Why I Want To Do The American Dream Essay

Have you ever thought about what your future would look like?I can say I will make it happen, with faith in myself. As in Henriques novel, they sacrificed to a better place for their families,” American Dream”, to have a better future. I want to do the sacrifice to improve, be capable of being educated, education is powerful that will make my career dream come true. “People do what they have to do in life. We try to get from one end of it to the other with dignity and with honor. We do the best we can. (Henriques 286)”. My interpretation of the quote is that people are motivated to do what they want. I can relate to this quote. I think of myself as a motivated individual. FYE has been one of the best programs; little by little is helping me improve. I’ve been …show more content…
It has always been my dream since I was just seven years old.Every Time I would go to the clinic with my mom, I would always ask nurse question of their major once I turn 16, I started researching the major of nursing and how much will they get paid, so I made it official that I really wanted to be a nurse. My neighbor is a nurse, and she would tell me all about how nursing has influence her, I like to hear stories like that, because my cousin 's wife is a nurse to, she has inspired me to as well. I really want to become a nurse, because of the good pay,help others in need, I have got inspired by friends and family friend, I believe nursing is challenging, it offers as much diversity and learning opportunities. Jorge class is about finding your career taking assignment to see what fits you, during the assignment that we have previously taken I always get nursing, I’m very proud of that because I do see myself as a nurse, in about to become a nurse 10 to 15 years. Obstacles for my major is money, and taking all these cray classes, especially science, I have to take every course/classes or move far from our family to become and do our

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