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  • Hip Hop and Today's Culture Essay

    Three-quarters of all hardcore rap albums were sold to white consumers in 1994. Hip hop and rap music impact different races and ethnic groups. More teens have adopted the style and trends of hip-hop artists and its adherents. Art has been affected by hip hop by creating a new way of expressing feelings and surroundings. Graffiti is known as the art of hip hop, consisting of brilliant colored block letters and usually spray painted onto concert walls. Writing or drawing that is scribbled

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  • Rap & Hip Hop Essay

    Congress of Black Women, Inc., who has been a strong critic of hip-hop culture for more than a decade, continues to cite its reported negative influence over our youth. "The glorification of pornography, wanton disregard for civil authority, misogynistic disrespect for women and a penchant for violence are the unintended impact of hip-hop culture on today's youth," the activist revealed. "I say unintended, because hip hop ... was intended to celebrate the revival of the age-old rhymed

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  • Essay about Hip Hop

    outlets Hip Hop has been able to spread to many countries. Many Countries have acquired Hip Hop into their own music scene. Many of these countries have mixed Hip Hop with their own popular music to form a new kind of Hip Hop. As more music driven social networking sites are created blending of different music cultures will be the norm. Japan has been one of the top countries for globalization of music. You can find reggae, dance hall, death metal, or Hip Hop blaring from clubs. Hip Hop has been

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  • Roots of Hip Hop Essay

    development of hip-hop in some fashion. In brief she specifically points out a few cultural forms ie. Cultural tradition, related current and previous practices as well as the way practice is shaped by technology, economic forces, race, gender, and class. These forms have all contributed to the development in many ways, and have a large impact on the art forms economic and cultural state. In particular the cultural traditions which we can instantly relate to the WABT as it correlates to hip-hop music and

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  • Essay on Hip Hop vs Punk

    Hairstyles are probably very much significant in the Punk culture as Punks have often been associated with extreme hairstyles such as the Mohawk, Trojan and Spikes. Apart from the noticeable hairstyle, dyeing is also integral to some Punk subcultures. Punk Skinheads, although being a part of the Punk subculture shave their heads unlike their other Punk counterparts. Hip Hop followers do not share the same concepts of hairstyle with Punks; instead Hip Hop followers prefer to cover their hair with headgears

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  • Essay on Th Future of Hip Hop

    DJ Kool Herc developed the “break” by isolating and repeating funk songs. This form of playback formed the basis of hip hop music. Hip hop has faced several threats during its lifetime. Artists responded to the idea that hip hop was a passing fad by continually reinventing the music with more complex rhythms. Hip hop moved away from the borrowed disco beats of the 1970’s to jazz-influenced sounds of the 1980’s. The late 1980’s saw the emergence of East and West coast rivalries through gangsta rap

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  • Politics and Hip-Hop Essay examples

    and hip hop audience is non-black. It has gone from the fringes, to the suburbs, and into the corporate boardrooms. Because it has become the fastest growing music genre in the U.S., companies and corporate giants have used its appeal to capitalize on it. Although critics of rap music and hip hop seem to be fixated on the messages of sex, violence, and harsh language, this genre offers a new paradigm of what can be the potential of this art form to mend ethnic relations is substantial. Hip hop has

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  • Essay on Hip Hop Annoted Bibliography

    based off the article “Why White Kids Love Hip Hop,” written by Cyril. She breaks down the basic on how different ethnic group listen to Hip Hop and why. Corilla explains how white kids listen to urban music for entertainment and as social expression. This website also mentions how Hip Hop keep communities together because it helps everyone adapt to different situations and to keep up with many trends. Source #5: "Hip-Hop Is the Most Important Youth Culture on the Planet." Time Magazine. N.p., 22 Sept

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  • The Hip Hop Lifestyle Essay

    Hip hop became popular because it offered young urban New Yorkers a chance to freely express themselves. More importantly , it was an art form accessible to anyone. You didn’t spend a lot of money to do this perfection. The first known example of what is how known as hip hop dance was in 1960, when don Campbell became well known street dancer in Los Angles invited a dance called Campbellock. Break dancing an art form, each b-girl and b-boy have their own unique style and way of approaching the

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  • Essay on Hip Hop History

    I think these sources are important to the history of hip hop because they talk about some of the major events that happened during the evolution of the music industry. I picked the article/review as a primary source because it makes a connection with what has been discussed in lecture. I think the review is positive, and enlightening, Peter Watrous’s review on De La Soul and their performance at The Ritz, was an exceptional complement. Watrous said that De La soul is “in many ways, the perfect

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  • Essay on Hip Hop Music

    factor, but it contributed in a situation that affected lots of lives. For this reason I can see why people feel that way that they do about hip hop music. After all of that violence died down there came two new age rappers by the name of Christopher Wallace AKA Biggie Smalls and Tupac. Both very big figures in the hip hop

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  • Hip Hop and Rap Music Essay

    magazine popular music charts (Headbob). By the 1980's, hip hop had become a dynamic culture shaped by black style, nationalism, and street smarts (Encarta). Rap's audience started to grow tremendously and gain notoriety with acts like Public Enemy, N.W.A., and Ice-T. More than 20 years have now passed and rap still has a huge following among people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. Rap can and has influenced America's cultures in a lot of ways. The lyrics of some rap songs are very controversial

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  • Essay on Hip Hop vs. House

    The MC, would verbally rap or rhyme to the music being put out by the DJ who would mix and scratch different records together in rhythmic patterns. And still today, the primary focus of Hip Hop is the MC/Rapper. This type of music puts great emphasis on lyrics, it’s the MC’s job to tell the story in order to help the listener feel what or why the song was made or written. Now in contrast, House Music is made with two turntables, a drum machine, synthesizers and little to no lyrics of any kind.

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  • Essay on Country vs. Hip Hop

    It was not until recently that “country music was accepted by all generations as well as hip hop” (“Texas music history online”). The barriers of music genres was broken leaving many people to listen to and accept the two equally. The third similarity between the two is that more women have come into the world of hip hop as well as country. In the past, “rap has been an almost exclusively male domain, and there have been barely enough female performers to be counted on both hands” (Parales 29)

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  • Hedonism: Hip-Hop Music and its Message Essay

    That masculinity over women causes the hip-hop artists to degrade them and call them “hos” . A phrase that is commonly said in the hip-hop culture “we don’t love them hos”, which is how a lot people in the hip-hop culture follow. That phrase means that that one would never fall in love with anybody. (Tracey Denean Sharpley-Whiting,” The Irony of Achievement for Black Women”Ebony Magazine, July 2007:86-88, Print). The artists of hip-hop just worry about if she felt good in the bed and that there

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  • The Hip Hop Wars: Hip Hop Demeans Women Essay

    problem comes from. Rose refers to an example in an article Hagelin wrote speaking of how things were better in times of Titanic (Rose 117). Rose asks back, was it really? Rose makes a valid point here in pointing out that neither women, nor the black culture in general were really given much rights during this time. This idea that things were better back then stems from the fictitious idea that “American mainstream models of masculinity are nonviolent, “respect” women, and reflect a history of civility

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  • Effects of Hip-Hop and Country Music on Society Essay

    If you take a look at what effect country music has on society compared to hip-hop music, it shows in studies that Professor James Gundlach found higher rates of suicide and depression among those who listen to country music. However, Gundlach notes that the suicide link occurred only with older country music, which he believes is not as upbeat as today’s. From what we have read, I think that increased acceptance on country music shows that it has more of a negative effect on society when it comes

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  • Hip-Hop/Rap: Music Appreciation Essay

    major thing that has changed throughout the years of Hip-Hop/Rap music. Most of the music today is electronic and they can pull up whatever instrument they want to use whenever they want. Whereas back in the 70’s most DJ’s, or Disc Jockey, used to scratch records on a turntable and that was how they used to make their music and get their beats. Psychologically, though Hip-Hop/Rap has its advantages and its disadvantages. One positive thing is Hip-Hop/Rap gives kids another outlet and another way to express

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  • Leadership and The X-Time Hip Hop Band Essay

    perform hip hop music. Since I loved hip hop music, I decided to find friends who could join hands with me to form a group that would entirely dedicate its resources towards growing young talents in this form of music. It was not an easy task to find people who could concur with my idea and join me in the journey to forming a stable band. However, through determination and commitment to the idea, we eventually made it to gather resources and fellow students who were interested in hip hop music. Through

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  • Essay on The Effects of Hip Hop on Today's Youth

    he imparts individual encounters to medication misuse while he distinguishes the role model hip-hop has on today's childhood. Finally Macklemore song ‘’Thrift Shop ‘’he sends a message saying that individuals do not need to go out and pay the designer prices for the name brand garments. Individuals can spare cash by getting them less expensive after another person has bought them. Another influential hip-hop artist is Tupac, Tupac composed A song for his mother titled Dear Mama, to tell her that he

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  • Hip Hop Lyrics: Inherently Destructive or a Necessary Outlet?

    tormented African American hip-hop artists in order to establish her objectivity over this issue. Because she shows both her association and distance with this issue, Morgan is able to simultaneously establish her authority and impartiality to the argument, which subsequently augments the reliability of the essay. Furthermore, through strategic employment of the rhetorical device exemplum, Morgan enriches her argument by providing specific illustrative examples of despondent hip-hop lyrics. In particular

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  • Messages from Hip-Hop Artists Essay

    artist who is a role model for everyone in the hip-hop industry. I’m not speaking only for teens either. This even goes for the rappers also. He goes by the name of Chuck D. “He was a vocalist from the rap powerhouse called Public Enemy” (Fight The Power, intro). He spoke his mind about what the rap game is doing to our children, and the people’s future. He made other rappers believe in themselves even if they felt it was to late for them. Hip-hop has a huge impact on our generation today. The

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  • Essay about Hip Hops Betrayal of Black Women

    Besides the fact that female hip hop artist are an endangered species and barely sale as it is, unless they present themselves as a slut and show half their body in a video they become irrelevant. Sad to say people don’t want to hear a woman rap about the same thing a man would, like her in the streets, shooting people beefing with other artists etc. instead they want to hear her rap about being sexy and many women believe that that undermines the true meaning of what hip hop is because in actuality rap

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  • Essay about Compare and Contrast the Subcultures of Hip Hop and Punk

    used by the hip hoppers these material objects are vital to their missions. The behavior amongst the hip hoppers and punks are quite similar, they are outspoken-being a voice denying the mistreatment of their people, refusing the norm and using their music to empower those oppressed or bring attention and light to the oppressors. Though they carry great intentions with their music negative aspects have been highlighted in each subculture. According to Wikipedia (“Hip hop,” 2013) “hip hop has mirrored

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  • Essay about The Effects of Hip Hop Music

    Blow and Biz Markie were no longer accepted in the rap music" (Toms, 2006, p1). Those rap artists were considered as roll models, because those rap artists relayed positive messages to their listeners (Toms, 2006, p1). "The majority of today's rap culture involves a lot of explicit material and negativities" (McGarrell). According

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  • Similarities in Culture of Jazz and Hip Hop Music Essay

    With that said I will now begin my investigation. The physical spaces in which we live bear profound impact upon our conceptions of the world and in effect, our selves. However, because the city is thought to reflect the technological and industrialized mastery of our environment at its most extreme, it is within the city that these concepts become intensely magnified. As David Goldberg explains, "The built environment is made in, and reifies, the image and architecture of `pyramidal power'

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  • The Degradation of Women in Hip-Hop Music Videos and Lyrics Affect Teenagers. Discuss

    She then worked as a waitress to fund her music. After being signed to Young Money Entertainment, Nicki Minaj has become popular in the hip-hop scene with collaborations with Usher, Ludacris and Robin Thicke and also being proclaimed as ‘the savior of female rap’ , but her music topic is the same as any other hip-hop artist. She has collaborated in songs such as Shakin’ It 4 Daddy and Lil Freak and both songs are about women degrading themselves for money and/or for sex with a celebrity; I do not

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  • Hip Hop Music Mirrors All Urban Society Essay

    poor minorities who were economically and socially trapped. By this time, it is 1975 and the generations responsible for Hip Hop are now in their late teens and early twenties. They lived in those housing developments and not only did they witness the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X but they watched as their own state government abandoned them. This created Hip Hop. Its lyrical content was cocky but more importantly, bluntly honest. They talked about their clothes, their neighborhoods

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  • How has our understanding of ‘race’ been shaped and influenced by mass media in America in relation to hip-hop?

    fore through the music of various hip-hop artists (Rose 1994). Although not wholly a black movement, the hip-hop culture served as an avenue for young African-Americans like Christopher Wallace to communicate and express their ‘stories’ and hopes specific to the black community. Critics have held the hip-hop genre accountable for the destructive nature of the black community, an up rise in gang and drug related activity and the demeaning of women. Overall, hip-hop was perceived to be a force that

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  • Essay Religion & Hip Hop Syllabus Rice University

    Format: The course will explore and unpack major themes and ideas through discussion, informal presentations by special guests, outings, and lectures by Pinn and Freeman, as well as by teaching assistants. Lastly, there is an online discussion component to this course that students are expected to contribute to weekly or bi-weekly. Teaching Assistants: Due to the size of the course, there are six teaching assistants whose responsibilities include lecturing, grading, classroom logistics and

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