The Hip Hop Culture

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The hip hop culture first started forty years ago in the Bronx community. It slowly began to change through the different styles and from the various area. Hip Hop does not just cover the music, it is intertwined with sports, television show, clothing, and accessories. The Hip Hop Culture began to receive some serious stereotyping from the media when “gangsta” rap became popular. The ethnocentrism of hip hop is due to young adults wanting to emulate their favorite artist(s). However, the Hip Hop Culture is looked down and shun upon because of the negativity such as sex, drugs, and violence that the some hip hop artists glorify in their music.
Media Perception and Portrayal
The positivity of this culture is seen when the artists are able to
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However, what many youngsters do not realize that they are emulating what the artists are expressing in videos and resonating in their lyrics. The Hip Hop Culture has changed so much that some artists refer to women as “bitches and hoes” in their lyrics. The younger generation use those words because they feel its ok, it has become normal. The use of these words is the reason why Ms. Tucker was trying to get the general public to boycott “gangsta rap.” Young Americans cannot afford a Bugatti, Lamborghini, or Maybach with the luxury and fancy rims that artists put on their cars. However, they buy American made cars and dress them up with the fancy rims. Now these young adult have outfitted their vehicle it normally includes a special or custom speaks to blast the music of their favorite artist. With this attention that young adults have brought to themselves with the fancy cars, they are also racial profiled by the police because they are now considered drug dealers and gang …show more content…
In hindsight there is some positive light with R&B music intertwining with Hip Hop music. Rhythm and Blues artists collaborating with Hip Hop/Rap artists helps endorse, encouraging, and positive values as well as conscious and positive lyrics. Hip Hop culture can changed if the artists change their image to that can help promote more positive changes in the community. As the Hip Hop Culture tries to promote positivity in the community and within the culture, people who cannot relate to the culture will always have negative thoughts. For those that cannot relate must realize that the Hip Hop Culture is just not about music, it is about money, clothes, cars, shoes, and

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