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  • Machine And Human Body

    grandparents. There are two major philosophical perspectives that can address the death and dying in children. The mechanical body notion is adopted from the Cartesian philosophy whereby the mind and body are divided into two distinct parts. According to Descartes’ meditations, the mind is portrayed as continuously representing the real person or individual, while the body changes with time, for example growth from infancy into adulthood (Descartes, n.d.). There are notable similarities between the body and a machine. The human body can be seen as analogous to a machine. However, the functions of the machine and human body are distinct. In the human body, each part contributes to the management and organization of the whole without external control. In contrast, the lived body challenges the Cartesian body view, taking into consideration the functioning of the body as a separated system that is interrelated with its surroundings where the body exists. The lived body perspective suggests that the human body is intertwined with person’s world as shaped by their family, language, culture, or contextual experience. The lived body is engaged with the world, shapes an individual’s feelings, thoughts, habits, and reactions. The lived body is described as embodied. Merleau-Ponty also defined embodiment as the way people live in and experience the world through their bodies, especially through emotion, language, perception, time, and other environment context. Thus, when children…

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  • The Impact Of Proteins On The Human Body

    The Impact of Protein In order for the human body to function properly, an individual needs a variety of different sources. Proteins are considered a key source that is needed in the human body and are essential to one’s diet. This is true because proteins inhabit a spot in every cell in an individual’s body. Therefore, individual’s need to consume a large amount of protein in order to maintain good health. Proteins are essential to a variety of different functions for one’s body but are said to…

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  • Effects Of Gravity On The Human Body

    The Effect of Gravity on the Human Body According to the NASA Glenn Research Center, the nominal acceleration of gravity on Earth at sea level AKA standard gravity AKA “g-force” AKA “1 g” is defined as 32 feet per second. Sneezing subjects your brain to about 3 g and coughing about 3.5 g. The frame of airliners and other transport aircraft must be capable of withstanding a g-force of 2.5 g. A race car driver going around a curve at 100 MPH will experience a g-force of approximately 3…

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  • The Importance Of Nutrition In The Human Body

    Nutrition is vital part of the human body and it is really important for all individuals to receive adequate amounts of nutrition in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Getting the right amount of nutrition not only helps our bodies grow but also provides energy, proteins and essential fats needed (Harper 45). Additionally, since the human body can only produce so many nutrients by itself, having a nutritious diet regulates the body better. Furthermore, it also serves an important role in…

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  • Importance Of Oxygen In The Human Body

    The human body is mainly made up of four elemental components: oxygen (65%), Carbon (18%), Hydrogen (10%), and Nitrogen (3%). It is also composed of about 28 other elements including, Potassium, Sodium, and Calcium. Each plays a major role on the daily functions of the human body. Oxygen accounts for roughly about two-thirds of the mass of the human body and is use in cell respiration. Carbon is part of the molecular structure in certain fats, proteins, and carbohydrates; which are essential…

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  • Importance Of Energy And The Human Body

    Energy and the Human Body Energy Energy is “The ability or capacity to do work”. There are five different types of energy; Chemical, Heat, Sound, Electrical and Light. Chemical energy is energy stored in atoms and molecules; it is released in a chemical reaction, with heat as a by-product. Heat energy is the result of the movement of particles. Sound energy is a form of energy which is linked to vibrations of matter. Electrical energy is when electrons move from atom to atom via the use of…

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  • Importance Of Minerals In The Human Body

    Minerals are needed in the human body. Minerals are classified as major minerals or trace minerals. Major minerals include calcium and phosphorus. While, trace minerals include iron and zinc. Major minerals are defined as a mineral vital to health that is required in the diet in amounts more than 100 milligrams per day. Over 99% of the calcium in the human body strengthens bones and teeth. Calcium is often, found in dairy products like milk and cheese. Some secondary sources for calcium…

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  • Five Levels In The Human Body

    The human body is organized into five levels. Each of the five levels builds up to the next level. The levels work together to form a functioning organism. Cells work together to form tissues, tissues form organs, organs form organ systems, and the five levels come together as organisms. The first level is cells. Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things. Examples of different cells are blood cells, nerve cells, and bone cells. The second level is tissues. Tissues are…

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  • Effects Of Stress And The Human Body

    Stress and the Human Body Few have escaped it. Some of been able to run far, but only the lucky can get away. Maybe it was the way they were raised, maybe the way the trained themselves. But this is for sure and for certain, and everyone who goes to college has to face it. So what is this dreaded thing everyone is terrified of when they leave high school? The freshman fifteen. Seventy percent of freshman gain weight in their first year of college. Some gain ten, some fifty but the average is…

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  • The Effects Of Dehydration In The Human Body

    resulting in depletion of body fluids” (Grosvenor & Smolin, 2006, p. 282). When the body goes through dehydration there can be many symptoms. Some of these symptoms can include: feelings of nausea, light-headedness, and feeling dizzy. Dehydration can cause symptoms to show more rapidly than any other vitamin deficiency. With other vitamin deficiencies, days or weeks can pass before symptoms are felt by the body (Grosvenor & Smolin, 2006). Symptoms can be seen when dehydrated after only…

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