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  • Uniforms In School Uniforms

    Schools Are NOT Fashion Shows: Requiring School Uniforms My elementary and middle school years were the best for me. Everyone were friends, no one thought they were better than anyone and for the most part we all worked as a team. When I started high school, I was noticed more because of certain things I wore and some of my friends from Elementary and Middle School went unnoticed because they weren’t as up-to-date with the latest fashions and etc. I was exposed to gang activity and because most high schools are open campuses, the chances are higher for dangerous people to come on campus. In October, shots were reportedly fired at a home football game against Charlotte Catholic. The following Monday, the school was placed on lockdown after there were more reports of gunfire. (WBTV) In Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, all high schools are uniform free. According to BBC, England students were the first to wear uniforms in 1222. School uniforms were meant to bring equality to students regardless of their parents wealth.Use of school uniforms in the U.S. started in the early 1900 's for parochial and private schools, but it wasn 't until the 1980s that public schools began to use uniforms.School officials at this time noticed changes in the students ' attitudes as well as a decline of disciplinary issues after the uniform policy was introduced. This led a few other schools to start using uniforms as well. (Meleen) As time went on, schools began to use uniforms as a sense of…

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  • School Uniforms To School Dress

    In many school there 's a problem on how student should dress. Many girls come to school with clothes on that looks like they should have been left at home. When girls wear to little clothes, they seems to want some attention from there male peers. It gives boys a reason to talk bad about them and call them out there name. Some girls may think that its okay , and they will get away with it just because they see another girl with shorts on but didn’t get in trouble or sent to the office. Girls…

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  • School Uniforms In Schools

    Wilkey Macey Language Arts 20 December 2016 School Uniforms How many times have you wanted to be treated equal to all the “cool” kids at your school? Are you sick of standing in their shadow they created for you? This could all end if uniforms were enforced at school. Uniforms are cheaper, decrease crime and increase student safety, and help students focus on their studies instead of their clothes. Uniforms are a good idea and it doesn’t take much work to get them. To start off, uniforms are…

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  • School Uniforms

    intermediate school, whose family comes from a poor background and they cannot afford to send her to school with anything other than hammy down clothes. The other students bully Ellie for looking dingy and not having the latest fashion. All the young student wants is to go to school and feel comfortable in her own clothing, but that does not happen and Ellie stops going to school. With her lack of attendance, Miss Smith fails her classes and intent drops out. All of this could have been…

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  • Should Uniforms Wear School Uniforms

    happy and successful life; so why not prepare our children for such a life? I remember when I was young, around the age of 16, year 2004, a freshman in high school, Miami-Dade County Public Schools District enforced an official mandatory dress code policy stating that every school which falls under its district must wear uniforms, to include all students and faculty members. There were whispers or rumors for years of this policy coming. It took a while for the schools district to enforce the…

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  • The Importance Of School Uniforms In School

    's development in life and continues throughout middle and high school. It is a time to find one’s self and learn basic life skills along with developing an educational base to support the students later in life. One main controversial issue throughout the school system is whether or not dress codes and school uniforms should be enforced. Some believe uniforms should be required because students overall benefit from them. However, others argue school uniforms are detrimental to the students.…

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  • The Importance Of School Uniforms In Schools

    Against the Idea of School Uniforms All around the United States more and more schools and switching to the idea of school uniforms. Schools think that this uniform policy will help bring down crime rates, gangs, improve the schools over all academic achievement, and level out social discriminations among students. Although this theory may become true to someone who wants it to be true, other skeptics looking into this are finding that these positive influences from uniforms are merely…

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  • Conclusion Of School Uniform In School

    Should uniforms be required in schools? Dominique Groom English 147 April 13, 2015 Phoenix University Should uniforms be required in schools For many years dress code have been a major issue for schools because most students find it hard to follow the rules on what they can wear to school and what they’re not allowed to wear to school. I think that clothing is a major issue when it comes to the education of the students because if a student doesn’t feel comfortable with…

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  • Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In Schools

    Uniforms In Public Schools Around the same time every year, parents take their children to stores to find all of their new back to school outfits. Each child wants the most expensive designer brand. Parents always want to make their child happy, so they do what they can to get what they want. After spending so much money on outfits and accessories, the child is still not satisfied because they are getting treated wrongly in school. No matter how hard they try to be cool or popular, there…

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  • Importance Of School Uniforms In High School

    Preston High School should not adhere to a school dress code because it limits self-expression, high initial cost and can be very uncomfortable. Students should not have to wear uniforms at school because students do not want to have to wear the same thing as other students or look alike. Kids like to be themselves and express the things they like or like to do. I think that the students at Preston High would not even like to wear uniforms because a lot of the kids like to wear what they want…

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