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  • Definition Essay About Love

    When it comes to love, people do not know where to start from. What is the definition of love? How do we demonstrate love? Do the people we love know we love them? How do you know it is love? People define love in many different ways; and they all are correct. Love can be as powerful as a tornado and as painful as its results. Love is not easy to understand and we might not know when we are in love. Also, love appears when we least expect it. Can we prepare for that? Love appears when we might not be ready for it. However, this does not mean we have to go around life searching for it. Love, by itself, works in its own ways. Because love is mysteriously beautiful, the tiniest act of kindness can become the biggest act of love. But, how can…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Love

    “I love you with all of my heart”, “I love you to the moon and back”, “I love you unconditionally”, but do you really? One may say these things, but do they honestly mean them whole-heartedly? The average human heart is only 10 ounces, which in comparison to the three-pound brain, is actually tiny. Are you saying you love them only a tiny bit? And how many trips are you planning to take to the moon; one round trip is lone 6 days. Are you saying you love them for only 6 days, no more no less?…

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    Love has always been a mystery to me. Not in the sense of love that comes from another person of the opposite gender but more so family & self love. These two types of love are my monster/creature in a scooby doo episode, Only difference is that my episode is sixteen years long with no clues left along the way. The definition of “love” is an intense feeling of deep affection. But there are many other definitions that others may classify love to be. Love is the person that I have identified but…

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  • Misconceptions About Love Essay

    Love. So complicated, yet so simple. It is as rudimentary as breathing, sleeping, and eating. But, why is it so overpowering? Why is it that when I am engulfed in its sweet fluorescent ocean that I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can hardly breath without thinking about him. It seems silly right? To let an emotion take over my logical thought process. How is it that I can be so on course, so on track, but suddenly I see Mr. Right and I am fleeing in every direction like a madman? Unfortunately, as…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Love

    Love is an eternal fire it burns brighter than a thousand suns! It is quiet understanding, that two people share and once one is in love hiding that feeling is a battle in which you will fail miserably. We all want to love and be loved in return; however, to love someone has different meanings to all. Such as you can love your mother or teacher even to love a particular movie or book love can be used to describe the feelings you have for many things. That said the flaw is when love is…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Love

    glance of the elderly couple you would believe that an eternity of love was shared between. I bet they…

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  • Definition Essay About First Love

    Do individuals really believe in their first love ? Sometimes your first love will have you believe that's there's no such thing as first love . There's always that one person that someone falls in love with because of their ways or way of being . Sometimes that first person to show you the type of love that someone has never showed makes you believe it's your first love, but in all honestly it's just a feeling. People call it first love because it's the first person. It doesn't mean it's your…

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  • Narrative Essay About Love Languages

    Love Languages Having that one friend you can count on no matter what is a special thing, that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience. Abby and me have been friends since my freshman year, and have a strong affinity for each other. We met in gymnastics, and instantly clicked. We have been inseparable since. Our friendship isn’t perfect, we have dialectal conflict just like anyone else, but we will always fight to overcome it. The fact that we share three of the same love languages, has…

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  • Definition Essay About True Love

    much happiness, and also so much pain. Love is a big topic that we can never discover everything about it in a short period of time. There are many types and levels of love, but the one affects us the most would be “love without expectations”. In another word, people often call it “true love”. Why this feeling is so unique from other levels of love? True love is a deep and unique emotion. When we experience true love, we do not expect anything in return. True love can basically be loving our…

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  • Essay About When We Talk About Love 'And The Lottery'

    good story” “What we Talk About When We Talk About Love” and “The Lottery”, the authors use characters and symbolic objects to help us better understand the role diversity and oppression play on individuals and groups. Literary critic Christopher Decker describes one 's connection to their surroundings saying, “The notion of home as an enclosed and protective space together with the relationship between private and public, self and community, is constantly challenged.” (Decker). When decker…

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