Durham Public Schools Case Study Essay

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Twenty-one, almost half, of Durham Public Schools received failing grades according to the North Carolina Department of Public Instructions. Corrective action calls for the twenty-one schools to submit school improvement plans that include targeted interventions and time lines. Students who are not grade level ready have negative consequences, not just the schools but the entire community, the state, and the nation.

Back Ground Information/Program Description

On October 20, 2015, the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (IMA) and Mount Vernon Baptist Church/Social Concerns Ministry (MVBC) held a town hall meeting. The superintendent and the school board answered questions and addressed concerns ranging from athletic participation to specific programs such as Reading Recovery and ACT Preparation. Gleaned from this discussion
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G. Pearson, and Y.E. Smith to identify students who demonstrate progress and academic performance to move these schools from North Carolina low performing list. IMA and MVBC have been working in the Durham community for over a decade and have gained respect and trust among its constituents. Specifically, MVBC has been the recipient of the 21st Century grant. They have successfully run K-8 summer intervention programs, provided ACT Preparation to high school students, and are an approved tutoring provider. This group will monitor the program to ensure compliance with curriculum implementation, policies, and procedures with each employee of the Saturday Academy.

While the students meet, parents will convene at the identified schools to work with church parishioners to address home, base- schools, and community issues. Church members will be trained in various research-based models that have proven track records for community engagement and

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