Learn English As A Second Language Essay

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Immigrants who do not speak English as their first language should be required to learn English. Not knowing English creates natural barriers in which information that is not properly interpret can potential cause death of a person. Asking our law enforcement personnel and medical personnel that are on the streets to learn every language that is spoken in this nation is unrealistic. People who come to this country should be given a timeline to learn this language. The system to help immigrants learn English is already established, there are many adult schools, community programs, and colleges such as Rio Hondo that offer English as a Second Language (ESL) so making it mandatory would only help this situation. Also, when it comes to the workplace, many of the hazards and safety precautions are in English and without knowing the meaning of some of this warning, it cannot only result in serious injuries of the person but also others. Learning English will open the doors for many immigrants for the opportunities that this country has to offer.
Many immigrants who come to the U.S for the freedom and may not be fluent in English but find ways to become successful. This does not happen very often but it is possible. This is the beauty of leaving in this country, it opens up the door for all. Knowing English only helps speed up the process.
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We are a nation full of diversity and it is what makes us special. It is our constitutional right to be able to speak other languages and communicate whichever way we prefer. As shown on the 2007 Census data, 55 million people prefer to speak a language other than English at home (Shin and Kominski, 580). Cultures and traditions are important to people and the dismissal of them should never be an option. For example, my husband prefers to speak Spanish when he is with his family because is what allows their traditions to

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