The Importance Of Organ Donation After Death

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Organ donation after death should be encouraged
There are people dying out every day. In China, we can find that in 2016, there were 9.77 million people died (National Bureau of statistics of the People’s Republic of China). If we do some calculation, we will find that there were over 18 people died per minute. Some of them were died because of accidents, some of them died because their own disease. However, some of the death can be prevented by getting suitable organs in time. As a matter of fact, in America, the proportion of transplant recipients and donors is 5:1 ( However in China, is about 30:1(People’s Daily). So I think that we should encourage organ donation after death, basically for 3 reasons. First, it can save the
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In this aspect, China has already improved a lot. In fact, before 2000, China had few examples of organ transplantation. However, from 1980s, the number of organ transplantation had increased quickly. We can take kidney as an example, there was reported cumulative total 34832 cases in those 20 years, which was really high(China Organ Transplant Problem). However in China now, there are still few people choose to donate their organs after death, relative to the total population. The current situation are that there are almost 300 thousands of people need organ transplants, but only 10 thousands can accept transplant (People’s Daily). This statistic intuitively reflects the imbalance between supply and demand in organ transplantation. China's demand for organs is far greater than the actual supply. Also, the average level of organ transplant is low now in China. This is caused by various of reasons. Some people may think this is because China doesn’t have the advanced technology by now. Although the organ transplant in China was first developed in 1950s, after these 60 years, China's technology has reached the advanced level in the world. Take liver transplantation as an example, China now has more than 3000 liver transplants each year(, becoming the second largest liver transplant country after the United States. So there is no technology problem in …show more content…
Now in China,the relationship between people is relatively indifferent. This may be the reason of public has low passion on organ donation. The lack of passion is caused by many reasons. First, China has long relied on the organs from persons sentenced to death for transplants, and this policy continued to be used until 2015 (China’s Organ Transplant Problem). The long history of using organs from prisoners caused people lack the incentive to build a voluntary organ system and have no desire to donate organs consciously. There is another opinion point out that the reason why people have low passion on organ donation is because organ deals exists in China and the problem is serious. One possible reason why China has many people who are keen on organ trading is because it has a huge profit margin, organ donors can get tens of thousands of price, and intermediary through resale can be sold to hundreds of thousands(Black Market in Organ Donations Flourishes in China ). According to the survey of National Health and Family Planning Commission, there are about 30.1% who said they refused to donate their organ because they could not sure whether their organ would be trading or really help people. This is indeed a very serious problem in China, however, stop donating organs just because the existence of the problem will not

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