Effects Of Corporal Punishment In School

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Should corporal punishment be banned in school?
By Tay Ming Jian
Corporal is the punishment that happened in school time. The effect of corporal punishment is to discipline the kid or the student to have a good attitude. It still happed in this generation, the punishment is always happened between on the children and student, and teacher will hit the student by cane if they are doing something wrong, like forget to bring the book, make a mistake in the exercise, playing around, etc. The teacher are strongly believe the corporal punishment will change the student attitude, and student will change to be good.
In my opinion, I strongly agreed corporal punishment should be banned in school. It should not be a teacher job, it is not a teacher’s
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People against corporal punishment say that kids need to be self-disciplined as opposed to being cooperative out of fear, but it's not in this age, and it more about their personality. For example, a kid burns themselves on a stove. They know what happens if you touch the burner and won't ever do it again. Does that necessarily mean that they're going to stay a good 50 feet from a stove for the rest of their lives because they're scared to get burned? No! People will feel fear about the mistake , it only teach them not to do it again, if we used another way to teach them , we tell them why we need to not doing the mistake again , it will more better, and they will know how to filter the right and wrong. Corporal punishment teaches kids not to do something again because they're aware of the consequences.
The Children will get hurt by the way there thing there supposed to have. There will not go to school if they get punished in a physical way. Many children don't go to school because they are too scared to get hurt. Children are thing in the simple way, what in their mind are just simple logic, there just doing what there thing is right, our responsibility is to let them know, what is right, what is wrong, sharing the love and peace. Be an adult, we should give them second change, they supposed to grow up hearty. In this world, no one will should getting hurt by no reason, and the person that don’t have

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