Arguments Against School Uniforms

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School Uniforms
School uniforms are not a new concept because the idea has been around since the beginning of organized education. It has recently become more of a controversial topic since more schools are requiring the students to wear uniforms. School uniforms are beneficial to students by taking away unneeded distractions and putting more attention on academics, reducing peer pressure and bullying, and causing unity throughout the school.
When students wear uniforms to school it helps them focus more on academics. The uniforms cause the students to feel more grown up. Uniforms give them the sense of being dressed up to go some place nice thus changing their attitude to be better and more focused on school work (Huss 36-37). Academics
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What students wear is protected by the First amendment. Clothing is a form of expression; a student 's outfit can portray a certain message. So people try and say that uniforms take away students ' freedom of expression. However, many courts have stated that students ' clothing is protected by the First Amendment, but it does not regulate lengths of clothing items or hairstyles. Courts have supported schools ' uniform policies against people who try to argue whether uniforms are constitutional or not. When a dress code is used to provide discipline and sense of protection and safety for students it is by all means constitutional (Haynes 74). Uniforms are not only in America, in fact they were not even invented in America they were invented in the United Kingdom. Uniforms are becoming more popular in the United States ' public schools, but in more so in the high poverty areas. This is where America could learn from the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom schools have worn uniforms to increase respect level throughout the school. America is causing uniforms to be associated with low income, less fortunate, and areas dealing violence which are all negative reasons for uniforms. Uniforms should be worn in schools to provide unity throughout schools and positive reasons (Walmsley 63-66). In the country of Japan, uniforms are worn in most schools. Students begin wearing uniforms from the …show more content…
There may be some back lash and negative feedback about the uniforms but the positives far outweigh the negatives. School uniforms help students focus more on their academics and become more motivated about their education. Uniforms reduce peer pressure by causing an equal playing field for all students. When all students are wearing the same thing it causes there to be one less thing for school bullies to pick on other students about. The unity and respect uniforms causes in schools is very important. If a student body as a whole respects each other and the faculty more the entire school experience is better. School uniforms are beneficial to students and should be used in schools whether they are private or

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