My Mom Influence

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Imagine having to take care of four kids by yourself. One of my dreams for the future is to become a strong and independent women like my mom. Also graduating college and having a family in the future. My mom has been a big influence on most of my goals but mostly she's been an influence on why I want to be a strong and independent women. Someone who has influenced me to go to college has been my 8th grade teachers and an influence that I've had that's made me want to have a family has been the fact that I didn't get what I wanted as a kid and as now has made me want to have a family so that I can give them what I couldn't have. My influences have been my mom, my 8th grade teachers, and myself on being a strong independent woman,graduating college, and having a family. Someone who has influenced me to become a strong and independent women has been my mom. My mom has overcome many hard times without anyone’s help and by seeing her persevere without anyone’s help has taught me that you don't need anyone to overcome hard times …show more content…
They have influenced me a lot to graduate college because they want me to be successful in the future. A specific teacher who has influenced me to go and graduate college has been Ms.Jessica. She has influenced me a lot in this dream because she has supported me the most throughout the school year in many ways. Some ways she has supported me has been through helping me when I've been struggling in my school work and also by teaching me that anything is possible if you set your mindset and time into it without any excuses. Also by knowing her story and what she's been through and was still able to go to college has inspired me to not give up because your struggles are what make you stronger mentally and physically. As you can see Ms.Jessica has been such a big inspiration to go to college and

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