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  • The Black Cat : Horror Or Optimistic

    The Black Cat: Horror or Optimistic Edgar A. Poe is traditional considered one of the greatest masters of horror stories. “The Black Cat” is one of his masterpieces, so the naïve readers may think that “The Black Cat” is a horror work. In fact, however, “The Black Cat” is not a horror work but an optimistic work, which the ideal readers may think. This essay explains that “The Black Cat” is a work reaching optimistic conclusions about human existence through horror. This essay talks about

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  • Horror : The Horror Of Horror

    I believe that horror is a very intriguing genre, not only because it’s entertaining but it also makes you think “Could this happen to me?”, this possibly changing your perspective of safety. Horror has many faces, some of my favorite horror movies include Ghost Ship, Jaws, Shutter Island, and The Shining. Now let me explain to you why I like these movies. I like the movie Ghost Ship due to its extreme goriness. Although it is very gory, it maintains a good sense of a story line. The opening act

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  • The Horror Of Horror Films

    Horror films have become a staple in the entertainment business of today, designed and produced to frighten and thrill people. The horror films that were produced in the early 19th century are nothing compared to the films being shown today. As the film industry has grown, the movies and films it produces seem to have grown with it, as technological advancements such as sound, color and special effects have been incorporated into the production of these films. To add to the terrifying experiences

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  • The Effects Of Special Effects On Horror

    of special effects in horror Special effects have been around for quite some time now, and they have been used in many different ways. In horror, special effects serve various purposes. Special effects in horror can show all the blood, gore, and disgusting things shown, it can be a transformation scene, or sometimes simply effects done with a camera and no other outside work. These effects add entertainment and understanding to the workings of the story. It adds to the story, but sometimes can be

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  • The Pilot Episode Of American Horror Story

    RIP Essay: American Horror Story In the television show review of the Pilot episode of American Horror Story called an AMERICAN HORROR STORY: AN EMOTIONAL DRAMA WITH UNEXPECTED TWISTS THROUGH THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN, by Cristal Oliveros, I tried convince my audience how the show can be seen as a Drama even though it is considered a Female Gothic. I did this by comparing the Drama genre to some of the scenes in this first episode of American Horror Story that enable the show be considered a Female

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  • American Horror Story : Freak Show

    American Horror Story: Freak Show begins its tale in Jupiter, Florida, in the year of 1952. To the untrained eye, Dandy Mott is the physical definition of beautiful, but underneath this alluring exterior is the epitome of excess wealth, and privilege taken too far to its detrimental conclusion (DeBussey, 2016). Dandy is an intellectual man-child, incapable of finding satisfaction in anything. The world is seemingly at his fingertips, and yet he is incessantly consumed with a gnawing feeling of ennui

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  • The Horror Genre Of Horror

    The horror genre has evolved drastically over time. When one mentions horror today, they might imagine the screams of poor teenagers as all their guts are ripped from their bodies, or the unsettling tension created by the knowledge that evil lurks around characters that are oblivious. Over the years, horror has had to keep audiences on their toes and switch up their scaring tactics to kept the adrenaline pumping. But is the horror film dependent on the scares it provides, or the topic within the

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  • The Veil And Its Horrors

    The Veil and its Horrors The Veil created many terrifying effects in the past years, especially on African Americans such as discrimination. African Americans feared the Veil as it damaged their family and segregated them from others. Du Bois felt the Veil separated Africans Americans and whites primarily hurting African Americans. As Du Bois grew up he noticed another side to the way people viewed him as a person. He noticed society judged him on his skin color and not for what he actually stood

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  • Horror Film Genre Essay

    The two movies I viewed were Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist, which were both directed by Tobe Hopper. Both films displayed the general rules horror films generally follow through the use of horror film genre conventions. For instance, both movies follow the good verses evil story lines and in each the end does ultimately win. However, this is not entirely true in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The friends represented the good and the chainsaw carrying monster and his family portrayed the evil

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  • The Horror Of The Holocaust

    Through film, and pictures we are able depict how those rough years must of looked. Visual entertainment has always been an interesting way to play with hearts of the audiences, which can be said about during the time of the Holocaust when fictional stories portrayed propaganda. So, therefore it can be easily said that most popular knowledge of the past does not come from, text, historical documents, but from film. Historian Robert Rosenstone argues that it possible to draw and understanding from silver

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  • The Horrors Of The Holocaust

    “Do you know why most survivors of the Holocaust are vegan? It 's because they know what it 's like to be treated like an animal.”- Palahniuk. This quote only hints at the horrors the Jews experienced in Germany during World War II. The basic definition of what the Holocaust; A revolting time period in which the Nazis ruled and dictated their belief that the German race was superior to all other religions, races, and beliefs. Hitler was a dictator that terrorized over Germany because he was the leader

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  • Evolution of Horror

    2013 The Evolution of Horror For centuries, stories of monsters, demons and other unholy abominations have brought fear to the hearts of audiences in commercially convenient doses. Noel Carroll, Ph.D., in his article “The Nature of Horror”, argues that the existence of monsters and supernatural entities alone do not define a horror novel or film “for monsters inhabit all sorts of stories, such as fairy tales, myths, and odysseys, that we are not wont to identify as horror” (Carroll). One can therefore

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  • The Horror Of Horror Movies

    bundle that shares similar characteristics. Under horror, people expect the films to be insanely scary and nerve-racking due to strong sense of nervousness. Silent Hill, Insidious, and Final Destination coexist under horror, each one of the movies present terror and gore that surprises the audience. All three movies uses virtual storyline with creative setting, mentally amuses or rather mind tricks people to think differently, and end with obscurity. Horror movies generally have plots with protagonist

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  • The Horror Of Horror Movies

    comedy, chick flicks, war stories, and many more. The horror genre of television films has to be the most unique of the genres. Many television watchers view horror films to be a negative genre because it plays on peoples fear. Like clowns, vampires, zombies, and home invasions. Most people would rather watch a positive film that can make them optimistic and not want to go to bed having nightmares and new fears. That’s why horror movies isn’t for everyone. The genre of horror started hundreds of years

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  • The Music Of Horror Movies

    enjoy a movie more deeply. Music is very important to create the certain mood, especially in horror movies. The music in horror movies makes the movie different, original and powerful. We can connect certain soundtracks to movies. Soundtracks are especially made for the movie’s needs. In most cases, it is used in marketing to make the campaign more successful and more recognized by the people. Music in horror movies creates an atmosphere which will make the movie even more enjoyable and breathtaking

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  • Television Show American Horror Story

    above are straight out of a gory horror flick, you are partially correct. In fact, they are featured in the title sequence of the popular television show American Horror Story. First aired in 2011 on FX, this anthology series plays on common and often romanticized fears, from murderous clowns to sexy undead serial killers. The program is produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the creators of other successful shows such as Glee and Nip/Tuck. American Horror Story recycles its actors, each of whom

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  • Suspense : A Good Horror Story Will Make Your Skin Tingle With Suspense

    what will happen next,” (D’Aco). A good horror story will make your skin tingle with suspense, there are four different methods to create suspense. One way is foreshadowing, another way is withholding information, putting a character in a situation where he/she must choose between two dangerous courses of action is also a great way to create suspense, and a sudden change of a character’s situation will certainly keep you interested. August Heat is a short story about a man who happens to draw a detailed

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  • The Horror Of Horror Movies

    Today many young people might believe that horror movies are a new idea, but in reality, they ideas of horror movies have been in popular Medias for many generations. However, many people might ask themselves why new horror movies come out each year. Why would is watching people getting kill one by one in a deserted cabin in the woods. The answer might come from humans themselves, we as a species are violent and insane in different ways. Horror movies continue to be popular because of our insanity

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  • The Horror Of Horror Films

    see horror films is a mystery. The question as to why a person would put themselves through the psychological tortures that horror films create does not have a simple answer. However, it is evident that throughout time people have had a morbid attraction to the unknown and unexplainable. The reasons behind a person continuing to seek the thrills of a horror film is subject to the individual. Any film can seem scary to certain people, so the real question is in regards to how successful horror films

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  • Horror Film : Amityville Of Horror

    frightened to even go to bed, until, I made the mistake of putting on Amityville of Horror and began to watch the horror film by myself late at night with no one home. Amityville of Horror still gives me nightmares when I think about it lying in bed. I’m not one to get scared easily, especially scared of a film. When I was around 10 years old or so, my parents did not allow my siblings or myself to watch any horror or scary films based on the rating of the film. So one day when no one was home, I

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  • The Horrors Of A Slave Ship

    The article, “the horrors of a slave ship” is about a period in the history of America when ships were taken into captivity, especially when they challenged the commercial revolution of Europe. The men inside the ships were chained on the middle deck of the ship. In the ship was a gun room that encompassed weapons. These men used the enslaved African children to slip tools to them so that they could sneak into the gun room and obtain the weapons. The weapons were used in the battle between the Africans

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  • Horror And Grief By Joseph Conrad

    Horror and Anguish “The horror! The horror!” We all believe in the agonizing horror that has occurred in Africa since its colonization. After the colonization of Africa, Belgium had a tight, constricting hold on the Congo that negatively impacted them- and the rest Africa. Just when Africans thought that the tight hold on their continent was the worst to be faced, their resources were starting to be stolen by America and Europe. A ‘White Man’s Burden’ has also affected Africa in both times of colonization

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  • The Horrors Of The Holocaust

    Inherited identities become a reality for many victims of transgenerational trauma victims. In the case of many second generation Holocaust survivors, their parents describe in detail the horrors of the Holocaust, and their family’s losses to the children. These memories of the past are transferred to the next generation unintentionally, and they become engrained within the next generation’s identity. Cited in “Representations of the Holocaust” by Karein Goertz, Nach Der Shoa Geboren who was the

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  • Horrors of War Essay

    |Explain how R.C Sherriff conveys the horrors of war to the audience of “Journey’s End” | | | |English | | | |2/28/2010 | |

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  • The Horror Of The Heart Of Darkness

    The “Horror” in the Heart of Darkness The Heart of Darkness is a novella that was written during the time of African imperialism. The continent was suffering moral and social sickness as it was being opened for exploration and commercial expansion. The Heart of Darkness is written through a series of different points of views, which makes the famous last words of Mr. Kurtz, “The Horror! The Horror!” so ambiguous. The author, Joseph Conrad, leaves it up to the reader to interpret the vague “horror”

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  • The Horrors Of The Holocaust

    1. The author of this novel is Elie Wiesel, A Jewish man that has roots in Romania. There are many unique things about his story and past. For example, he is a holocaust survivor. He is also wrote a book describing the horrors of the holocaust in great detail and he does this by creating a fictional character that resembles him. Creating a fictional character to represent himself helps him revisit these tragic events that happened to him. 2. The main point of the novel is to bring understanding

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  • Art Film Or Prestige Horror?

    Onibaba: Art Film or Prestige Horror? What is or is not horror is defined by the viewer, and with that perspective, it is within my role as the viewer to declare Onibaba, prestige art film, a horror film as well. In the Kawin reading, we are told that "bad horror" is a "spectacle", full of meaningless death and gore, with no investment required by the viewer, or greater message to provide (325). "Good horror" guides the viewer to psychological understanding of human nature and teaches us something

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  • American Horror Story : Freak Show

    Analysis of American Horror Story: Freak Show In class we have learned about many different aspects of disability. In American Horror Story: Freak Show (Freak Show), there were many themes shown throughout that touched on material we have talked about in class. Freak Show illustrates the medical and sociopolitical models of disability, uses terms that are deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by the disability community, and represents people with disabilities in the media. I have read

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  • Ryan Murphy : American Horror Story, And Scream Queens

    Ryan Murphy is one of the most creative and talented television writers of the 21st Century. He has penned three hits with the FOX Network, and these shows illustrates his complexity as a writer. Glee, American Horror Story, and Scream Queens show the different levels of Ryan Murphy. He shows the viewers that he can either separate these levels or add these levels together. Either way, whatever he creates becomes a hit. The show Glee first premiered on the FOX Network on May 19, 2009. The show

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  • American Gothic Literature : The Supernatural Mystery, Horror, And Horror

    can be a demonic form that often haunts and threatens the person to whom they are attached to. The Doppelganger may have the same name as well as features. The Doppelganger is used in literature to show it’s other self. In Edgar Allan Poe’s short story William Wilson, the protagonist has a antagonist that is a ghostly double. In William Wilson the narrator is dying. He says, “Death approaches: and the shadow which forruns him has thrown a softening influence over my spirit.” (Poe P.1) As he sleeps

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  • The Blair Witch Project Is A Low Budget Horror Story

    The Blair Witch Project is a low budget horror story filmed from a first person documentary style perspective set within a hauntingly beautiful forest, which leaves viewers on their seats, and their imaginations running wild. What makes the Blair Witch Project a thrilling horror story, despite of a low budget and consequent lack of special effects, is the power of how simplistic the idea for the movie is, the ominous atmosphere created, and the exceeding realism of the actors portraying the protagonists

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  • The Horror Of The Monster

    the most persistent group to watch this type of horror. The aspect of the monster and what makes it frightening is a very important part of Carroll 's theory. However a problem with this is that it is not explained why we want to watch horror and not just fantasy, where we see the monster but do not have to suffer the fear. This is better explained by an integrationist theory, in which we enjoy being scared. I think that people may prefer horror because it forces them to think not just of the impossible

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  • Frankenstein is perceived as a horror story. Essay

    Frankenstein is perceived as a horror story. When we analyse the monster, however, the story becomes much more complex. Discuss this statement with close reference to Shelley’s presentation of the monster in the novel. Frankenstein is a novel with great hidden depths and a whole new outlook on life itself. Frankenstein was written in 1818 by Mary Shelley. The novel was a deep insight to a number of things, this including the gothic period. In her 1831 introduction to the novel, Shelley

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  • Different Types of Gothic Horror

    In “The Judge’s House” written by Bram Stoker, the story takes place at an evil judge’s house that has hanged people, and a student named Malcomson is just staying there for a few days despite being warned not to. Strange occurrences begin with rats disturbing Malcomson while he is staying there but particularly a rat with red eyes sticks out to him. The rat with the red eyes would be in a hole behind a painting of the judge that is hung in the house, and sit in the same position as the judge in

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  • The Horror Genre

    For what seems like forever, I’ve had the same complaint about the state of the horror genre. One film after another follows a nearly identical premise, depicting a small group of people wandering around a dark, confined area (typically a house or forest) - haunted by a member of the supernatural community. The ghule in question varies based on the story, taking the form of ugly shadow figures, women draped in black, children, and dolls - all focused on causing chaos. That said, this is a genre

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  • A Horror Story And Allowed No Restriction

    Senior classes were given the assignment to write a horror story and allowed no restriction. As soon as I heard of this assignment I thought, “Yes! Finally my chance to show people how gory and gruesome of things I can imagine!” I told my youth minister of this assignment and the next thing he said was, “That sounds ungodly”. I started thinking and realized how ungodly it really was. Then, he told me, “You should write about the rapture and the people that will be left behind, now that’s scary

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  • The Horror Of Horror Movies

    Today, many young people might believe that horror movies are a new idea, but in reality, they ideas of horror movies have been in popular media for many generations. However, many people might ask themselves why new horror movies come out each year. Why would is watching people being killed one by one in a deserted cabin in the woods. The answer might come from humans themselves, because we as a species are violent and insane in different ways. Horror movies continue to be popular because of our

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  • The Horror Of Horror Movies

    Horror movies evoke fear, anxiety and terror, as they pump adrenaline through our bodies . This excites us, before letting us go into the safety that returns as the lights in the theatre rise and we are brought back into real life. The question to be asked however, is why do we see films that evoke such emotions. In other words, what purpose do these films serve in our lives. Stephen King (1982) in his essay, Why We Crave Horror Movies expresses that we put ourselves through the heart pumping fear

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  • The Horror Of Horror Movies

    The tension builds up with fear on what’s going to happen next. Horror movies have become so realistic; it puts characters into real life situations. Don’t worry, you’re safe in your own environment because after all it is just a movie, right? Just experience horror movies vicariously and witness other people get tormented and killed. What is the deal with horror? It is disgusting and gruesome, so why do people crave it? Horror films have grown and developed over the past decades. Our society

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  • The Horrors Of The Holocaust

    some to share their experiences with the world. There is a plethora of riveting novels and stories that have been written over time that truly capture the essence of the Holocaust and detail the atrocities committed during that time. Since the end of World War II, literature such as Night by Elie Wiesel, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, and Number the Stars by Lois Lowry have chronicled the horrors of the Holocaust and touched both hearts and minds along the way. Night, by Elie Wiesel, is

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  • Fear And Horror Fills The Room

    Fear and Horror Fills the Room Is death escapable? In these two stories death is the result of two different circumstances that don’t appear possible. The first story talks about an old mans irritation and how his actions play out against his own roommate. A vulture eye is what sparks the irritation in the narrator and what ultimately makes the narrator guilty of murder. On the other hand, in the second story, an illness that seems to be taking over the country destroys people inside a room that

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  • The Horror Of Horror Films

    scenes, and suspenseful music are all the ingredients for a scream filled tormenting movie referred to as a horror movie or a scary flick. Horror films are movies that are created to provide a feeling of fright, unease and panic to the people viewing them. Some people love the adrenaline rush they get from the unexpected killer slicing his victims head off its body. Others love to watch horror films because of the love they feel from their partner while watching the movie. A certain scene in the movie

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  • Movie : Horror Film Syllabus

    Bria May Option 2: Horror Film Syllabus A horror movie can make us scream and even laugh. We have our opinions about certain movies, either we love them or we absolutely hate them. How did the genre horror develop into a distinct form of the filmmaking experience? What are the historical influences, formal pacts, and cultural expectations that define horror as a genre? The idea of this course is to learn and experience the supernatural horror film genre. A variety of films will be

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  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Nature Of Horror '

    of art-horror qualifies Gilman’s story by causing a horrified feeling in the audience. Gilman creates this feeling through the story’s setting. In the story, “The Nature of Horror”, Carroll explains that the human experience of art-horror is reliant on two necessary conditions: disgust feeling, and monsters tied with the sense of being threatened. Carroll states, “We shall presume that this is an emotional state whole emotion we call art-horror” (Carroll 52). According to Carroll art-horror is like

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  • Television : American Horror Story

    American Horror Story is a major controversial show that has fans hooked on its suspense as well as gaudy plot line. Spectators are in awe with the creation of each character development as the season changes to a new time period and theme each year. This television series simply breaks all the rules when it comes down to the other programs that are out and takes the television world to a whole new level. Each season holds most of the main characters yet has a completely different set up and story line

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  • The Horror Of Horror Films

    Horror films are movies that seek to bring your fears and nightmares to life. They to scare with the morbid and grotesque while entertaining also. They often involve an evil entity, event or person. Horror films feature supernatural creatures like werewolves, ghosts, vampires, witches, and zombies. They also dive into fears of death, of the unknown and loss of identity. They show the darker side of life and expose our vulnerabilities. Movies that push your buttons of anxiety and uneasiness. Make

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  • American Horror Story On Netflix

    following day was busy with driving to Kansas City and the going to the NFL Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts game, my boyfriend, Justin, and I decided to take the evening to relax. We made the decision to eat pizza and binge watch American Horror Story on Netflix. Nevertheless, we had to idle away the time before the pizza arrived and decided to go to Wal-Mart and grab supplies for the game. We started down the clothing section and gathered items on our list. We needed to have the proper winter

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  • The True American Horror Story

    The True American Horror Story “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it’s possible to achieve the American Dream” (Tommy Hilfiger). In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby illustrates an individual who, through his desire and his overwhelming sense of hope, earns the American Dream. However, this is distinctive to Tom Buchanan, who shows the benefits of being born into “old money”. During the 1920’s, everyone desired “new money” in order

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  • The Absolute Horror Of The Holocaust

    The absolute horror of the Holocaust has made it difficult and sometimes controversial to depict it in various forms of media. Two such works of art, Son of Saul and Maus, take very unique approaches to trying to capture the experiences of the Holocaust. Both works share key themes such as the importance of family in maintaining hope and the perpetrator conflict with Jews and Poles. Of course, the two works aren’t exactly the same and there are some major thematic differences. Perhaps the most striking

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  • Finding A Good Horror Movie

    Finding a good horror movie is a lot like shucking oysters in search of a pearl; one must weed through disgusting and disappointing messes until a true treasure is discovered. Unfortunately, Scott Derrickson’s Sinister is more of a mess than it is a pearl. The film follows the life of washed-up horror writer Ellison Oswalt, who moves his family into a home where a grisly murder has taken place. Oswalt believes that writing a novel about the murders will help reboot his career. After discovering a

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