Arguments Against Spanking

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Why Spanking is the Worst Punishment
This article talks about spanking and physical discipline in general and if it truly works or not. In the beginning the author talks about how many people are spanked as kids and most of them turn out fine. The author also talks about how most parents spank but only on special occasion. They save it for when the child has done something very bad. This is the reason why spanking is not looked down on harshly. Almost everyone has been spanked but only when it was deserved. Likewise the parent is most of the time not trying to injure the child; they are simply trying to teach a lesson by causing the child minor pain or uncomfort. The problem with spanking is that it does emotional damage. Kids that were regularly physical punished where more likely to have depression, substance abuse, and other mental problems. This is because spanking sends the wrong message to kids. It tells them that it's okay to hit, its okay to hit
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The book mentioned that it could be counterproductive because the child will become angry. When they are angry they are more likely to lash out and become violent. This will help them blow off steam and make them feel good. They will learn to deal with anger in a violent way from this. The book did not mention however, that this shows the child that it is okay to hit when upset, and to hit those who are younger. It has never been explained to me this way but it makes sense. That is because the parent is a model to the child so the child is likely to engage in similar activities later on. One question that was never answered was what percent of kids who are spanked suffer these consequences. SInce most people I know have been spanked and it is so common I would have to guess that it is a low number. Never the less it still has an effect and it is something I need to look

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