Impact of Human Activities on Environment Essay

  • Human Activities Cause Global Warming

    is CO2, which often comes from human activities. However, a conspiracy has come to falsify that global warming is present. For instance, some people have argued that in the past 17 years, the temperature has not risen, meaning that the earth is not warming up (Hawkins 1). Using this and many other claims, they have argued that global warming is a myth that lacks scientific backup. Despite the existence of various conspiracies, this essay argues that human activities cause global warming, which negatively

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  • Impact of Industrialization on Environment Essays

    Impact of Industrialization on Environment OVERVIEW Centuries ago, when there was no active expanding of large cities and industries, nature was able to overcome pollution and keep air fairly clean without outside help. The wind and rain in the form of natural rescuers scattered gases and washed away the dust. However, with increasing industrialization and urbanization, the nature’s system cannot cope with pollution and clean the environment naturally. In comparison with volcanoes, hurricanes,

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  • Air Pollution Is Caused By Human Activity Or Natural Activity

    Air Pollution can be caused by human activity or natural activity. Human activity includes, Factories, Manufacturing activities, Burning fossil fuels, and Household and farming chemicals. Burning fossil fuels can cause a lot of problems no these aren 't consumer utility or gas bills. The problems are human health problems for example, the miners that work at the factories get black lung from all the pollution that is caused when coil and oil is burned. Also climate change made by global warming like

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  • The Impact Of Technology On Leisure Activities

    the type of leisure activities that are available but the mediums in which they’re pursued. While providing many benefits to leisure and overall well-being, technological advances have also created barriers to real and authentic human interaction. Encouraging sedentary lifestyles through virtual “third places,” the internet, chat rooms and other types of online tools are negatively affecting an individual’s ability to meet and build relationships with others and form genuine human connections. In order

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  • Human Activity And The Industrial Revolution

    there are only a few lands remained untouched, however, one of them is Mongolian territory. Therefore, it has been truly becoming comfort and safe environment for wild animals and plants, especially for rare species. Although last few decades, all these creation of natures are close to extinct because they are threatened by deforestation. This human acts doesn 't follow Taylor 's 4 duties which we have to other living beings (Non-Maleficence, Non-Interference, Fidelity, Restitutive Justice). Thus

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  • Natural Capital And Its Impact On Environment

    Background Environment is the main component for human and business to live. Without the resource and space provided by environment, human and business would never exist. However, over the past few decade population of human keep increasing and business keep growing. Thus create an irony impact on environment that giving the natural capital for them to live. Slowly environment getting destroyed an impacting the human and business again. Slowly human realize their impact on environment and finding

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  • Human Development And Tectonic Activity

    They undergo deformation in response to climatic conditions, human development and tectonic activity quite rapidly. It is not uncommon to see significant alteration to a drainage network in a few decades and in some cases their complete demise creating an urban stream desert (Napieralski, et al). Studying crustal response in environments with active plate tectonics has mainly been used to predict earthquakes and to estimate their impact. Due to the dynamic nature of alluvial systems, field studies

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  • Climate Change And Its Impact On The Environment

    sustainable society with a real green culture, by favouring environment instead of profit, by undertaking projects and providing equitable resources for a growing global population. Mc Cracken argued in 1987 that ‘People are purchasing and consuming goods in excess of their basic needs as old as Romans and Egyptians civilisations’. It has continued through centuries even speeded up during and after the industrial revolution. Nowadays humans need 1.5 earths to provide the ecological services currently

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  • How Human Activity Impacts Ecosystems

    An ecosystem is a unique environment which has many biotic and abiotic factors. It provides a habitat for many different kinds of species and organisms. Human activity can have a great impact on the natural balance of any ecosystem in a very harmful way. In the Algar region near the Athabasca River, companies have been exploring for oil and gas so they cut lines and run seismic programs through them. In doing so, it has created an unsafe environment for the caribou species, as well as stopping

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  • Human Activity Has A Great Impact On Global Warming

    Human activity has a great impact on global warming. Events, such as burning fossil fuels, contributes much of the carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere. Global warming effects caused by human activity affects the earth 's climate in many ways. It is melting the earth 's poles, glaciers and ice sheets which causes sea levels to rise. It is also shifting climates and precipitation patterns and is forcing animals to migrate. Global warming is caused by the Greenhouse Effect. The sun emits

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  • Impact Of Agriculture On The Environment

    According to the Environment, Community and government (2016) agriculture is completely linked to the environment. Even though agriculture in Ireland has had negative impacts on the environment, today’s landscape has been formed because of interactions between the farming community and nature. Feehan (2003) also states that agricultural land in Ireland moulds the shape of the countryside. The Environment, Community and government (2016) state that some of the environmental impacts that farming has

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  • The Environment And Its Impact On Our Environment

    is produced. As the amount of production of goods increases, the amount of reusable and nonrenewable resources used increases which affect our environment long term. An ecologist studies the environment and compares previous research to current research. They have to analyze the data in order to see how our actions impact living things and the environment. They use grant money in order to develop products and create new production methods similar to nature’s. In “Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate

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  • The Impact Of Criminal Activity On Victims

    of crime on victims and theories that attempt to explain the causes of victimization. Criminality as a constant characteristic of society has peaks and declines throughout the years. The impact of criminal activity in the lives of victims results in both tangible and intangible costs. While all crime impacts the victim, rape, homicide, sexual assault, robbery and arson cause the most damage. Placing monetary value on victimization is a tool used for formulating criminal justice policy and shall

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  • Human Behavior And Its Effects On The Environment

    ​Human behavior can negatively or positively affect the environment. Environmental settings such as pollution, crowding, heat, water, or noise may be a source of that can negatively impact the environmental quality and conditions. Our daily routines have a huge impact on the environment and we do not realize it. New laws that are passing and educating people will help a lot. People are being educated on how to use less water, use our cars less, how to use less energy, and even taking reusable bags

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  • The Effects Of Seismic Activity On The Environment

    Seismic activity is the most challenging, and most heavily invested in, civil engineering discipline. Today, engineers use materials and building methods especially geared towards dealing with this menace. However, these modern techniques can cause more harm than good when not properly used with older structures. Historical buildings come with their own challenges, and seismic retrofitting does not come with a single solution for all structural integrity issues; however, as time passes, engineers

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  • How Human Activity Has Impact On The Environment

    the knowledge of how human activity has been an impact on the environment, it has also given me the awareness of the hazards of human activities for survival. I believe if we look into changing our beliefs, attitudes, laws and relationship towards nature and other kinds of species and re-evaluating our relationship with our environment, things will get better. I agree with Taylor 2013 “to resituate within the ecological system” and Gibson et al, 2012 “to resituate non-humans within ethical terms”

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  • Analyzing Human Impact On Environment

    Analyze human impact on environment throughout time. Humans in the beginning of the foraging era had a limited impact on the environment but the impact was becoming bigger and bigger. They relied on their natural surroundings for survival. Whenever humans colonize lands, the land’s animals disappear. As a matter of fact, archaeologists pinpoint the dates of these extinctions more precisely and the extinctions appear to coincide with the first arrival of modern humans.(page 28) The foragers’ method

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  • The Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health, Environment, And Activities

    her the reasons why her family decided to immigrate to the US, and she told me both the push and pull factors that bought her family and she to the US. The push and pull factors were environment and economics reasons. In Vietnam, air pollution was a big problem, that affected human health, environment, and activities. Besides, her family lived in a county, and they were farmers. The area that her family lived in had drought seasons during a year. It impacted her family’s farming and caused crops failure

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  • The Impact Of Human Activity On Our Environment

    The impact of human activity, which involves, but not limited to the burning of fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere, the overuse of natural resources in its present time, and the destruction of the ecological earth balance. We keep modifying the earth in different ways; consciously or subconsciously destroying our environment. Environmentalists are constantly warning us of the danger some of our activities have on our environment. The Inter-Government Panel for climate

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  • Impacts Of The On Vogue Innovation On The Environment

    ideas created inside of the most recent century to help people in their exercises, for the crumbling of environment. The biological cycle has been greatly bothered by the improvements gathering have accomplished. In spite of these assertions, we should dependably stop and assume, will popular innovation amazingly owe biology partner statement of regret? For what reason will it owe environment statement of regret? Is it as a consequence of it took away its engaging quality related diminished consideration

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  • The Impact Of Environmental Science On The Environment

    and their natural environment, regardless of their perceived usefulness or importance to human beings. Therefore, someone with an ecocentric view point would respond to a request to turn a decommissioned military base in Southern IN into a mutli-use designation that encouraged camping, hiking, mountain biking, picnicking, swimming, hunting, and fishing areas like a state park with negative feelings. A person who is ecocentric has the perspective that the goal of the environment should be to preserve

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  • Impact Of The Global Warming On The Environment

    the whole the environment, air and water source in the worldwide because of overexploitation of natural resources catering for the needs of housing, food production, and industrial production. In fact, the amount of solid waste generated in the environment is very large because of human activities; it begets the sources of concentrated solid waste exceeding biodegradable ability of the natural environment in urban areas, agricultural areas, and industrial areas. As a statistic in 2010, “the United

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  • Human Activity And Li Shui 's Environment

    The Relationship between Human Activity and Li Shui’s Environment Every living thing has its own influence on its surrounding, especially human. This latter is at the top of the food chain; therefore, the environmental impact of human is inevitable. As technology developed, urban area expanded, and human population increased, our environment got worse. This phenomenon happened in my hometown, Li Shui. In this city, local inhabitants’ activities caused land, water and air pollution, were a major

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  • The Impact Of Human Activity On The Environment Is The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

    unprecedented future and explores alternatives for management. One of the major global assessments that address scenario planning due to the impact of human activity on the environment is the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (“MEA”). This global ecosystem assessment has the initiative to investigate the relationship between changes in the ecosystem and the impact on human-well-being. This case study will analyze the 2004 Southern African MEA and how scenario planning is applied for Garip River, and the limitations

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  • The Impact Of People 's Activities On The Environment

    The Impact of People’s activities on the Environment Every day, the environment continues to degrade due to man’s activities. Sustainability of the environment has become a long gone story. The environment is no longer as productive as it was initially. The activities of man have resulted to the condition we are in now. The population on Earth, both for man and animals, has increased. Land and other resources continually decline; in productivity and quality. The sustainability of the current and

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  • Human Activities Cause Global Warming

    Today, global warming has been the most controversial issues of human being for the past 50 years. Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere near the Earth 's surface, and it is already happening and represents one of the greatest environmental threats that the planet is having to suffer. Every year, more than billion tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere by human activities. This leads to the increase of greenhouse gasses as well as changes in global

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  • Coral Reefs And Its Impact On The Environment

    Beside from its aesthetic value, coral reefs provide a range of goods and services, which are essential to humankind. For an environment that covers less than 1 percent of Earth’s surface, coral reefs “produce an estimated $30 billion of revenue from direct use values such as tourism and fishing, and indirect use values such as coastal protection” (“Coral Reefs: Importance,” 2016). Reefs also provide protection to our land by “reducing the resilience of waves during storms thereby preventing flooding

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  • Relationship Between Humans And The Environment

    preserving our ecosystem one particular species has been more engross with the environment than others; the human species. The relationship between humans and the environment has mostly been a one sided gain for humans. Even though some people think humans have tried in their own effort of keeping the environment clean and sustainable under the global movement of going and keeping the environment green others feel human effort of going green hasn’t really depicted the notion of going “GREEN”. The

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  • The Effect Of Human Activities On The Carbon Cycle

    The Effect Of Human Activities on the Carbon Cycle Earth Science ERT - Chelsea Bodimeade
 Carbon is the backbone of life on Earth. All things are made of Carbon. It is a part of the ocean, air and even rocks. This carbon flows between each reservoir in an exchange called the Carbon Cycle. This cycle will be investigated to show an understanding of its functions and how human activity can impact this cycle. As a result of much research and analysing the carbon cycle and human impacts, it is hypothesised

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  • Human Activities And Its Effects On The Environment

    Earth is the only place that we as humans know where life exists. It is the only place where we are able to do our regular chores, using many different resources. However, human activities using significant amount of burning of fossil fuels, agricultural and industrial process are increasing the atmospherics concentrations substance that is affecting the climate changes. They don 't realize that in the future it’s going to cost us and the life on earth will become hard to live. In order to prevent

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  • Impact of Globalization on the Environment Essay

    Mobility has allowed human civilizations throughout history to reap the benefits of unrestricted, intercontinental trade, but there are environmental costs as a result which are not immediately apparent. There is no doubt that trade between nations has depleted natural resources, but the question as to whether current trade policies augment or temper environmental degradation is currently under contention. One view is that environmental regulations will create "pollution havens" in countries where

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  • The Human Impact On The Environment

    The human impact on the environment is undeniable; according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), from 1880 to 2012 the average global temperature increased by .85 degrees Celsius. This temperature increase may not appear noticeable or extensive; however, when considering detrimental worldwide effects there are many clearly correlated drawbacks to uninhibited climate increase. Each one degree increase in temperature leads to about a five percent decrease in grain yields. Maize

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  • Ecological Footprint And Its Impact On Human Environment

    Ecological Footprint The human race has existed for less than one percent of the Earth’s current lifetime, and yet they have made a major impact into the planet. In that small amount of time, humans have been responsible for the different types of pollution and several extinctions of various species around the globe. As of right now, with the recent technological advancements, society is increasingly consuming natural resources than it would take the Earth to replenish. It is important to balance

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  • Is Human Activity Responsible For Global Warming?

    Is Human Activity Responsible for Global Warming? Over the last century, the global temperature of the Earth had changed drastically. Before the industrial revolution, the Earth’s climate changed due to natural factors rather than human activities; variation in sunlight and volcanic eruption were the natural causes of climate changes in the past. While these natural causes are still in play today, however, their influences are too small compare to human activities ("Is Current Warming Natural?")

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  • Impact Of Aquaculture On The Environment

    is high, the shrimp and fish aquaculture will continue to expand. Salmon, as a portion of food that is expected to have a major decline in production due to ecological changes. Impacts on the environment Destruction of Mangrove Aquaculture has been under serious scrutiny due to environmental and wild species impacts. The dramatic expansion of aquaculture in some cases causes environmental issues and conflicts due to the limited resources. Despite the myriad benefits received from aquaculture

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  • Genetically Modified Foods Impact Human Health And Environment

    Genetically Modified Foods Impact Human Health and Environment Are genetically modified foods a blessing or a curse? This is one of the major questions and concerns in the contemporary society given that over 5 million Americans suffer from eating disorders. While food is a vital component of the social fabric, it sometimes become a major source of anxiety and stress for anyone suffering from eating disorders. The impact of genetically modified foods on human health and environment is a major concern

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  • Human Activities For Global Warming

    Our planet is dying, and scientists are blaming human activities for global warming that is causing the destruction of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land on which we live. This report will address the severity of this problem and offer solutions as to what your company can do to help slow down, and eventually stop, the ruination of our beloved world we all call home. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, “humans have increased atmospheric CO2 concentration by a

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  • The Impact Of Technology On The Work Environment

    us a lot of changes, affecting all aspect of our lives. As a developing country, the impact of technology on the work environment is particularly significant in China. This is not to say that China is a special case, and maybe it is a very long process but be shortened to few decades in china, so that I chose China as an example to study. This article focuses on what are the positive impacts that work environment changed by technology. We will discuss it from three parts, the nature of work, motivation

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  • The Effects Of Human Activity On Earth

    Throughout the past fifteen years, the conversation of saving the human race has shifted due to humans focusing their energy on industrial advancements and disregarding the damage done to the Earth accompanying the process. There was eventually a turning point in time where people had begun to realize what was happening to the world around them and scientists started to research the effects of human activity on Earth. Gerald Meehl, from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, states, “Many

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  • Human Activity Recognition And Human Behavior

    Abstract—Human activity recognition has received a great attention in the recent years due to its applications, especially in medical, security, industry fields. This paper presents a new way for detecting the human activity from the single image captured from a single camera. Different methods are there for the detection of human activity. One of them is HOG which is mostly used for human detection. In our study we found that the results of HOG feature is very fast and accurate as compared to other

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  • Plastic Wastes Of Human Activities

    Plastic wastes are wastes of human activities that deliberately or accidentally finish into rivers and other water bodies or streams. These wastes finally reach the sea and other water bodies where aquatic life. With the increased use of plastic, the respective waste management has become a problem, since many types of plastic (unlike other wastes such as wood) are not biodegradable and, therefore, accumulate. Plastic dragged through the water is dangerous, because it represents a serious threat

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  • Effects of Economic Activities on the Environment Essay

    All economic activities affect the environment in some way whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally. These could be positive or negative effects. Most of the time, they are negative. Most activities usually end up harming ecosystems or just polluting the environment. Economic activities can range from mining all the way to farming. This essay will discuss different types of economic activities and how they effect the environment. The first effect on the environment is the over harvesting

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  • Human Interference And The Environment

    Florida LAKEWATCH says, “There are many factors that contribute to fish kill.” Some factors are a result of human interference and the environment itself causes is another cause of fish kill. This paper will address the different factors leading to fish kill as well as other information about fish kill. Fish kill can be a natural process as well as a human error, either way the result puts an impact in ecosystem. While many residents in Florida have seen, what the results of a fish kill look like but

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  • Relationship Between Humans And The Environment

    between humans and the environment. If we talk about the relationship between humans and the environment, we must emphasize that the environment constantly changing and it has given different climatic changes which humans has survived thanks to their ability of adaptation and talent to exploit the environment. Realizing that the environment forms part of the habitat that humans live and taking advantage of it to meet the humans needs are the main relationship between humans and the environment. The

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  • Technology, Population, and the Impact of Ancient Humans on the Environment

    Technology, Population, and the Impact of Ancient Humans on the Environment In recent years, humans have become increasingly concerned with their effect on the planet and its ecosystems. In the popular view, these problems are new and unprecedented in human history. While it is probably true that our impact on the environment on a global scale has never been as great, the difference is simply the scale on which our actions are being taken. Situations that previously were local or regional in

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  • The Relationship Between Humans And The Environment

    relationship between Humans and the environment has and will continue to vary throughout our evolution,technological advances and societies. And The means of how we procure our food and resources has played a significant role in changing that relationship. In anthropology, there is a sub-field that focuses on human ecology which encompasses the demographic use of resources, “ the environmental influences on health and society, and environmental impacts of human activities.” (Bates) Through the

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  • Human Impact On The Environment

    Human Impact on the Environment Habitat reduction by Humans =========================== Human beings are dependent on the Earth 's diversity of species for our survival. Wild species play a vital role in the maintenance of the planet 's ecological functions, yet every day on the planet 40-100 species become extinct. Many countries across the world do not have an endangered species act that is strong enough to protect varying species from the destruction of humans. All over the globe humans

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  • Energy Resources Impact The Environment

    All energy resources impact the environment, both in a negative and positive manner. Many of the environmental complications the world is fronting today is a result of Fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is currently the primary source of energy in the world. We as humans use fossil fuels in our everyday lives, these include transportation, habitation, electronics and industrial activities, but these resources have been maltreated hence it is said that we are the most polluting species on earth. Fossil fuels

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  • Impact Of Global Warming On The Environment

    and chemical engineering dominate has not only greatly facilitated people’s lives, but also brought a series of environmental concerns that influence the ecosystem. At that time, air and water pollution have been regarded as two major environmental impacts resulting from the high-volume discharge of chemical toxins, owing to the development of mining industry that is deemed to be essential for rapid economic growth in the majority of developed countries. But during the twenty-first century, as there

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  • Environment : Impacts On Humans

    Environment – Impacts on Humans The concept of environment has been very familiar with the public. Everyone knows what it is; but when asked how important environment is and how to protect it, many people may not have the answer. As the matter of fact, just a small change in the environment can impact humans and the ecosystem seriously. And impacts on the environment derive from many elements including natural factor and human factor. For the natural factor, everything happens naturally somewhere

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