Essay About Working In High School

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One of the toughest jobs I have had to do is maintain a job while keeping good grades in high school. My whole life I have had a grade point average of 3.7. My plans for this school year is to keep my job, while maintaining my grade point average . Therefore having a job as a teen may be hard, but it just means I have gone to work harder to reach my goals in life. During my time working and going to school has been tough, but working has taught me very valuable lessons, to never give up on your dreams no matter how many twist and turns life throws at you. Before I got a job life still was not easy and probably never will be, but it does not mean I give up, I get to fight a fight all the way till the end, and will be proud to accomplish my …show more content…
Also having a job helps me a stronger student, more responsible, and self-dependent. I have learned many things during my experience and I am still learning things like having goals in life to accomplish,not to be a procrastinator, working, social skills, and to have good grades. It is a great thing to have family and friends and even teachers to support you during high school and job opportunities, support is a number one thing that is great to have through out high school, not only will it boost your confidence, it boost your pride and grade. No , life is not always the easiest. Obstacles will get in the war. Things will try to bring you down, thats not a reason to give up on your dreams. Like having a job in high school should not make you want to give up on dreams and goals. All my family friends and teachers have helped guide my path to the right road. They have helped me complete a majority of my dreams and continue to help me more further on. I could not not thank them enough for everything they have done. Without I could not be where I am in

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