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    part of a series on the politics and government of the Philippines Constitution Legislature[show] Executive[show] Judiciary[show] Elections[show] Political parties[show] Administrative divisions[show] Related topics[show] • Other countries • Atlas Politics portal • V • T • E The Constitution of the Philippines (Filipino: Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas), popularly known as the 1987 Constitution, is theconstitution or the supreme law of the Republic of the Philippines

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  • American Constitution

    paper The significance of the fact that the Nevada Constitution is lengthier than the U.S. Constitution is insurance for the state. The Constitution assures the states of its problems and its issues. The Nevada Constitution was approved on the first Wednesday of September 1864. In the state of Nevada, the significant fact that lengthens our Constitution from the U.S. Constitution is the gaming Constitution. The gaming Constitution needs to be addressed when congress or any other political

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  • Constitution Comparison Essay

    Again both the US constitution and the Aust. Constitution have segments dedicated to state powers and alteration; however the Aust. Constitution goes further by dealing specifically with “Finance quel Tracle” and “Miscellaneous.” Under the US Constitution our legislature is a bicameral containing a House of Representatives and a Senate. The Australian constitution has a parliamentary system, which is not bicameral, although their system has a house of representatives and a senate; these two houses

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  • Brief History of the Constitution Essay

    Article VI: This article states the laws and the treaties of the U.S.A. Also states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, meaning that the Constitution overrides everything that stands in its way. Article VII: This is a clause that states that nine States, Amendment Summaries (1791)Amendment I: The first amendment in the bill of rights states that you can have any religion, say anything you want, the press may say anything that is fact, assemble peaceably, and the right to petition

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  • Essay on The Arizona Constitution

    because the powers that were given to counties are assigned by the constitution and state legislature. These delegations were intended for the situations of the nineteenth century and have not kept up with the counties present day responsibilities. Lastly, Arizona counties face lasting financial problems because the counties cannot use property taxes as a source of income (McClory, 2001). The 13th Article of the Arizona Constitution was established to govern city utilities and corporations’ rights

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  • Essay about Constitution Timeline

    Compact, the signers agreed to bind themselves into a society to preserve order and to help further their aims. They agreed to create offices, laws, and constitutions that will aid the common good. Finally, they agreed that such laws would be supreme and agreed to abide by them (Mount, 2010). This contract certainly placed an impact on the U.S Constitution and this is why the government established by people preserves the right to be protected by the government, this led to independence. The Declaration

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  • Comparing the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution

    together to uphold a Constitution Convention in Philadelphia in May 1787. This Convention took place and was approved on February 21, 1787 for the sole purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation. The resolution which Madison strongly influenced and help to draft when for beyond mere revision of the Articles. They purpose a entirely new national Government under a Constitution. The Similarities Between the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution are some what alike but

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  • Essay on Freedom In Constitution

    Now lets say you have some friends that also attend this school and want to have a lunchtime bible study, but are afraid that the school may suspend you or even worse. Well, it says in the constitution, the rules and regulations our country is based upon, that students may have a bible study in and on school premises as long as it is student led. Teachers may even attend, but cannot participate in the function. This is where a lot can go wrong and things get turned upside down. This is also where

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  • Cases Related to Malaysian Constitution

    the prosecution under s 138 of the Evidence Act, 1950 (EA) read together with s 173(e) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC). Learned counsel also argued that the accused has a constitutional guaranteed rights under Articles 5 and 8 of the Federal Constitution to complete his cross examination of prosecution witnesses. s 138 of the Evidence Act, 1950 (EA) - Order of examinations and direction of re-examination (1) Witnesses shall be first examined-in-chief, then, if the adverse party so desires, cross-examined

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  • Arizona Statehood and Constitution

    Running head: Arizona Arizona Statehood and Constitution Monica Williams Grand Canyon University: POS 301 November 20, 2011 Arizona Statehood and Constitution Part I: Arizona Statehood It is quite a remarkable journey that Arizona embarked upon to make it the forty-eight state of the United States of America. On February 14, 2012 it became an integral part of this new found world of democracy and freedom. Along with its vast cultures and heated temperatures, the architectural design of

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  • The Second Amendment of the Constitution Essay

    citizens with the right to bear arms demands the respect of their government and has the capacity to influence their own leadership; an unarmed population lives at the mercy of their administration. It is hardly conceivable that the drafters of the Constitution would incorporate a statement limiting the right to keep and bear arms to members of a state militia. To include this condition would ultimately have removed from practice the very entity that freed this country from oppression and gained us our

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  • Interpreting the Constitution Essay

    of the Constitution . The Constitution has been framed broadly and generally to extend its meaning when needed to accommodate technological advances , an example of this and the current standing of the High Court is the Grain Pool Case . In this case the High Court determined five general principals to be applied when a head of legislative power is concerned . These principals have also been used authoritatively in subsequent cases. It is important to extend the power that the Constitution has regarding

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  • Dbq Ratifying the Constitution Essay

    greatly. During the process of trying to get the new Constitution ratified the Anti-Federalists felt that under this new government the rich had all of the power instead of the people (Doc 5). Under the Articles the states had the power to make laws and do whatever they pleased, and to some of the states the idea of changing to a government that the central government had all the power was absolutely absurd. Other people felt as if the new Constitution had no separation of powers. They felt as if the

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  • Essay on The 18th Amendment of the Constitution

    Section 3. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of the several states, as provided in the Constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof to the states by the Congress (Constitution). There was wide spread crime and dismay that came about because of the eighteenth amendment. Prohibition was scarcely adhered to and widely defied. The only good thing that came out of prohibition was that

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  • Philippine Constitution Essay

    be considered as an independent whole. Our country is comprised of the sea and all its islands which is considered to be one single unit. 8. Other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction 9. According to the 1973 constitution, “all the otherterritories belonging to the Philippines by historic right or legal”1. Philippine claim to Sabah Sabah is the northern part of Borneo. Coastline of 800 to 900 miles South China Sea in the West and North Sulu Sea in the Northeast

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  • Iroquois Constitution Essay

    sachems, in the oral tradition, distinguishes them from other kinds of chiefs. Grinde and Johansen, in Exemplar of Liberty, seek to draw a parallel to the forty-eight delegates proposed by Benjamin Franklin in the Albany Plan. In the Iroquois Constitution, the first North American political document to divide the responsibility among deliberative councils, the Grand Council served as the principle lawmaking body responsible to the larger community, and the council of five war chiefs served as advisors

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  • Summary of Charles Beards "Framing the Constitution.

    Charles Beard’s suggested that the Constitution was a document that was only created to protect the framer’s wealth. Beard believed that the reason why the rich framers wanted to protect against majority rule was to prevent the majority to overthrow the rich. Beard did manage to fit most of the framers under “rich” categories such as lawyers, landowners, and merchants. But, he failed to realize that the framers limited majority rule to protect the rights of minorities, also. The framers attempted

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  • The Uk Government Is Constrained by the Constitution Essay

    are doing. On that note the people are also protected by the European Court of Human Rights which is in the European constitution and that is also included in the UK constitution therefore the government’s power over the people is minimised and controlled by their own constitution. What this means is that if the government makes a law that contradicts with the European constitution it is overruled due to the fact that it can override the UK law and it has more power. Referendums impact a great deal

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  • Essay on How Democratic Is the American Constitution?

    definition of the word "democracy" has changed. The way Americans see the word doesn't refer to a static system as it once did, it is ever changing and improving. Moving on, Dahl explained that not only did ignorance hinder the Framers plans for a constitution but there were also limited on opportunities in that time period. One of these limits was the fact they were convinced that creating a republic was the only way to go. They surely couldn't purpose a monarchy or a government based on a hierarchy

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  • Should the Uk Retain Its Uncodified Constitution

    Should the UKs constitution remain uncodified? A constitution is a set of rules which may be written or unwritten, establishes the distribution of power in a political system, the limits of government jurisdiction, the rights of citizens and the method of amending the constitution itself. An uncodified constitution is unwritten, or at least not written all in one document. The constitution in the UK is found in a variety of sources which are mainly statute and common law, conventions and traditions

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  • Individual Constitution and Systems of the State Essay

    In replica of the United Stated Constitution, state level constitutions are sculpted after the federal government in which it delegates power throughout three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial (Bowman & Kearney, 2011, p.27). Article III of the Texas Constitution writes the legislative department; section 1 states that, “The legislative power of this State shall be vested in a Senate and House of Representatives, which together shall be styled "The Legislature of the State

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  • To What Extent Is the Constitution of the Us Counter Revolutionary?

    the Constitution of the United States a ‘repressive’ Document? The Constitution of the United States of America was the solution to fix the weaknesses that Articles of Confederation had caused the United States. The Constitution not only helped the United States gain more power but it also unified the states and creates a sense of nationalism. The Constitution eradicated any justification that the United States was weak and inferior. However, there are some constituents of the constitution that

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  • The Main Features of the Soviet Constitution of Ninteteen-Thirty Six

    Finally, the 1936 Constitution also had a Bill of Rights. The citizens were guaranteed the freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly and of religion. They were guaranteed the right of employment and holidays with pay. N.B. One feature however of the Constitution marked the Russian Constitution off from the Constitutions of the Western nations. The Constitution left unimpaired the dominant position of the Communist Party. The Constitution mentioned the Communist

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  • With reference to the source, describe 3 sources of the UK constitution.

    Government can take away people’s rights in an uncodified constitution, it is not entrenched. Terrorism Preventions and Investigation Measures. 1. c: Make out a case against the adoption of a codified constitution for the UK. The United Kingdom is one of the countries in the world that is a Liberal Democracy without a codified constitution, which makes Britain become special. Most of the citizens do not want a codified constitution for the UK. First of all, pragmatic adaption has

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  • The Fundamental Features of the French 5th Republic Constitution

    and from the article 77 to 87. In the French constitution all are equal in the eyes of law. The community is founded upon the equality and solidarity of the people’s composing it. About political parties in the article 4 it is said that, “Political Parties may compete for the compression of the suffrage, they may freely from themselves and exercise their activities, and they must respect the principles of sovereignty and of democracy.” The constitution is a compromise an expression of two very different

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  • The Differences Between the UK and US Constitutions Essay example

    immediate stem for citizen's dissatisfaction, further appeals can go to the Supreme Court, but sovereignty essentially rests with the state. Therefore the systems do correlate, though the constitutions apparently seem to depict the contrary. A distinctive difference of the constitutions is how they produce the federal American system versus the unitary British system. America's horizontal dispersal of power provides a decentralised political system. Power is shared from

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  • A comparison and contrast of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of 1787

    debtors behind the prison. The Drafting of the Constitution. Drafting of new constitution was not an easy job. In order to resolve the differences, delegates from the majority of the states met at the Annapolis Convention in 1786. But they were not able to reach any agreeable conclusion. That led them to decide to meet again later in Philadelphia. In second convention, delegates observed that there is urgent need to frame an entirely new constitution. A key issue of conflict was the structure of the

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  • How Politics Shaped the Constitution Essay examples

    Furthermore, the states and their interest shaped the constitution through a series of compromises and agreements. In the mid 1800’s a war was about to be unleashed upon the nation and it placed at risk the unity of the country. This war between the South and the North led to mayor political decisions that amended the constitution. In 1868, the 13th amendment was passed giving the freedom the slaves in the South. The political interests of both sides were clear with regards to this new amendment

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  • Frantiek Palacky Letter to National Constitution of Assembly Essay

    historian emphasises the power Russia had during 1848, making them an impossible nation to resist. Surprisingly none of what was suggested in relation to formation of Germany by Palacky came to be. In fact Austria had been excluded from the German constitution all together. Although the Czech’s had intended for the Austrian Empire to act as a buffer to

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  • Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution by Woody Holton

    Holton exemplifies this with the Constitution's preamble, noting two points: one, that the Constitution was “to ensure domestic tranquillity”, and second, to prevent legislators from being coerced by tax payers and debtors into providing relief at the expense of bondholders and private creditors. (Holton, 158). The polarization of the new American society is a clear influence on the Framers: “...Opponents of rebellions thought they had been caused in part by the excessive democracy in the thirteen

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  • United States Constitution and Block Grant Essays

    grants-in-aid for some particular but broadly defined area of public policy. • Project grant: made for specific projects to States, localities, and private agencies who apply for them. Chapter 4-Section 3 Page 108 #1-4, 6 1. What agreements does the Constitution prohibit the States from making? • No State can enter into any treaty, alliance or confederation. However, the States may, with the consent of Congress, enter into interstate compacts—agreements among themselves and with foreign states. 2. What

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  • The US Constitution: The Difficulty of Adding an Amendment Essay

    comparing methods for proposing an amendment, and methods for ratifying an amendment they both contain two possible options for doing so (Sidlow, and Henschen 42). To ratify a proposed amendment and allow it to become a part of the United States Constitution three-fourths of the state legislatures can have to vote in favor of the amendment. This method is considered to be the classic way that amendments are ratified, and out of the twenty-seven amendments that have made it through the amendment process

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  • Pol-303 the American Constitution Entire Course Essay

    real-world examples/evidence that support your answer. \ POL 303 Week 2 DQ 2 Federalism and the Exercise of National Power Federalism and the Exercise of National Power. Our federal government has many duties, obligations, and powers under the Constitution. Some scholars argue that the reach of the federal

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  • How and why is federalism enshrined in the US Constitution? Essay examples

    constitution; “provide for the common defence and general welfare of the United States’ and to make all “necessary and proper laws”. The generalisation in these terms has led Article 1, Section 8 to be labelled as the ‘elastic clause’ of the Constitution. These terms don’t mention anything specific which has led them to be widely interpreted and argued over. The constitution has without doubt changed since its ratification in 1788, but because the Founding Fathers’ foresaw the necessity for change

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  • Pol 303 Complete Class / the American Constitution /New Essay

    role in shaping the laws that impact our society. For this discussion, complete the following: Define judicial review. Explain why the origins and legitimacy of judicial review are often called into question. Discuss whether the framers of the Constitution intended for the judiciary to have this role in the policy making process. Share your opinion on judicial review. Explain why you support or do not support judicial review. POL 303 Week 2 DQ 1 Legislative and Executive Powers Legislative

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  • How did the Framers of the U.S Constitution Seek to Balance Liberty, Equality, and Order?

    done regardless of what the right thing to do is. “No man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause; because his interests would certainly bias his judgment, and, not improbably, corrupt his integrity” (Madison 464). The framers of the constitution knew that human nature was not perfect and they knew that people could be greedy therefore they knew that the government might get greedy as well. In the sense that the people who are in charge might not always want to do what's best for the people

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  • Essay about Pol 303 Entire Course the American Constitution

    real-world examples/evidence that support your answer. \ POL 303 Week 2 DQ 2 Federalism and the Exercise of National Power Federalism and the Exercise of National Power. Our federal government has many duties, obligations, and powers under the Constitution. Some scholars argue that the reach of the federal government should be limited and constrained. Other scholars argue that the federal government should not be constrained or

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  • Does “The American Scholar” Reflect the Values of the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution? 6

    nature (Cliff, 2014).Where as in the declaration of independence it talks about the intellectual thinking as a whole where as a whole should think and work towards it practically rather than always rely on someone for their own living. In American constitution the power is all passed down to the people where its similar to the creative thinking which the people get to choose their own leader rather than to be under some ones control. According to Emerson, self trust

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  • Pol 303 Entire Course the American Constitution Essay example

    real-world examples/evidence that support your answer. \ POL 303 Week 2 DQ 2 Federalism and the Exercise of National Power Federalism and the Exercise of National Power. Our federal government has many duties, obligations, and powers under the Constitution. Some scholars argue that the reach of the federal government should be limited and constrained. Other scholars argue

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  • The British Constitution Essay

    The complexity of the British constitution is a result of its history; this feat of “unwritten” constitution can be understood by Britain’s historical events as such events led to its current state of constitution including the “unwritten” part of it. It is important to note that even the Queen stated that “the British constitution has always been puzzling, and always will be”, a statement that shows the complexity which pervades the British constitution. Moreover, most countries when faced with

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  • Essay about Arizona Constitution

    citizens from unfair imposition of taxes. Municipalities are also subject to the jurisdiction of the Arizona constitution. As outlined by McClory (2001), Article 13 of the said constitutions dictates the conditions for the creation of municipalities. Section 1 of the article notes that the municipalities are not created by any special laws but by the existing legislature. The constitution mandates the minimal population for any city’s or town’s elevation into a municipality as 3,500 residents. Only

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  • The Rartifiation of the Us Constitution Essay

    people complained, The Federalists were convinced to resolve the issues. The anti-federalists were delegates who opposed the ratification of the U.S Constitution. They opposed the ratification because they feared the Bill of Rights would be altered which protected individual liberties. In document number five, Amos Singletree was against the constitution because the lawyers and men that created the document were rich, intelligent, and talented and did not think about what the poor people needed. Anti-Federalists

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  • The Nigerian Constitution in 1960

    The Nigerian Constitution in 1960 There appears to be a consensus among the rulers of Nigeria that the country's Constitution needs review. The review is, in fact, going on and there is not much I can do about that. However, if given the balance of power in the country, a review is the only constitutional development possible at this stage, I would then pay attention to the general character and form of the Constitution rather than its specific contents, which ñ with regards to the power and welfare

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  • Essay about The Godless Constitution

    explains that officials are elected to be virtuous not Godly. They can act in a way they feel God would desire but not claim God's name in their decision to protect the beliefs of their public. Another man used greatly in concluding the godless Constitution is Thomas Jefferson. During his early public years his reputation was one of as an anti-Christian. He received many negative opinions about his stands and opinions. Kramnick and More chose to use Jefferson as an example of one who was misunderstood

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  • Essay about Constitution

    ii CHAPTER ONE GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1 Nomenclature of the State This Constitution establishes a Federal and Democratic State structure. Accordingly, the Ethiopian state shall be known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Article 2 Ethiopian Territorial Jurisdiction The territorial jurisdiction of Ethiopia shall comprise the territory of the members of the Federation and its boundaries shall be as determined by international agreements. Article 3 The Ethiopian Flag 1. The Ethiopian

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  • The Creation of the United States Constitution Essay

    strong consolidated union in which the idea of states should be nearly annihilated”” (Constitution of the United States- A History). The New Jersey Plan opposed the Nationalist position of such a strong central government. It proposed that the position of the states should stay the same and congress should only revise the Articles to “enable the Congress more easily to raise revenues and regulate commerce” (Constitution of the United States- A History). The nationalists, however, had a stronger precedence

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  • 'The absence of a written Constitution Essay examples

    of this aforementioned parliamentary supremacy is overwhelmingly different from the rigidity of codified constitutions found elsewhere, most notably in the United States and France. Nevertheless, the incorporation of EU law into UK law has certainly affected the flexibility afforded by an uncodified constitution. All of these aforementioned points shall be developed. Nature of Constitution Statute – Majority needed. (Bill of Rights 1689, Act of Settlement 1701, Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949

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  • Comparison and Contrast of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution

    is Sovereign and a vote of 9/13 is needed to make a bill a law whereas the Constitution declares that there is one Supreme Law and Supreme Court in the nation and for a bill to be law, 50+1 in each house is what is necessary along with the approval of the Executive Office (President). Opinion/Review The biggest drawback for each of the representatives in the Continental Congress in terms of adopting the constitution and doing away with the Articles is convincing their once sovereign states

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  • Development of the Constitution Essay

    A republic, on the other hand is a government in which the majority express their views through several representatives. Madison saw that the peoples self-interests could be accomplished by representation and better bring about the peoples will collectively. Many representatives would give the new republic a broad enough vision of the self-interests of all people and thus limit the power of large factions. Madison felt that the only way for our country would run efficiently and effectively would

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  • Essay about The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

    liberties and ensure justice for all. The most significant features of the U.S. Constitution are the establishment of the rule of law, the creation of a federal system with a supreme national government, the separation of governmental powers into three branches that check and balance each other, its flexibility and the establishment of a republican form of government. Over time, some things have been added to the Constitution. Called "amendments," these add-ons list some of the rights of the people

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