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  • Sharon Dalgleish Forest Conservation

    According to Sharon Dalgleish, author of “Protecting Wildlife” one thousand years ago, 34% of the world was covered with forests. Fifty years ago, 32% of the world was covered in forests. Today, 12% of the world is covered in forests. Forests have a big role in the environment and keeping animals, as well as the air, healthy and clean. The world is losing one of its main resources. Instead of throwing away some paper that was used, put it into the recycling bin. Or, instead of sitting outside and doing nothing all day, plant a tree. These little things can help save forests and animals habitats that live inside of them. Deforestation invades habitats, hurts the earth and needs to be reduced. To start, conservation began in the eighteenth…

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  • Rhetoric Of Deforestation Essay

    The Rhetoric of Deforestation The first image, entitled WWF: Lungs, is an anti-deforestation advertisement published by the World Wildlife Fund, a group well-known and respected for its conservation work. The WWF has become an authority on environmental subjects, such as deforestation. The image consists primarily of a forest shaped like a pair of lungs, with part of the forest/lung gone. The color scheme has been changed in the area where the forest has been cut down. The colors shift from a…

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  • Importance Of Forest Values

    Forests and Environmental Values Forestry is a profession related to resource management that is primarily about the art and science of creating, maintaining, using, and protecting the forest and its resources. The usefulness of the forest is vast, and its value in the world’s societies can be quite large. The people of the world value forests for their economic value primarily, for the forest provides important resources such as timber, medicines, and ecotourism revenue. This economic benefit…

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  • The Lorax By Dr. Seuss

    The Lorax From Environmental Science: A Global Concern Watch “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss, then answer the following questions: What is the Lorax? What is his role in the book? The Lorax is the defender of the forests in the book. His role is to protect the forest and all those who live within it. 2. Teddy Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot had policies, called utilitarian conservation, that stated that forests should be saved “not because they are beautiful or because they shelter wild creatures of…

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  • The Great Smoky Park Research Paper

    The Great Smoky Mountains, belonged to the Paleo Indians, which then was used by loggers and Civilian Conservation Corps in the year of 1800. The park’s great stretches even farther back, thus, having more valuation to the people now who own the park. A projectile point has been found was estimated to be 9,000 years old. The living, and non-living things that are native to the land, have a special meaning to this park, because of, their history in the park as well of human development in the…

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  • Deforestation In South America Essay

    Food and Agriculture Organization, an estimated 16 million acres of forest are being lost each year globally to deforestation (FAO 5). Contributing factors include agricultural expansion, logging, development, and other human activities. In order to put this into perspective, the World Wildlife Fund describes this as an equivalent to forty-eight football fields of forest being lost every minute (WWF 1). This is alarming, because even though for many of us, major forest systems seem as though…

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  • The History Of Deforestation

    William’s article discussed the misconception that deforestation is a recent occurrence, and that it has been gaining momentum in the tropical forest regions of the world since approximately the 1950’s (Williams, 2001). The writer would continue to compare the amount of damage to the environment over the centuries due to the effects of deforestation. Chopping down trees is part of an age-old human quest for shelter, food, and warmth; Trees provide wood for construction, shelter, and the making…

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  • Causes And Effects Of Deforestation

    Deforestation refers to act of cutting down or burning trees in forests in order to make land to serve building activities or farming. According to Angelsen in 1995, deforestation meanings destruction or loss of vegetation, from losing completely or permanently to changing gradually in the economical component (Angelsen 1995). In fact, in the world, there are roughly 300 km hectares of forests being cut down and approximately 13 million hectares disappearing annually (International Union for the…

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  • The Coquí's In Puerto Rico

    That it is a species that needs to be protected and even though it is a pest it still is beneficial to each environments that it lives in. Conservation actions need to happen in both Puerto Rico and in Hawaii. Both are going to look very different, but in Hawaii they are different needs that need to be met like the conservation of their plant life, but as well as the Coquí because it is an animal. The government, scientist and crop owner a need to figure out a way to safe and effective way to…

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  • Okapis In The Tropical Rainforest: The Democratic Republic Of Congo

    tropical forests of northern Zaire, also known as the Democratic Republic of congo. They live in the clearings and forest areas. In thick trees and underbrush, okapis rely on their hearing to keep from danger. The frequent river banks and stream bed. Occur in the dense rainforests at elevations with their range. ‘The okapi is a herbivorous animal meaning that it survives on a diet that is only comprised of plant matter’(A-Z Animals). They eat tree leaves, buds, grass, fruit and fungi. Its Diet…

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