Who Is A Person Who Influenced Me Essay

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One person that has influenced my life, career and leadership skills would be my mother,
LaDawn Lundstrom. My mother is the leading role in my life and I could never thank her enough for her dedication to my life. My mother has raised my brother and I alone and has always shown unconditional love for the both of us. When my mother was 21 when she had my older brother
Dante and was completely unaware of the difficult life changes that the future would hold as a single, young mother. My parents were never married but were in a seemingly serious and devoted relationship, but had their ups and downs but ultimately wanted to stay together to have a family. Five years later, in 1998 my mother got pregnant with me and was shocked again and knew again
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The last 15 years, a lot has happened and my mother has remained strong and the profound person in my life. In 2011, my mother was offered a job promotion at Verizon Wireless to become a district manager in Tennessee. At this point, my brother had just graduated high school in June and was planning to stay in Minnesota to go to college and get on his own two feet. Therefore, the two of us moved to Tennessee two weeks after the offer and we chased the dream and moved with an open mind. Overall, in the last four years of us living here there have been many challenges that we have faced and moved across the country not knowing anyone but we have learned so much including learning to love who you are and appreciate family and
“home.” I really feel that I know who I am now and in the last four years I have blossomed and am loving who I am becoming, and of course with the guidance of my mother.
I feel that my mother has helped me determine my career choice my encouraging me to work my hardest in all my classes, especially my health related classes. My mother has always known I have such a passion for the medical field and people therefore, she has always
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Afterall, she has always let me pursue my dreams of the medical field and has listened to my gnarly stories at the dinner table about the cool things I have learned.
Because my mom and father, and quite frankly, my whole family were musically inclined I have always appreciated my mother letting me explore the world, my dreams, and passion without holding me to our family ‘normal’ of going into the music industry. I hope that one day after I graduate college my mother will look at me with pride and know that I have always been consistent with my career goals and am doing what I love, especially with integrity.
Speaking of integrity, my mother has helped the development of my leadership skills by simply being such an incredibly strong leader. As a district manager of seven stores in south
Nashville region, she has plenty of accountability, and employees to lead. My mother always reflects who her leadership skills in any and every situation by being integrity driven at work or at home. Whether it’s a large or small issue, my mother always mentors me by a gentle

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