Definition Essay About Love

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When it comes to love, people do not know where to start from. What is the definition of love? How do we demonstrate love? Do the people we love know we love them? How do you know it is love? People define love in many different ways; and they all are correct. Love can be as powerful as a tornado and as painful as its results. Love is not easy to understand and we might not know when we are in love. Also, love appears when we least expect it. Can we prepare for that? Love appears when we might not be ready for it. However, this does not mean we have to go around life searching for it. Love, by itself, works in its own ways. Because love is mysteriously beautiful, the tiniest act of kindness can become the biggest act of love. But, how can …show more content…
I put the phone down and decided to enjoy the rest of my evening with him while my phone was inside my purse while on mute. I enjoyed every single minute of it because I could actually enjoy the meal that we were having, understand his feelings toward the topic he was sharing with me, enjoy his company, and cherish him for the rest of the night. Putting my phone away was the smartest decision I made that night. I am still practicing this whenever I am with him or with someone else. If I dislike it when people ignore me while I 'm sharing with them my time or feelings about a certain topic, I should not do the same to others. The company of those who we love is enjoyed better when our full attention is active at the moment spent with them. Another action of love can be as simple as a note. A few years ago, I obtained my Associates Degree in Psychology. Because the tickets were limited, my sisters could not share that special moment with me. However, when the pictures arrived from the ceremony, I cut one and wrote a note on the back of it. The note said, “Nina, my guide and role to look up to, is you. I love you with all my heart! Thank you for all your support and more. You mean a lot to me”. I grabbed the note and left it on top of my sister 's bed and left. I was already running late to go to …show more content…
I had forgotten about the picture and asked her what was that for. Her answer was simple, “that note made my day brighter. Thank you for getting a smile on my face.” I smiled back at her and went to bed. What I did not know was how excited she got with that tiny note. She went on social media and posted a picture of the picture and the note I wrote with a note saying, “When you get home and you find this. How can I not love her? I am so proud of you, baby sister”. Her note brought me to tears. The joy I felt when knowing I received a note after I gave a note was indescribable. My sister and I might fight with each other but, because she is the oldest, I always looked up to her. If I accomplish something, I do not only give thanks to God and my parents. Both of my sisters are part of that success, too. My older sister for being the oldest and supporting me and telling me to not give up because I might regret it after, like she did, and my younger sister because I know she is following my steps, too. That tiny note was a proof of my love for her. Something as tiny as that note, meant so much to someone. Love is not measured in moments, but in the

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