in the nursing profession, as it is a key link to providing holistic health care not only for the patient, but also for the community and globally. Social justice is defined as equal distribution of…

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  • The Importance Of Human Rights, Social And Economic Justice

    Before I began furthering my education at Wheelock College I had a limited perception on human rights, social and economic justice in this country never mind throughout the world. Since enrolling in this program I have learned that there are numerous injustices throughout the world that happen on a daily basis. There is a large disparity between people that have power and those that do not. Globally there are atrocities taking place where various minority groups constantly have their human…

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