Difference Between Sustainability And Sustainable Development

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I. Background
Environment is the main component for human and business to live. Without the resource and space provided by environment, human and business would never exist. However, over the past few decade population of human keep increasing and business keep growing. Thus create an irony impact on environment that giving the natural capital for them to live. Slowly environment getting destroyed an impacting the human and business again. Slowly human realize their impact on environment and finding the best way to create sustainability. Therefore the understanding of sustainable development should be spread to business owner to changing their thought on environment.
II. Discussion
2.1 Natural Capital
It is crucial to understand the composition
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The sustainable development defined when human achieve the present needs without concerning the future generation to meet their own needs (Withgott & Brennan, 2011). In a short term, sustainable development is the process towards the sustainability. Therefore in achieving the sustainability, the triple bottom line (3P) is the key of sustainable development (Kane, 2010). In the world we living today, business tend to imply the traditional industrial development style. In a traditional industrial development style, human tend to focus more on the growth of industry and consumerism culture which will increase their wealth but causing environmental damage. This will lead them to spend a lot of money to fix environmental problem which we uncertain whether we able to fix it or not. However, in a sustainable development the focus on economy is shifting to the economy activities that do not harm the environment (Wright & Boorse, 2011). With a full attention and care on environment, businesses would create an ideal way to increase their wealth and well-being, without spending a lot of money to fix environmental problem. Environment worked in a way that human do not understand, therefore preventing the harm activities to environment is better than fixing the result that still in doubt. Nevertheless, sustainable development is the best way to maintain the economy and achieve the sustainability (Wright & Boorse,

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