Benefits Of School Uniforms

When I was little I always wanted to wear a school uniform because it makes the school unified. Wearing a school uniform helps me feel like we are part of a family. In our diverse society, everyone has different fashion sense. Some are just a tad too distracting. With uniforms we can get rid of those distractions. It also improves school academics, reduces bullying and it’s convenient for parents and students. Over the past few years the amount of students that are required to wear a school uniform has increased. Not only private schools, but it 's changing. Public school is requiring their students to wear school uniform. However, not everyone agrees with the school uniform policy. Everyone has their own opinion, and adults may feel like …show more content…
Either way, there are many benefits of wearing school uniform. School uniform should be mandatory for public school because statistics show that school uniform has increased academics and school safety.

One of the most important reasons why school uniforms is important because, it helps improves academics and it also makes school a safer environment. School is a place where students learn, it not a place to show off your new clothing. Students get distracted easily, by wearing school uniforms it can reduce the distraction. It also can benefit students to be more focus on their school work. As stated by Brennan, “A dress code to be enforced would be a benefit to the students because it would allow them to focus on their grades look versus their shirt or shoes look”. Therefore, if students are required to wear school uniforms it would create a positive learning environment. Students would be more concentrated and earning good grades as the school uniform policy
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They make the school more united and it reduces the tension of wanting to fit in. In schools, cliques start to form based on appearance. For example, University Wire describes that, “ Not everyone can afford certain types of clothing, and not everyone shares the same fashion sense. School uniforms help erase the tension that comes with trying to in the crowd at school”(Stocki). With school uniform, it can eliminate students wanting to fit in and it could erase the social classes. Usually students who are popular wear the most trendiest clothes. They are considered to be in the higher social class. While the lower class students would be wearing ordinary clothes. School uniform can combine the two social class together and everyone would be equal. Furthermore, school uniform can make students feel like they are important. As for that Tropy shows how, “ It could make them feel like they are part of a team, part of something bigger than themselves”(Atlanta Journal Constitution). This demonstrates, the help of school uniform encourages the team spirit. Students would work together because there’s no one to judge them. Lastly, school uniform can save time for parents and students in the morning. As for parents, with younger children they may be picky about what to wear to school. Star-Phoenix explains how, “ Uniforms would be a lot easier for parents and it may cut down on some of the teasing from other kids”. School uniforms are

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