Wear School Uniforms

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School uniforms here in the United States were first introduced in the late 1900s and soon after that became an issue on whether or not students should have to wear school uniforms. According to the article “Background of the Issue” on procon.org, school uniforms first started in the 1980’s due to an argument over a pair of designer sunglasses, which resulted in a school shooting where a student was wounded. During the fall of 1988, there were 39 elementary schools and 2 middle schools that mandated students wear school uniforms, soon other states would start doing the same. In the article there is a quote where in 1996 Bill Clinton endorses school uniforms. The article states, “If it means that teenagers will stop killing each other over …show more content…
According to the article “Students Shouldn’t Have to Wear School Uniforms” the author talks about a few of the reasons students should not have to wear uniforms. One of the things stated in the article is “Just imagine walking into a school where everyone around you are in uniforms. You won’t be able to tell what type of person they are because they are all dressed the same as each other” (Kaitlyn). This is the biggest reason people are against school uniforms. However, when students are allowed to express themselves they often abuse that power. In the article “Do uniforms make the school better?” the author, Marian Wilde talks about an incident where uniforms could have avoided a conflict where parents sued the school. In the article, the incident happened because the school only allowed students to wear solid colors and they were not allowed to wear images or logos on their clothes. The school was not making them wear uniforms and were allowing them to wear certain clothes but they did have some restrictions. The students were not being forced to wear uniforms but yet when they still had a little freedom the student went against the rules then was outraged when the school got her in trouble. The student wore Winnie-the-Pooh socks and was sent to detention for not following the dress code. The author states, “Uniforms are certainly easier for administrators to enforce than dress codes”(Wilde). Everywhere there will always be people wanting to rebel against the school dress codes that the school will provide. Some will even dress inappropriately and cause distractions by saying that they should be allowed to dress like that. In these different cases, it would be a lot easier to have uniforms amongst all the different school. Not only would school uniforms avoid anyone from being dress coded and cause distractions but it would put

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