Corporal Punishment in Schools Essay

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  • Should Corporal Punishment Be Allowed In Public Schools

    shows the top ten reported states that use paddling as a punishment in public schools, with Mississippi as the front-runner for the most reported paddlings. But, this is only the reported paddling, there is no telling of how much happens that is not reported to school officials. The Southern States are the most popular for corporal punishment in schools because of how religious these states and the people in them tend to be. “The Bible Belt states, where ardent Protestant Fundamentalism is strong, have been identified consistently as leading the nation in the use of corporal punishment as a disciplinary tool in schools (Milling, 1991)” (Richardson, 1994). This is mainly because of the amount of corporal punishment shown in The Bible and how people tend to follow what happens in the Bible very strictly. Following the Bible from a literal standpoint show the “benefits” of corporal punishment for children, which leads to allowing it in many different situations, whether that be home or in schools. When this article was written--and still today, “Corporal punishment is forbidden to be used on persons in the military and in prisons, and on employees, and yet a recent report by…

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  • Corporal Punishment In Public Schools

    enforcement are doing exactly what needs to be done to keep the school in order and everyone safe but doing so sets students up to fail their educational goals. The realm of harsh school discipline, suspensions, expulsions, school arrests, and corporal punishment are all practices used in school systems today. School is supposed to be a safe environment for students to learn and grow into intelligent and confident individuals that will advance in life as they grow. School is the building block…

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  • Effects Of Corporal Punishment In School

    Should corporal punishment be banned in school? By Tay Ming Jian Corporal is the punishment that happened in school time. The effect of corporal punishment is to discipline the kid or the student to have a good attitude. It still happed in this generation, the punishment is always happened between on the children and student, and teacher will hit the student by cane if they are doing something wrong, like forget to bring the book, make a mistake in the exercise, playing around, etc. The teacher…

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  • Corporal Punishment In School Suspension

    The discipline program governs student behavior that result in a student being placed on a discipline ladder. Corporal punishment, in-school and out-of- school suspensions are the forms of punishments at WMS. I recommend change procedures under the Level 3 misbehaviors. I believe that Level 3 violations should not have the option of in-school suspension. Another recommendation would be to suspend students who refuse to receive corporal punishment, instead of sending them to ISS. Students…

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  • Corporal Punishment Essay: Useful In Schools

    Corporal Punishment: Useful in Schools WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Students who attended many American schools from the founding of the United States until the mid-to-late twentieth century know that sound all too well. These students all knew exactly what was happening when they heard this noise. Each and every student knew that one of their peers had acted up and was being punished- with a paddle. Though in modern times many are opposing this form of discipline, even claiming it is abuse, corporal…

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  • Why Should Corporal Punishment Be Banned In School

    by cane when you were studying in school? Corporal punishment is the punishment that inflicted on a person’s body for wrongdoing. Corporal punishment has become a serious matter that the society always concerned about. We can always read news about student was being “abused” in school nowadays. Now here is the question, is corporal punishment equals to abuse? Some school has banned corporal punishment but some are still applying it as one of the punishment for wrongdoing students. I believe that…

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  • Classroom Management In Elementary Classroom

    elementary school classroom should be an enjoyable…

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  • Corporal Punishment Essay: Cruel And Unusual

    Corporal Punishment: Cruel and Unusual Corporal punishment is defined by Merriam-Webster as a punishment intended to cause physical pain on a person. This was the typical form of punishment used by slave owners. They would use this form of punishment to make the slaves fear them to keep the slaves under their control. They needed this amount of control to deter the slaves from revolting and causing an uproar because of the harsh ways they were treated. During that time in our history the slave…

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  • A Bastard Out Of Carolina Analysis

    Violence throughout the world is a major problem. Men, women, and children are victimized by violence every day. Ending the cycle of violence can start by properly teaching and demonstrating nonviolent forms of disciplining youth in school and at home. By practicing nonviolent forms of discipline children are less likely to grow up using violence to solve day to day problems. Children who receive violent acts of discipline have a higher risk of engaging in antisocial behavior, responding to…

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  • Benefits Of Corporal Punishment

    that the best way to punish their children is corporal punishment (physical punishment). However, others believe that corporal punishment is harmful physically and mentally for their children. There are better ways to discipline children, whether it be time outs or taking away privileges. Also, in school lunch detention or In-School Suspension are great ways to punish to bring behavior change to that child. “The results of a representative German sample using multivariate analyses show that…

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