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  • The Hip Hop Lifestyle Essay

    Hip hop is a lifestyle with its own language, dress, music and way of thinking that is continuously shifting. Each of the four elements also have a language, dress, music and way of thinking, but they are much closer to each other than to any culture. Now days because break dancing and graffiti has gone mainly underground the words 'rap' and 'hip hop' have been used. bit should be noted that all four elements of hip hop culture still exists. They've just evolved onto new levels. Hip hop was

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  • Similarities in Culture of Jazz and Hip Hop Music Essay

    Jazz and Hip Hop: The Ghetto and Music as Language African-American cultural forms and developments are as vast as they are diverse. However, because of white America's consistently racist and oppressive treatment of black peoples in this country there exist certain commonalities between African-American cultures as a result of this continuous subordination. In this paper I will attempt to present some of these existing similarities within hip hop and jazz cultures. Although they are both musically

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  • Essay on Hip Hop Music

    Hip Hop Culture and its effects on today’s society Ebony Lee COM/220 Research Writing 12/14/2011 Jessica Bryan Hip Hop music has influenced many things in American culture. According to a survey done in 2002-2011, many Americans believed that hip hop music promoted violence, demeaned women and condoned drug use

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  • Popular Culture in Rap Music Essay

    English Comp 1 4/21/12 Popular Culture in Rap Music The history of rap music started in Africa with rhythmic beats using drums. From Africa to the Caribbean islands it came to America and started its influential change on American Music. The first rap song to take flight and make its mark on the up and coming rap culture was the Sugar Hill Gang in 1979. In 1986 rap music finally reached the top of the music charts and was show on MTV for the first time featuring Run-DMC. Continuing to change

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  • Essay on Tupac Shakur: a Hip Hop Inspiration

    Shakur: A Hip-Hop Inspiration Music is a cultural journal that expresses the realities and emotions of life in a poetic way. For the African American culture, music has always been a statement for many controversial topics such as racism, religion, politics, education, crime, and violence. In the 1990’s, Hip-Hop became the newest cultural and artistic voice for the African American population. Genres such as jazz, blues, rock-n-roll, and gospel that once dominated the musical culture of African

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  • Immigration and Popular Culture Essay

    Immigration and American Popular Culture All of the different ethnic groups that migrated from their homeland to the United States left some kind of mark on American popular culture. The European immigrants during the 1930s created a very large splash in the public eye through the use of cinema. In addition, the Jamaican immigrants in South Bronx during the 1970s made a name for themselves by introducing a form of music called rap. In this paper, I will be analyzing and comparing the similarities

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  • Hip-Hop/Rap: Music Appreciation Essay

    Hip-Hop/Rap is one of the biggest growing genres of today. From its early stages in the 1970’s to today’s pop culture, it has grown quite a lot. Unfortunately, it has developed a terrible reputation of drugs, violence, abuse, and gangs. When people associate Hip-Hop with things it is usually a negative image that comes to the person’s mind. Which is sad, Hip-Hop/Rap has a great artistic quality to them that gets so easily overlooked. There is true poetry and emotion behind these lyrics and beats

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  • Essay on The Effects of Hip Hop on Today's Youth

    The Effects of Hip hop Music on Today’s Youth Does hip-hop music effect today’s youth in a positive or negative way? The effects of hip-hop music has been disputable following the time when its rise into the social standard in the late twentieth century, but Hip- hop music is not just one sided but can be both positive and negative on today’s youth. What is hip-hop? Assuming that you address hip-hop fans, the term alludes to more than simply a musical type - it incorporates an entire society, including

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  • Rap & Hip Hop Essay

    Hip-hop culture is everywhere. The culture, which encompasses rapping, deejaying, break-dancing and graffiti-writing, has become so popular that it has entered mainstream fashion and modern language. It doesn't stop there. The culture permeates everything from TV commercials to toys to video games. Currently, there is even a hip-hop exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. You name it, and hip hop is there representing. However, hip hop's most potent form is its rap music--embraced

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  • Lindy Hop Essay examples

    Lindy Hop is a jazz dance or “Swing” dance that originated in Harlem, New York at a popular club named the Savoy ballroom. How the Lindy hop received its name is debatable. Many believe the name came from a headline in the newspaper about Charles Lindbergh’s famous flight to Paris in 1927 and others believe it was named after a woman named Lindy. Regardless of how the Lindy Hop received its name, the new fast paced dance quickly became an American phenomenon. By the mid 1920’s the Lindy Hop became

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  • Hip-Hop Essay

    and Negatives of Hip-Hop In Geoffrey Bennett’s essay titled, “Hip-Hop: A Roadblock or Pathway to Black Empowerment,” he speaks about the positive and negative effects that hip-hop has on the Black Community. Bennett goes all the way to the beginning of hip-hop, which he says took place in the early 1980s with rappers such as Run DMC, Public Enemy, Sugar Hill Gang and many others. The author then speaks about how hip-hop grew not only in the young black African American culture but also in the

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  • Essay about Hip Hops Betrayal of Black Women

    Adrian Middleton Comp I 25 Sept. 2011 Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women The Hip Hop music industry is infamous for being controversial. In the article Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women there’s a debate on whether the exploitation and constant verbal slander of women should be acceptable just because it sales records. It presents the question that why is it that male poverty breeds sexism? Even though women may have lived in the same environment males still see women as the enemy in their

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  • Essay on Hip Hop History

    music called “Hip Hop,” originated back in the 1960’s with the help of a Jamaican native and Dj, named Kool Hurc aka, Clive Cambell. Since the evolution of hip hop, the style of music has become one of the main branches of an artistic culture that consists of b-boying (break dancing), graffiti, and MC-ing. All of which have tremendously influenced many aspiring artists, their physical images, the ever-changing sound of hip hop, and other elements that relate to the hip hop culture. A lot of people

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  • Why I Hate School: A Look at African American Culture Essay

    The notion of self-hatred present in African American culture is irrefutable, as is the fact that it is misconstrued, and unchallenged. The unparalleled powerful emotion of internalized self-hatred currently plaguing the minds of numerous Blacks is abnormal phenomenon developed over centuries. It is not a nameless occurrence empty of coherent justification. It is the consequence of an intentionally condemned system of suppression and oppression. Society has established a massive approach to preserve

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  • Transmission Power Control in Single-hop and Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks

    1 Transmission Power Control in Single-hop and Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract—A major challenge in wireless sensor network (WSN) deployment is to minimize sensor node’s energy consumption to prolong the lifetime of the finite-capacity batteries. Power control is one of the main techniques used to conserve energy in wireless sensor networks. In this paper we provide an efficient power control scheme for WSNs based on Telosb platform which is IEEE 802.15.4 standard compliant.

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  • Essay Religion & Hip Hop Syllabus Rice University

    Religion and Hip Hop Culture Religious Studies 157/311 Fall 2013 Tuesday & Thursday 10:50am-12:05pm Location: Duncan Lecture Hall 1055 * Important: Pay attention to the requirements listed for each of the course levels. The requirements for 311 level students are in italics (this includes extra readings). Also, NO Photos are to be taken. Cameras and cell phones must be stowed away during class. Instructors: Anthony B. Pinn Bernard “Bun B” Freeman Email: pinn@rice.edu

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  • Essay about The Effects of Hip Hop Music

    The Effects of Hip Hop Music on Today's Youth If a person was born anywhere between the 1980's to the 1990's, he or she is considered a part of the "Hip Hop Generation". Music is a gift that has been given to us, but the question is, "where is hip hop music going?" Hip-hop is now one of the biggest and fastest growing businesses in the world. It's creativity in sound, and its lyrics have impressed and empowered many of today's youth. But is hip-hop music taking today's youths where they need to

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  • How has our understanding of ‘race’ been shaped and influenced by mass media in America in relation to hip-hop?

    How has our understanding of ‘race’ been shaped and influenced by mass media in America in relation to hip-hop? Mass media, through its selective portrayal of hip-hop has played a crucial role in the way that it has been understood and interpreted over time. The media’s focus on negative aspects of the genre has led to the establishment of a two-class system. This brings forward the theories of Karl Marx in relation to the ‘two-class system’. The media also portrays the dominance of capitalism

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  • Leadership and The X-Time Hip Hop Band Essay

    X-time hip hop band. This was a group of young talented people who had passion for hip hop music and who aspired to become full-fledged musicians in future. As an economics student, my interests were diverse and apart from focusing on my major, one of the extracurricular activities that I loved doing was organizing music concerts and writing lyrics for various songs. When I first joined high school, there was no music band or group that used to perform hip hop music. Since I loved hip hop music,

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  • Which Aspects of Slave Culture Has the Greatest Impact on Western Culture?

    Which Aspects of Slave Culture has the Greatest Impact on Western Culture? The slave culture has gradually influenced the Western culture in many different aspects of life such as music, art, food, language…etc. However, in my opinion, the western music has been affected the most by the slave culture because most music in western countries have been developed from slavery whereas our language has been affected the least because the slave culture has hardly affected or changed English in any way

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  • Hip/Hop Versus R&B

    Hip-Hop versus R&B Rhythm and blues was considered strictly black music. The black culture is a phenomenal subject representing the life style, imagination and accomplishments of people. One of the most outstanding and unique characteristic that makes this culture one of a kind is the music I has produced. Music has a common characteristic that is unique to all cultures throughout the world. Today, I want to focus on the comparing of two music styles Hip-Hop versus R&B and the

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  • Hip Replacement Care Plan Essay

    assessment, Kardex, hospital problem list, etc.): | | | | |Total left hip replacement | | | |Asthma

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  • Misogyny & Hip Hop W Sources

    Misogyny in Hip Hop | 3.5.2012Dr. Tshombe WalkerAFR 1503 | Tina Marie | Misogyny in Hip Hop culture refers to lyrics, videos, or other aspects of hip hop culture that support, glorify, justify or normalize the objectification, exploitation or victimization of women. Misogyny in hip hop music instills and perpetuates negative stereotypes about women. It can range from innuendos to stereotypical characterizations and defamations. Overt misogyny in rap and hip hop music emerged in the

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  • Gender Roles in Hip Hop Essay example

    An Analysis of Gender Roles In Hip-Hop and R& B For my field work assignment, I chose to analyze the messages about gender in Hip-Hop and R&B music. I came across a few challenges in choosing songs for this genre before the 1990's. Hip-Hop is a newer style of music and it was difficult to find top ten songs from the 1980's, but after some digging, I came up with a set of songs that I think illustrates the themes that were present in each of the decades music. The 1980's presented an

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  • Effects of Hip-Hop and Country Music on Society Essay

    From my point of view, when people today are asked what forms of music they enjoy, some might say all forms except hip-hop or all forms except country. When they are asked why, some may say because it’s either to boring or too provocative. I believe that both hip-hop and country music both bring some form of negativity on society, not only in America, but all around the world. Some of the most common negative effects that I believe they might bring on society are violence, such as abuse, suicide

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  • Essay on Hip Hop vs Punk

    aspect in Hip Hop and Punk is very distinctive. Throughout Hips Hop’s history, the fashion trends have evolved, but the concept of Hip Hop fashion has always remained conceptually unchanged. This has given birth to a few varieties among Hip Hop fashion according to their respective generations and choice of self-expression through the four pillars of Hip Hop which are Bboying (dance), MC/Rap (music), DJ (music) and Graffiti Art (visual art). The varieties of fashion within the Punk culture differ from

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  • Roots of Hip Hop Essay

    Tradition”   Hip-Hop as well as many other artistic cultural forms we practice today can be related back to African culture and various traditions. Author of The Roots and Stylistic Foundations of the Rap Music and Tradition, Cheryl Keyes, discuss’ the spirit, style, tradition, emotions, culture and the delivery of music. Keyes says that many of these practices can be traced back to the West Afrikan Bardic Tradition in particular. When asking many old-school, and culturally involved hip-hop artists about

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  • Essay on Hip Hop Annoted Bibliography

    are the history/cultural importance of Hip Hop? Source #1: Hill, Collins Patricia. From Black Power to Hip Hop: Racism, Nationalism, and Feminism. Philadelphia: Temple Up, 2006. Print. Patricia Hill’s l idea of writing this book was to gather different essays for each chapter that were written by African Americans that talks about how they dealt without having the right to stand up for themselves. The importance of this book is to talk about how Hip Hop paved a way for blacks to stay out of trouble

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  • Essay Of Simmel’s Theory in Analyzing Hip-Hop Fashion

    Gangstas, Grills, Guns and Georg? The Application of Simmel’s Theory in Analyzing Hip-Hop Fashion If fashion is determined by the elite upper-class and subsequently imitated by the lower classes, why do people imitate Hip-Hop’s style of flat-rimmed baseball caps and oversized jeans – a style that is typically associated with lower socioeconomic classes? Georg Simmel contends that the tension between wanting to imitate or conform versus wanting to distinct one self, dictates the future of fashion

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  • Essay on Hip Hop vs. House

    Compare and Contrast The Sounds of Life House and Hip Hop, are two very similar genres of music. However, no matter how similar these two types of music sound, they are still very different. Hip Hop and House music are two very popular kinds of music today. Some Hip Hop artists that you might be familiar with are MosDef, The Roots, De La Soul, Jurassic 5. Some House music artists are Mark Farina, Chemical Brothers, Inland Knights, JT Donaldson and Deadmau5. All of these artists and groups

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  • Hip Hop Music Mirrors All Urban Society Essay

    Hip Hop Music Mirrors All Urban Society From 1950 to the late 1980’s, social conflicts all over the world encouraged the success of Hip Hop due its ability to mirror the negative and positive aspects of society, and in doing this, the concept of Hip Hop’s real lyrics were very easily translated and adopted overseas. To understand Hip Hop’s ability to migrate around the world, it must be understood what Hip Hop was created out of. First, American Urban society, from the Civil Rights Era until now

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  • The Comforts of Culture Essay

    The Comforts of Culture We as a nation, have come a long way since the mid 1900’s when racism was everywhere, and discrimination was looked at as almost a normal, everyday occurrence. In today’s world, blacks, whites, and Hispanics are interacting everyday, whether it be at the work place, on athletic teams, or even just around the neighborhood. Although it seems like most people are looking past differences and are able to make friendships with those that might not have a whole lot in

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  • Messages from Hip-Hop Artists Essay

    Messages from Hip-Hop Artists Hip-Hop has come a long way in our generation. From time to time an artist or a video gives a positive or negative message to our viewers. There have been many controversial issues that focus’s on what the rapper is trying to put out. Some people may look at the same song or video, but have a different opinion on it. Artists have different outlooks on things in there life such as the rapper Nas. He has a new song titled “I Know I can”. This song gives

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  • Essay on Country vs. Hip Hop

    Country and Hip Hop Comparison Many people who have no knowledge about music would think that country and hip hop do not have any similarities because of where their music originally began. However, country and hip hop do have several similarities that will be discussed in this essay. The similarities between country and hip hop are that this music both represents meaning and life stories in their lyrics such as love, drugs, sex, and alcohol, both genres are being judge by many people, and both

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  • Hip Hop and Rap Music Essay

    Hip Hop and Rap Music Introduction Every so often a new style of music emerges that takes America by storm and comes to represent the generation that grows up with it. In the 50's it was rock'n'roll, followed by the Motown sound of the 60's. The 1970's brought folk music and disco, and in the 80's it was rap. Perhaps no other form of music has crossed as many boundaries and become a bridge between America's many cultures as rap has. Let's face it, if you listen to any current or some old rap/hip

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  • Hips Feel Good Essay

    MARKETING MANAGEMENT Case Study 2 “Hips Feel Good” – Doves Campaign for Real Beauty July 9, 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary…………………………………………………………………………………………….. 2 Problem Statement…………………………………………………………………………………………….. 3 Data Analysis………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 3 Alternatives Analysis…………………………………………………………………………………………… 8 Key Decision Criteria…………………………………………………………………………………………… 9 Recommendations……………………………………………………………………………………………… 10 Action and Implementation

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  • Essay on Culture and Music

    As defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, culture is “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group.” These customary beliefs could also be described as a set of morals or values commonly practiced by a group. Social forms are understood as being the institutions in which interaction and socialization between people take place, such as at school, church, or work. The material traits within a culture would include clothing, food, and art to name

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  • Hip Hop as a Cultural Movement

    May 14, 2010 Hip-hop as a Cultural Movement What first comes to mind nowadays when you hear the word ‘hip-hop’? Most people think of a gangster embellished in large diamonds, sporting baggy clothes, huge cars, all with a general disregard for the welfare of humanity. It wasn’t always like this: hip-hop was originally born as a recreational activity, used as an outlet to cope with poverty. The notion of hip-hop has clearly changed in a big way since the advent of hip-hop culture back in the

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  • Essay on Remix Culture

    Remix Culture One of the biggest issues that arises with remix art is the issue of ‘Remix vs. Plagiarism.” When does a remixed work become an original work of art? Is the work considered original as soon as it is tweaked or when it is unrecognizable? Neither, a work is unique when its purpose and meaning transcends that of the original? Works like Montgomery Lee’s “Copyright Symphony” takes a variety of images and uses them to create music out of the imbedded data on the photographs. The work

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  • Hop-in-Foods Essay

    Hop-In Food Stores, Incorporated Strategy Paper There are many risks associated with both underpricing and overpricing an IPO relative to the underwriting company as well as to the company issuing the IPO. If Scott and Stringfellow were to underprice the IPO, they could easily be criticized for not obtaining the maximum possible value for Hop-In Food. This could lead to a loss of underwriting business not only from Hop-In Food, but from other corporations as well. Scott and Stringfellow could lose

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  • Essay about Compare and Contrast the Subcultures of Hip Hop and Punk

    Subcultures: Hip Hop and Punk South University Online Compare and Contrast of Subcultures: Hip Hop and Punk Differences in beliefs and values from what the “norm” considers the right way makes you a subculture, but what makes them unique are the instruments they use to make their voice heard. While most people have taken for granted their language, beliefs and values there are some who within their subculture use their music to escape forms of oppression and lack of freedom. Hip Hop and Punk are

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  • The Hip Hop Wars: Hip Hop Demeans Women Essay

    THE HIP HOP WARS: Hip Hop Demeans Women ““I said ‘Bitch, why you such a stupid hoe?’ You lil’ bitch, you never could fuck with this. And every bitch that don’t like it, she can suck my dick.” These lyrics were taken from the song “Call her a bitch” by the rapper Too Short. With song lyrics like this one, it is very difficult for people both biased and unbiased to hip hop to even try to defend it. Although it is not the only music genre to have lines objectifying women, it is once again, as with

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  • Essay about Hip Hop

    society. Hip Hop is a genre of music that has significantly grown the last couple of decades. It's increased popularity has brought it to the forefront of globalization. Technological advances has made it easy for Hip Hop to spread out globally. This occurrence of globalization is a key example that as our cultural borders are broken down by technology, our own cultural and social practices become fluid. Although there are many positive and negative comments about the globalization of Hip Hop, it is

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  • Hip Hop Lyrics: Inherently Destructive or a Necessary Outlet?

    From her 1999 collection of essays entitled When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost...My Life as a Hip-Hop Feminist, music writer Joan Morgan explores the notion that while many people condemn the destructive lyrics commonly associated with hip-hop as excessively vulgar displays of masculinity, these musical messages may actually serve as outlets for young African American men to express their pain and depression. Morgan continues in her essay by outlining suggested responses for her audience of young

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  • Hedonism: Hip-Hop Music and its Message Essay

    listen to. My Mom listened to R&B, Hip-Hop, and Jazz, while Dad would also listen to Hip-Hop, R&B, but he also listened to Rock, and Alternative. I ended up liking them all but the one that really stuck out to me was Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop was usually up beat and energetic. I would hear songs from Hip-Hop artists like Tupac, Nas, Emienem, and Jay Z. They are considered to be the best ever in hip-hop music. I never really paid attention to the negative aspects of Hip-Hop I would just listen to the beat and

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  • Politics and Hip-Hop Essay examples

    Music is an art form and source of power. Many forms of music reflect culture and society, as well as, containing political content and social message. Music as social change has been highlighted throughout the 20th century. In the 1960s the United States saw political and socially oriented folk music discussing the Vietnam War and other social issues. In Jamaica during the 1970s and 1980s reggae developed out of the Ghetto’s of Trench town and expressed the social unrest of the poor and the need

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  • Essay on Th Future of Hip Hop

    From its conception in the 1970's and throughout the 1980's, hip hop was a self-contained entity within the community that created it. This means that all the parameters set for the expression came from within the community and that it was meant for consumption by the community. Today, the audience is from outside of the community and doesn’t share the same experiences that drive the music. An artists’ success hinges on pleasing consumers, not the community. In today's world, it isn’t about

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  • Hip Hop and Today's Culture Essay

    Hip Hop Culture: Popular Trends for Teenagers during the 21st Century Hip hop music consist of a DJ mixing rhythmic passages of albums on a turntable while a rapper raps over the beats. Hip hop is a culture by itself, equipped with its own language, lyrical style, visual art, dance moves and look. Fashion and music has a relationship based on a person's musical style. The Grateful Dead and the hippies in the 60s, disco in the 70s and Madonna in the 80s are all examples of creative relationships

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  • The Degradation of Women in Hip-Hop Music Videos and Lyrics Affect Teenagers. Discuss

    Hip-hop began in the 1970s in the south Bronx of New York and served a cathartic purpose for the black community. People could explore issues such as the eradication of racism and equality, but since Hip-hop was created, the cathartic use has been abused through the increased use of misogynistic lyrics and music videos. Artists like Ludacris, 50 Cent and Eminem portray women nothing more than “ho’s”, “bitches” and “freaks”. Nothing more than sex objects; and yet, their biggest fan base is adolescents

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  • Hop Frog Essay

    Hop Frog Slavery was definitely one of the major causes that led to the Civil War, the most dramatic event in the American history. Numerous masterpieces were written to criticize slavery. Among them, we count Poe’s Hop-Frog, also known as Eight Chained Ourang-Outans. Written in 1849, Hop-Frog delivers the message to the Southern States about inevitable tragedy that awaits the Americans as a result of slavery & the slave trade. Each element of the Poe’s story, including character, settings &

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