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  • American Horror Story

    RIP Essay: American Horror Story In the television show review of the Pilot episode of American Horror Story called an AMERICAN HORROR STORY: AN EMOTIONAL DRAMA WITH UNEXPECTED TWISTS THROUGH THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN, by Cristal Oliveros, I tried convince my audience how the show can be seen as a Drama even though it is considered a Female Gothic. I did this by comparing the Drama genre to some of the scenes in this first episode of American Horror Story that enable the show be considered a Female Gothic. This enabled my audience, who are people who would typically seek Dramas, to branch out of that genre and try something new. The first thing I tried to do was to address people who would typically seek Dramas by asking “Looking for a Drama…

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  • Foreshadowing In Horror Stories

    enjoyable horror story gets our pulses racing and our skin tingling. The horror genre often revolves around the chaos of death, evil, demonic nightmares that tends to keep us up at night. When a story keeps us in suspense, we feel almost as if we are suspended in midair. We may even hold our breath without realizing it as we read on eagerly to find out how the story ends. Authors construct their horror stories to leave a great feeling of suspense as you continually read on. The author wants to…

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  • American Horror Story Asylum

    American Horror Story is an American series of horror seasons on FX, that tell a new story season to season. The producers of the show are Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The series is meant to reach out to a wide range of ages, I would say it mainly targets teenagers and people in their early to middle adulthood. The Asylum is the second season of the series American Horror Story. Asylum begins in the 1960’s at a mental institution named Briarclif Manor, which happens to be in the hands of a…

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  • American Horror Story Vs Supernatural

    and contrast were American Horror Story and Supernatural. Both of these TV shows are under the genre of horror and they both like to re-create the things that go bump in the night. Both of these TV shows are geared toward a large target audience of ages 18 through 50, and both have characters that the audience can grow with.Nevertheless, the networks that they are tied to, have a different opinion on how they scare their audiences in their seat. American horror story is a a non- syndicated…

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  • Stephen King's Horror Story

    Stephan King Stephan King is a extremely well known author and has been always known for his horror stories. His most well known stories include IT, The Shining, Salem's Lot and several other books and stories. His horror writing is credited to him seeing his friend get hit by a train. He has no memory of the event but he came home scared and the next day the parents found out about the boy. He was inspired to write also when he found a HP. Lovecraft book that was his dad's. He said “I knew…

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  • Scary Stories: Why Horror Is Good For Children

    Think of what scares you most. Is it from a story or book? Some people infer that scary stories are too frightening for their children. Others believe it’s good for the children and encourage it. Scary stories have been known to create nightmares and fear. Most parents will wait until their child is older or more mature. While others embrace it and allow them to watch or read them. Scary will in most cases create fear for the child, but this is the soreness of a muscle as it builds courage and…

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  • How Did Stephen King Write Horror Stories

    Even though there are several eminent horror story authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, and Arthur Machen, Stephen King is one of the most prolific and commercially successful horror authors of the past half century. Renowned author Stephen King has written numerous novels and short stories that have sold many millions of copies. He continues to produce frightening page turners. Stephen King has been influenced,influenced others,faced challenges, been inspired,writes horror stories and many other…

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  • American Horror Story: American Identity

    watching. This is true for the recently popular television show “American Horror Story”. The entire television series of American Horror…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Horror Story

    It was so weird. It was like I didn't even remember that day. I stood up but felt dizzy and felt as if I was walking in circles and circles. But I eventually was able to get up and find and staff member and tell her what had happened. But the problem was what happened, I just couldn't remember what had happened. Then I remembered that I had hit my head on a rock it was sore and pounding. Once I made my way to the sycamore lounge had started to feel very sick like I was going to vomit. But I held…

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  • Atmosphere Of Fear And Horror In Edgar Allen Poe's Stories

    Throughout Poe’s stories he relentlessly creates an intriguing atmosphere of fear and horror through the symbolic use of details, an evil narrator, and the proficient ability to draw the reader in to the point where they could fall into the paper. Poe’s readers are drawn into the story on account of his use of the reader’s feelings for the victims and an engaging storyline to vividly paint a portrait of the narrator’s thoughts. Poe’s stories contain numerous bold details that retain the…

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