Importance of Organ Donation Essay

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  • Organ Donation Importance

    Organs play a vital role within the human body. They perform specific roles, that keep us healthy and living. When an organ fails, the body has a limited amount of time before a severe illness or death occurs. Hundredths of thousands of people need organs around the world. However, the demand for organs is greater than the supply. A study shows that although ninety-eight percent of adults’ support organ donation, only forty eight percent are signed up to donate organs (U.S. Government Information on Organ Donation and Transplantation). Due to the shortage of a needed resource, the government should allow people to sell their organs on a market to meet its growing demand. Currently the only way to legally receive organs is through organ transplantation. The process proves itself to be drastically slow. According to the United Network of Organ Sharing, there is a national computer system with strict standards in place to make sure ethical and fair distribution of organs. The organs are matched by blood and tissue type, size, medical urgency, and geographic location. Every ten minutes someone is added to the list of transplantations. On average, about twenty-two…

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  • Importance Of Organ Donation

    Organ donation is very important field of medicine. The organs that are donated help saves peoples lives.Many people in the U.S. need a new organ. If people didn’t donate the people who need them would die. Organ donation has come a long way, from a kidney transplant between to twins to heart and lung transplants. Many thing about transplants have been discovered. The first ever successful organ transplant was a kidney transplant between two identical twins in 1954 that is what started it all.…

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  • Importance Of Organ Donation Movement Essay

    The Organ Donation movement: a new start A multimillionaire donates his organ; Kochouseph Chittilappilly, well known among entrepreneurs and the chairman and managing director of V-guard, recently came up with a novel idea to save the lives of people suffering from incurable kidney ailments. He has started a network of kidney donors and recipients called the Kidney Foundation of India. This new banking system reaches out to renal failure patients. Against the cases of kidney failure in Kerala…

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  • The Importance Of Organ Donation Rates In The United States

    The U.S. organ donation rates in the United States are not as bad as in other countries according to the ABC news. According to the ABC news, the United States has 26 organ donors per million people; however, this rate does not seem like much when is compared to number of patients waiting for an organ transplant. The shortage of organs causes more people to die while they are waiting for a transplant and the increase of organs sales in the black market. Organ donation rates are low and are not…

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  • The Importance Of Organ Donation After Death

    Organ donation after death should be encouraged There are people dying out every day. In China, we can find that in 2016, there were 9.77 million people died (National Bureau of statistics of the People’s Republic of China). If we do some calculation, we will find that there were over 18 people died per minute. Some of them were died because of accidents, some of them died because their own disease. However, some of the death can be prevented by getting suitable organs in time. As a matter of…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Persuasive Organ Donation Essay

    Are you going to donate your organs when you die? It’s a sensitive question, one that’s shrouded in false beliefs, myths and avoidance, and now we are paying the price. With significantly greater demand than supply for donor organs in developed countries all over the world, what is it going to take to get more people to donate? While transplant success rates in Australia are amongst the best, we have one of the lowest organ donation rates in the developed world (Transplant Australia, n.d.).…

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  • The Medical Misuse Of Organ Donation In African American Culture

    Introduction In recent years, the African American culture has begun to evolve; past medical indiscretions are not weighing as heavily in the organ donation decision-making process. There is an apparent effort of healing and progress that can be ascribed to the open-minded Millennials (Generation Y) and Generation X. The demographic of these adults range in the age range of 18- 50, who accept and celebrate diversity are self-reliant and inventive, Gen X tend to reject the rules, Gen Y rewrite…

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  • Essay On Personal Equation Of Organ Donation

    Equation, Organ Donation In this very moment, 123,000 people in the United States are waiting for an organ. An additional person is added to the national waiting list every twelve minutes. More than 6,500 people a year, about 21 patients per day, die before an organ ever becomes available. There are two types of organ donations: living and deceased. Organ transplants may significantly improve an individual 's quality of health, or even save a person’s life. Technology and experience have made…

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  • The Best Time To Learn Essay

    A well educated person believes that, it is vital in every human’s life to find a way to give a helping hand to the needy persons. This is one of the reasons among all the good reasoning for a child to be raised in a family of his/her biological parents, when it is absolutely necessary and inevitable. An adult shows compassion to other individuals by giving their life and most priced organs for the well-being of another. Some fear to give because of the knowledge they will gain from the study of…

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  • Organ Donation Gift Of Life

    out of. Some patients were born on the list, others were drafted on the list, but regardless how they became a member of the list their future is sealed. Organ donation, a nationwide epidemic that claims the lives of numerous people a day; with thousands of people dying every day it would seem we would have a plethora of organs but that is not the case. Everyone remembers their first time getting their license, but before getting the license every eligible customer is asked if they would like to…

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