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  • How To Write A Case Study Burt's Beeswax Business

    Burt’s Bees, a company that manufactures the handmade crafts and beeswax product. At first, Burt’s Bee was located at Central Maine. Later, she shifted the company in North Caroline. However, now she is in dilemma whether to go back to Central Maine or not. Before she founded Burt’s Bee, she was the black sheep of the family. While every family member was a successful business person, she was not interested in business. But her father gave her an early entrepreneurial education. Even though her marriage failed and was hard to earn a good income for her family, she survived with money making skills her father taught her. Later she met Burt Shavitz, a beekeeper with 30 hives who taught her about beekeeping and on this process, Quimby noticed the huge stockpiles of beeswax which she later used to make a candles and earned a good amount of money. With this idea, Quimby convinced Burt to form a honey and beeswax business and that is when the Burt’s Bee was founded. The business really did well and they even expanded their product line with other handmade crafts and beeswax products, for example, lip balm. Though the business was…

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  • Arla Case Study

    1. Introduction This chapter introduces the background of environmental issues and business model with focus on sustainability. Further, a problem discussion addressing Swedish farmers as well as dairy industry in global context. Purpose and research question are explained after the problem discussion. 1.1 Background In the Sustainable Development Agenda, UN has established 17 goals to nurture sustainability which will be adopting by all countries over the next fifteen years. According to UN,…

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  • Why I Chose Accounting

    potential employers were impressed with my work experience, every time the lack of a degree prevented me from getting the position. I decided after spending time overseas in Malaysia, that my best option to get the career I wanted, I would have to go to college and pursue a degree. In the spring of 2016, I enrolled at SUNY Empire State College (ESC) to pursue a degree in Business, Management, and Economics with a concentration in Human Resource Management. I have designed a degree program…

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  • Justice Studies Course Reflection

    Coming into the spring 2016 semester I was a junior Justice Studies major at Clemson University with 72 credit hours completed. I had just transferred to Clemson in the fall of 2015 for engineering and switched majors. In the engineering program it was always lectured to use oral and written communication to communicate ideas and concepts clearly with other students. Similar to the stigma of engineering students, I struggled with writing. I had a hard time with making my ideas within a paper…

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  • Unequal Pay

    The pay difference often is based on discrimination in the workplace. Specifically many companies in the medical field have shown discrimination and unequal pay in the workplace. Different studies have glorified this issue and it plays a big role in the business world today. This leads to the question, should men and women be paid equally in the medical field. The fight for equal pay is being pushed by many women around the country today and they are taking full force to solve this issue.…

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  • Learn English As A Second Language Essay

    shown on the 2007 Census data, 55 million people prefer to speak a language other than English at home (Shin and Kominski, 580). Cultures and traditions are important to people and the dismissal of them should never be an option. For example, my husband prefers to speak Spanish when he is with his family because is what allows their traditions to continue. When it comes to official business, legislation, and other similar subjects, English must be use. In order for someone to become a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Goals As An Academic Writer

    A short-term goal for me is to become a better academic writer. Writing a paper that flows eloquently will be essential in my near future. This skill is put to use in school for essays and for scholarships. Some of the aspects of my writing that I need to work on is expanding my vocabulary and having less choppy sentences. To achieve this goal I would write and review my essays daily. In addition, I would read novels and write down words I do not know. Then I will study, define and apply these…

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  • Healing Through The Written Word Analysis

    Forms of writing differ and exist in many ways and many different parts of life. There is formal writing that is done in work and for businesses, for entertainment such as books, for reports in science or other studies, and so many other genres. “What Corporate America Can’t Build: A Sentence” by Sam Dillon, “Healing Through the Written Word” by Karen Cangialosi, and “Writing to Connect” by Mary Pipher all discuss different types of writing and their lack of uses in a technologically…

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  • Diagnostic Essay: Rudimentary Skills

    continue their study in that field. Some students may have despised the creative and analytical writing assignments over the years, and would chose to study a major such as finance or biology in order to avoid the subject. When this occurs, the students are unknowingly robbing themselves of valuable tips and lessons for writing, as well as not being able to retain the previous skills they acquired. The students become too focused on how many points the DOW has fallen to notice that they didn’t…

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  • Writing Skills Cause Miscommunication

    People are not inclined to take you and your message serious if mistake are frequent. Regular mistakes will take away other’s confidence in you including your ability to conduct business, handled important tasks, quality of a product, and on and on. Ultimately, writing skills make a difference in how you come across and will be view in the future. Successful writing is one of the best ways to promote yourself and/or your business. In regards to running a business, effective communication tactics…

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