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  • My Dream As A Production Engineer

    then chances are we won’t be able to handle the success. My dream was to become a production engineer. Since grade three it was something I always wanted to do. Throughout junior high I was talented at math and science. My parents have always had this tremendous dream that I would be an engineer, that’s why they provided everything I needed in school. Everything to make me be successful in school, they made sure I had all my textbooks and my notebooks. It felt like I didn’t have anything to lose.

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  • The American Dream Has Become A Nightmare

    Dream? More Like a Nightmare. Bernie Sanders once said “For many, the American dream has become a nightmare”. The past notions that America is country in which people have freedom and the ability to better their lives has died within the last several decades. However, some are still under the belief that the dream lives. This has done nothing but make their lives and the lives of their dependents worse as their identity has become convoluted. The fact the American Dream is nothing but a dream

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  • I Should Become A Teacher

    The first time someone suggested that I should become a teacher I was both surprised and skeptical. But after giving the suggestion some thought, I came to realize that in many ways God had already been preparing me to teach long before anyone had even made such a suggestion. Throughout my years in school, God had provided me with numerous experiences and mentors that helped prepare me to embrace God’s calling for me to become a distinctly Christian agriculture educator with unique personal qualities

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  • Why I Should Become A Teacher

    want to become a teacher? Why now? What makes you a good candidate to become a teacher? I want to become a teacher for several reasons. The first reason I want to become a teacher is because I believe in giving back to society. As long as I can remember, I have had a feeling of duty, a need for purpose. This need for purpose directly correlates to “doing good in the world”. I want to give back to society as well as follow my own goals and dreams. This is what led me to want to be a teacher. As

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  • My Dream Career As A Teacher

    be a teacher!”, said little Tze Wan. When I was at the age of seven I have always wanted to be a teacher because I thought that it was very cool to be able to take control of the students in the class. Also, to me, being a teacher means to be very intelligent. My dream career has not changed until I was ten. And at the same time, I wanted to be an artist as well. I love drawing and I thought that I was very good in it, even without learning the skills and techniques, hence, I wanted to become an artist

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  • My Goals For A Teacher

    people think of a good teacher they think of one that is nice, encouraging, trusting, and many other adjectives. Unlike most people, who change their mind on the career they want, I knew from the start that I wanted to be a teacher. I have many goals I hope to achieve when I am a teacher for example, making class a fun and exciting environment for the students and have them look forward to coming to class. I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was young because I had a teacher that I had a close relationship

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  • The Teacher You Will Become

    Part 1Title Page Category of the Teacher You Will Become -  Adrienne Kinder _I am a(n) _Pre-k/Elementary______ (elementary, middle, secondary, pre-K) teacher of Social Studies/Science___(define subject if pertinent). Part 2 What led you into This profession?- 1full paragraph • Who or what (or both) inspired you to go into teaching? My inspiration is very easy to see. I started to volunteer at my church with elementary school age children. Other volunteers remarked that I was extremely patient

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  • Why I Should Become A Teacher

    1. Why did you decide to become a teacher? I chose to become a teacher to inspire my students to be great at all that they do. I would like for my students to know that there are no limits to your dreams when education is involved. Majority of my students does not have a support system in their homes. As their teacher, I am their support system and I will try my hardest to encourage them and inspire them to be more than what society wants them to be. 2. To the extent that you feel comfortable

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  • Why I Should Become A Teacher

    Growing up, I had always wanted to become a teacher. Each year, I would collect more and more “teacher materials” and pretend I had a class full of students. I want to say that this love of teaching stems from my love of being creative and working with people. When asked, “why do you want to become a teacher?” a person may find it harder to explain their answer than you may think. There really is not a simple explanation to why someone wants to do something they love. It is a matter of what they

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  • My Dream House : My Dreams

    My Dream House Ever since I was a little girl, I have been imagining what my future would be like; these imaginations included future husband, future job, and future home. One might say that their dream home as a child differed vastly from what they would now want as an adult, but for me they go pretty hand in hand. In this essay, I plan to create a vivid image of the layout to which my future home will contain, because yes, this home will be a reality in my future. It is in the middle of Mississippi

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  • My Dream Of Being A Primary Teacher

    significant amount of time with their teachers during term time; therefore, a teacher plays a crucial role in a child’s educational progress and can inspire them to progress both educationally and socially. Teaching children gives me an endless satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. I realised this, when my son started his school 20 years ago. Every parent wants their children to achieve their potential and this motivated me to start my career as a teacher. I have a lot of practical experience

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  • My Ideal Selection For My Dream

    compose for a competition. My father notified me that the education director of the Toronto general consulate has challenged me to enroll into this three page essay competition. I agreed and accepted the challenge and began brainstorming a possible topic to write and elaborate on. Countless hours have passed as I struggled to articulate my dream on paper at the library. The entirety of the time I was interpreting the question as if my dream was my ideal selection for my adulthood occupation. There

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  • My Teacher As A Teacher

    “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning”. (Brad Henry) Not every person can be a teacher; it takes a certain kind of individual to be a teacher. Some qualities that teachers consume are patient, kindness, passionate, knowledge, and heart, also there are other many formal qualities that a teacher must need to be successful. At twelve years old in seventh grade I had this teacher that inspired me to become a teacher and ever since then, becoming a teacher

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  • College Has Become An American Dream

    Going to college has become an American dream. The ability to gain an education in order to live a fulfilled life leads to working a dream job and having the house on the corner with the white picket fence. However, achieving the American dream of obtaining a college degree is not as easy as one may think. To live the American dream students need to have a deep desire to learn and educate themselves to become more thoroughly educated and knowledgeable. Both Russel Baker’s essay “School vs. Education”

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  • My Thoughts On My Dream

    It breaks my heart to look back into my own life, and look at the decisions that I had made. I try not to think about it, but it really has made me who I am today. So as much as I would like to say I wish things were different and I stayed on track, that I was perfect, and made everyone happy, I don’t. I am glad for the experiences that I have had. If things had happened in a different manner, or way, then I may not have the family or life that I have now. So, I want to express how even with all

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  • Why I Become A Teacher

    adulthood years. Learning for these children starts out as a confusing puzzle of information; teachers are the missing puzzle piece that brings together the information to assist students. Choosing to become a teacher means that an individual wants to be in a profession where having a role in broadening and educating children 's lives outweighs the challenges that may occur. To attain the position of a teacher requires the advancement of education into college to earn a degree; depending on what grade

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  • Why I Should Become A Teacher

    choose to become a teacher? That is a question that I kept reflecting on since this year. When I was in sixth grade, my teacher told me that I would make a great teacher someday. It all happened when I was standing in front of the class showing my own classmates how to do a math problem on the white board. When my teacher made that statement it took me by surprise because I never really did think of it. Of course I was young to think about what I wanted to do but many people had dreams of becoming

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  • My Dream As A Math Teacher

    When I was in high school, my dream was to become a math teacher. Of course I had a good dream in high school, but a couple of things kept me from following that dream. I went to college right after high school, but I had a fear of being in front of a lot of people. I put off doing Speech and also taking my English classes. I knew that I would have to write papers and possibly stand in front of people to either read or give speeches. I couldn 't get up the nerve to take these classes, so

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  • My Dream Of Becoming A Teacher

    would like to be a teacher when they grow up. I was no exception. For many of my young years, if asked, I would not hesitate to say that I was going to be a teacher! Somehow, I ended up being a radio announcer. While I am truly fortunate to have found a job straight out of high school that I was able to make a career out of for the past 17 years, I always regretted not following my dream of becoming a teacher. As life went on, I got married and had 2 beautiful daughters. As my daughters got older

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  • My Dreams And My Life

    and dreams correlate, but they are not exactly the same. I will distinguish how I determine the difference between being awake and asleep. When I go to sleep at night I always wonder if everything I see within my dreams is part of the real world I live in. Sometimes I really have to think twice about what has happened within my dream to make sure that it wasn’t part if my real life. It is a very unusual thought, but living in a dream one third of my life can make me a bit confused about my consciousness

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  • My Earth Science Teacher And My History Teacher

    Point by point (final) Teachers The Experiences that someone has live help him or her to establish their path. Environment affects us, and it also will affect the ways in which someone behaves. The behavior of children may help them to decide what career they wish to achieve once they grow up; some people decide to become teachers. More than one hundred teachers have taught me during my life, and all have been different. However, there is a weird case where two teachers share some surprising

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  • Elementary Teacher As A Dream Career

    Elementary Teacher as a Dream Career 1 Picture this, you walk into your class room of third graders, and smell crayons and markers. You have a room full of kids waiting to be taught. They all have the ability and potential to succeed in life. You the educator just has to be the right person to supply them with the simple knowledge to get there. As you begin to take a deep breathe you realize something. This generation is in your hands and you’re one the teaching what’s wrong to what’s right. It’s

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  • My Life As A Teacher

    three of my children and the twins live with me. I decided to go back to college in my mid 40’s, thus starting a whole new career. I love my job now but I have always dreamed of being a teacher. What really gave me the push to start on this new journey was my grandbabies. I did not want my daughter to have to worry about daycare during school breaks and summer. By getting my degree in teaching I am fulfilling my lifelong dream and will have the opportunity to spend more time with my kids and

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  • My Speech On My Host Teacher

    all of that has changed this semester. My host teacher, has been an amazing example and understands that you learn by doing, and that is what is done in her classroom. Beginning on the first day, I was given the opportunity to teach the students and from then forward, I have taught at least one class a day. Though, throughout the times that I have not been in the lead position, I have noticed very strong teacher-student interactions. However, these teacher- student interactions are not always the

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  • My Goals For A Teacher

    being a teacher is a profession that I have always wanted to be a part of because of the direct influence they have on the future and current generations. As a student, my past teachers created goals for me and established what they wanted me to accomplish for them and for my generation. These goals that were once created for me have affected the goals I will one day create for my students. There have been many influences for me to become a teacher from my past and present. My past teachers are one

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  • My Career As A Teacher

    never rang true to me until I became a teacher. Five years ago I worked as a manager in the financial aid department at a local technical school. Prior to that job I spent 17 years in the business industry in various leadership roles. However, it was not until I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and someone encouraged me to pursue my dream of teaching that my world became complete. The first time I taught a lesson as a student teacher I wanted to pinch myself. I could not

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  • Why I Should Become A Teacher

    Honestly, I do not want to become a teacher what so ever. I have always been frustrated with the American school system, and have always seen more wrong than good. For instance, it frustrates me to no end what we focus on in schools: we no longer focus on the basics of life and how students will grow to interact with their environments, succeeding on what is already built around them. No, instead we now focus on standardized tests, and our jobs now literally depend on how our students pass these

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  • My : My Dream Career

    My dream career I set in stone for myself was at a very young age. I was constantly writing humors stories, make believe fairy tales, and a story full of thrilling drama in a journal my aunt gave me for Christmas. College has opened my mind to a new perspective of other future career choices that may suit me better then what I thought. Once I was done taking the Kursory Inventory assessment I learned a lot more about my likes and dislikes towards different career options. My results helped me gain

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  • Should I Become A Teacher?

    class was unlike any class I have ever been a part of before in my life. Although the content was nothing new to me, the context was. The way in which information had been communicated opened my eyes to a style of teaching I had only previously witnessed in cinema: a style that had once given me clear insight to why I am working to become a teacher now brings me to genuinely study my intentions. Why have I chosen to become a teacher? Last year, I could have rattled off several responses to this question

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  • Why I Become A Teacher

    so many new things is amazing. Not many are cut out to be a teacher. You have to have that willingness and openness to be a successful teacher. Children will depend on you to be the best you can be. They will always look for you to support them no matter what. Why be a teacher? It should be pretty self-explanatory. I cannot speak for no one besides myself. There are many reasons why I want to become a teacher. I want to become a teacher because it is something I have always wanted to do since I

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  • I Have Chosen to Become a Teacher Essay

    Why I Have Chosen to Become a Teacher Happiness is not about being filthy rich, or by how many designer clothes I can wear, happiness is about making a difference in the lives of the future. It will be such an awarding experience to go daily to a place of work and feel as though I truly belong. Many people do not realize that if it weren’t for teachers, we would not have doctors, lawyers, and many professions that greatly depend on the guidance of their teachers to enrich their lives.

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  • My Life Of Becoming A Teacher

    a chapter in my life I can look back and see how fortunate my life has been. I live in a country where I can receive a free education that will allow me to live a life of success; I have had a healthy life, and a supportive family. While I will be completing my associate’s degree this week I still have a road ahead of me. I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher and I will soon be one degree away from accomplishing one of the biggest goals I have ever had. Often times I put my high school and

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  • Why I Become A Teacher

    When I become a teacher I plan on teaching 3rd and 4th grade if I’m lucky! 3rd and 4th grade students are probably more tech savvy than I will be and by the time I become a teacher technology is going to be a huge part of education whether I want it to or not. With technology advancing at the rate it is teaching will soon become a breeze. Teachers will be able to do most everything with technology and find to be a good thing and a bad thing. When I think of technology, I instantly think of computers

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  • My Life Of My Dreams

    but it obviously won’t be. It can’t. There’s no words that could possibly express how much I love you or how amazing you are to me. So I guess I’ll start this way… A few years ago, before I met you, I thought I had my life all figured out. I would be a lawyer and meet the man of my dreams in university. He would be tall enough so that I could be smaller than him even when wearing heels and he would have curly brown hair with bright green eyes. We would live in an apartment together for a few years

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  • My Earth Science Teacher And My History Teacher

    Compare/contrast Teachers The Experiences that someone has lived help him or her to establish their path. Their environment could affect the mentality of a person and it also will affect the ways in which someone behaves. Someone behavior when there are kids May help them to decide what career they wish to do once they grow up and some decide to become a teacher. More than one hundred teachers had taught me during my life. They all have been different. However, there is a weird case where two teachers share

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  • My Dream Of Becoming A Doctor

    years I have embraced a secret desire to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor; but over the years and locking support and guidance from my parents; I decided to pursue my nursing degree. Little did I know that my desire would become just that. I was born and race in Managua, Nicaragua one of the biggest country in Central America. My mother brought me to the United States at the age of 14yrs old. Having to see day after day my oldest sisters and my Mom coming from work feeling tired and underpaid

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  • Why I Become A Teacher

    When I consider why I want to become a teacher it is difficult for me to pinpoint specific reasons. This is because becoming a teacher is all I have ever wanted to do. I spent many days as a young girl creating lessons and playing school. At the end of the school year when teachers would throw out their books with lesson plans I would take them home, read them, and use them in my “classroom”. Specifically, I want to become a teacher because I realize that not every child has the same life at home

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  • My First Year Teacher As A Teacher

    educational for a beginning teacher because of how little experience a new teacher has. As the years go on, each group of students will show a teacher what ways work for those students to learn and which don’t. Now with this, the teacher can learn from the past experiences and become a better teacher because of it. With time, the teacher can become a source that the students want to learn from and will be able to confide in. As a teacher, I want to be able to not only teach my students the academic

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  • My Dream - Original Writing

    My Dream Growing up, little kids always have someone they look up to, a role model. It can range anywhere from the super hero who came from krypton to save the world that you read about in a comic to the person whose there to catch you when you fall off your bike and scrap your knee. Mine happened to be and still is, someone I only saw once a day for forty-five minutes, my favorite class period of the day that I always looked forward to since for as long as I could remember. My choir teacher, Mrs

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  • My Career As A Teacher

    to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.” My passion for many years has been to become a teacher. I never really knew exactly what I wanted to teach until I was a junior in high school. I was sitting in math class when my teacher asked some of my classmates what they wanted to do after high school. When one girl said she wanted to be an elementary teacher, my teacher went on a rant about how there is not enough math teachers and there is too many elementary teachers. Right

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  • My Dream I Had A Dream

    I had a dream. I had the want to be a teacher, to spent my time in front of a classroom with a group of children listening and learning. In my free time I would sit in my room, a book in hand, reading stories out loud into the abyss. My free time was spent teaching an imaginary class, with homemade assignments, and random picture books off my book shelf, alone in my bedroom. A passion grew with in me to instill knowledge into the minds of children. This desire to teach began to become my vision

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  • My Life As A Teacher

    children, many of us dream to become a ballerina, movie star, princess, astronaut, or even a firefighter. However, when I was a child, I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to stand at the front of a classroom and teach students. I grew up always using my imagination by playing with my dolls by myself, perfectly happy. My parents would look into my room seeing my mouth moving, but no sound coming out. I could be in my own little world for hours on end. I would set up my own classroom, give my students or dolls

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  • Why I Should Become A Teacher

    Choosing to become a teacher was a difficult battle between my brain and my soul; creating a philosophy of education will be even harder. I have been privileged to be educated in a community that seeks more than Newton’s First Law, and the Pythagorean Theorem. The Paradise Valley Unified District (PVUSD) has taught me to care for my community, and always give back. Due to this prior education, I have decided through time my philosophy of education will always change. But for now, the most important

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  • My Life As A Teacher

    where you are. I have known basically my entire life that I wanted to be a teacher for many different reasons. I have been influenced in many ways during my eighteen years so far and many of them have pushed me to follow the path of teaching. I have many goals I would like to accomplish as a teacher and I will try to create a legacy while teaching my future students. I have always wanted to be a teacher, even as a child I would constantly read to all of my toys and pretend they were learning from

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  • The Reasons Why Students Become Teachers

    Chapter three is about the reasons why students become teachers. Some of those reasons are good reasons and others are more self-centered reasons. It talks about what different types of situations the future teacher will encounter in the classrooms today. One good example of teaching which Herbert Kohl states, specialization does not interest me, and teaching elementary school makes it possible for me to explore many facets of the world and share what I learn (2013, p. 18). It’s important to know

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  • My Dream As A Teacher

    Ever since I was a kid my dream was to become a math teacher. Each year as I advanced a grade level, I could remember my teachers saying how hard teaching can be. While some say if they could change their career, they would. While others say no matter how much headache being a teacher, they would do it at any moment. The teachers that I had would always leave a good impression on me. This has lead me to becoming a teacher because of their ability to share their knowledge and passion. Even though

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  • Why I Become A Teacher

    Why teach? That is the question. There are many different reasons I want to become a teacher. The biggest one being that “next to parents, teachers are the most important foundational element in our society” according to DESE (Missouri’s top website for teacher stuff). Coming from a private grade school to a public high school, having experienced many different teaching styles, some teachers had their masters in education and others simply had their bachelors in their content area. Educators

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  • My Experience With A Teacher

    was little I really did not know what to say. When asked over and over again my response always changed. First, I wanted to be a singer; then a nurse; and last year I figured out that I wanted to become a teacher. I would not have even imagined this if I had not worked at a daycare. I knew that I loved kids but it never clicked in my head that I would be good with them, or even be able to handle a classroom. Despite my doubt, I worked with many three and four year- olds and loved it. I would always

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  • My Dream - Original Writing

    My Dream As long as I remember, I collected pieces of chalk from school and wrote in small chalkboard at home. When I saw pieces of chalk on the floor, I picked it up and put it in my pocket. When I started to go school, I started to see a dream of writing in big chalkboard. When I was in grade one our teacher taught us and go out of class, I want to go in front and want to write on the board, but I was scared to go in front. Daily I was familiar with the teacher and

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  • Why I Would Become A Teacher

    As a kid you hated the teachers in class trying to teach you the subject that no one gives a shit about, so what would make you want to be a teacher? As a current student I can tell you I was one of those kids thinking the exact same thing and asking myself the exact same questions. There are endless reasons on why I would like to become a teacher. With that there are plenty of things that influenced my choice of wanting to become a teacher and some would say they are unacceptable but some people

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