Summary Of Why English Should Be The Official Language

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Languages: Are fewer actually better?
In his article, “Why English should be the official language of the United States”, well known columnist, Brandon Brice (2014), argues how an official language would enhance immigrants to learn the language, while improving immigrants’ and American’s lives. The author highlights how not having an official language has negatively affected the country, consequences that are intensifying, as immigration rates continue to increase. In addition, such immigrants are not feeling the necessity to learn English, especially Spanish speakers who are instead spreading their language.
Furthermore, Brice states consequences of not having an official language mainly include monetary problems. The government spends huge
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Up until now, immigrants have found a way to survive and work, but if they are enforced to speak English, it would no longer be easy for them. It would require time and money they cannot sacrifice. As a result, having an official language, immigrants don’t know, would get them to face harsh unemployment rates, rather than get them to learn it and increase in the socioeconomic ladder, as stated in the article. Moreover, work immigrant perform contributes to a good economy, rather than being a hindrance to it. As the nation 's leading immigration economist, George Borjas estimates immigrant workers increase U.S economy by 11% each year (Center for Immigration Studies, 2013). Basically, having unemployed immigrants is a situation the country can’t afford and that directly affects American borns’ incomes. Also, it would be a negative aspect reflected among Americans’ life, due to the fact, economy would aggravate, people in this job market, as translators, would lose their jobs, and international businesses would no longer be encouraged. Forcing English only, would affect economy and thus lifestyles as

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