Eleanor Roosevelt High School Case Study

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The Prince George county school board mission is to see it that their students are able to graduate successfully in their various schools and able to face the real world. Eleanor Roosevelt High School is located in Greenbelt, Prince George County. Eleanor Roosevelt high school problem is that the students are not able to achieve their academics goals. There are three major challenges. These challenges are bullying, and lack of concentration. Bullying serious because it makes a students to feel worthless and useless and they are not able to achieve their academics goals. Many students are been bullied every day. Two studies show that everyday a student is being bullied. According to the Center for Disease Control states, “19.6% of high school students in the US report being bullied at school in the past year. 14.8% reported being bullied online” (Center for Disease Control, 2014).Also, A 2009 study performed by U.S. Department of Education Office estimated that “least 20.8% of the youth in the U.S were physically bullied, 53.6% were verbally bullied, 51.4% were socially bullied, and 13.6% were cyber bullied at least once every year” (U.S. Department of Education Office).
In addition to bullying, lack of concentration is another major problem facing the student’s academic goals. Lack of concentration is severe problem facing the
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One of the advantages of uniforms is a sense of equality. If everyone in the school is wearing the same thing students who do not have the means to buy fashionable clothing will not have a feeling of inferiority. Even students who have the opportunity to buy fashion clothes will not be able to discriminate other students and will learn not to judge a book by its cover because they will not be able to make the difference between a student that is rich or poor. The sense of equality will help students to perform better in school rather than worrying about fashion

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