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A significant part of an individual's personality is what they wear. It enables people to express/manifest themselves both physically and emotionally. Each year, thousands of people spend countless hours worrying about what to wear and how they look. Not only do parents spend multiple hours a day getting ready, but kids do as well. However, it is possible for kids to wake up each morning and not have to worry about what they are wearing, due to school uniforms. This is actually becoming a common reality as schools in many civilizations are bringing back school uniforms. School uniforms are becoming a popular trend among many schools across the globe. Uniforms are a distinguishing dress worn by members of a particular group. (Merriam-Webster …show more content…
These peculiar clothing bring stability within a community and group. Uniforms have been around since early 1222 in England. In England, students were required to wear a robe-like outfit known as a “cappa clausa.” Later on, in the sixteenth century, more modern day school outfits were created. That being said, T-shirts or Polo shirts and sweatshirts in schools became a more standard form of dress. In England, uniforms were given to students to have a sense of identity and cohesion. (https://en.wikipedia./Uniform) Nowadays, multiple students and parents don’t agree with the use of school uniforms. However, school uniforms are not a negative item to have. Uniforms are actually very positive and beneficial to have towards the students and staff within a school community because they reduce problems with bullying; they allow individuals to express themselves uniquely and allow students to …show more content…
In reality, though, students are forgetting the main purpose of school, which is to learn. Therefore, if school uniforms were enforced into a school, students would receive a sense of discipline and focus. Essentially all students would be required to wear a uniform and most likely the children would not care as much since everyone would be wearing clothing similar everyone. Once students realize that everyone is dressed alike, the students are encouraged to focus more on schoolwork rather than on socializing or trying to show off clothing in a competition between friends. They would all be wearing the same brand of clothing and therefore, no would be able to compare between classmates. As a result, this may actually improve a student's behaviour, as well as their academic standard. Another advantage is that school uniforms allow students to focus more because they get rid of clothing that interferes with learning. Such as; revealing outfits, message T-shirts, and expensive clothing. School is much more important than looks and therefore when schools apply uniforms, students tend to focus more. This is due to the fact that students will care less about how they look and care more on achieving an overall higher academic. Take Mahatma Gandhi for example. Mahatma said, “Live if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you

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