Spanking Persuasive Essay

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Assertion to be Confirmation: Spanking is a good way for a child to learn how to behave.
Encomium: Parents who spank their children are showing them discipline and teaching them how to respect their parents and adults.
Exposition of the Situation: Children who are not properly disciplined by spanking often grow up to be unruly. For some children, time outs and groundings do not always work. Therefore parents must result to spankings to make sure their child behaves.
Certainty: Spanking is not necessary for all children. Parents can chose to spank their children if they want.
Credibility: Spanking has been around for years and has been successful on many generations who have grown up to be law abiding citizens.
Possibility: There are some cases were children who have experienced spankings and are still misbehaved.
Consistency: Kids who undergo spankings will learn to respect authority and
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Moreover, in some countries spanking and child abuse are legal
Incredibility: It is hard to believe that some parents can actually inflict pain on to their child and feel no remorse. Also, that some schools are in certain states are allowed to do corporal punishment.
Impossibility: It is now illegal for someone to have suspicions that a child is being abused and not reporting it. Therefore it is illegal to injure a child in any form.
Lack of Consistency: Parents should not be allowed to spank their children because there are other ways to teach a child discipline and respect. In some cases, instead of instilling respect into a child, it is teaching the child to be afraid of their parent.
Impropriety: It is shame for parents to spank a child because they are smaller than adult and cannot fight back.
Inconvenience: Spanking can cause many consequences in a child which is why it is an outdated form of discipline. A child can undergo emotional trauma and physical

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