Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher Essay

  • Why Do You Want For Become A Teacher?

    Why do you want to become a teacher? This question evokes flashbacks of undergraduate education courses or uncomfortable cocktail parties. “To help students reach their full potential.” “To make the world a better place.” “To create change.” All of these are respectable, admirable answers that satisfy casual acquaintances or overworked professors, but educators are rarely asked an important follow-up question: what are you doing to ensure your students reach their potential and change the world for

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  • I Am Becoming A Teacher

    become a teacher, I have done a lot of research and a lot of studying as to how it may be. I worked with students in an afterschool program and even made some observations in a classroom. It all comes down to me wanting to do what 's best for the children, and what will make them happy. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but it’s important to have good teachers, and hopefully, I’ll be one. Every state has different rules and regulations for teaching. It is important that when you do become a

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  • Why I Should Be A Teacher

    I am a senior in high school and it is ideal to know what major you would like to take up when you go to college. I have an interest in being a teacher when I grow up. I am not concrete about my decision because I do not want to cross out the possibility that I may like something else but, I want to be a teacher for now. To be a teacher you have to have a secondary education and pursue for a master 's degree or doctorate degree in graduate school. I am taking online courses in college now so that

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  • Salaries For High School Teachers

    Salaries for high school teachers with fifteen years of experience and the minimum level of education and training required to be certified exceeded $40,000 in Denmark, Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands and exceeded $60,000 in Switzerland. In the United States, it was $35,000. With statistics like this, people wonder why anyone would want to be a teacher. Teaching is not for everyone. I personally tell people “you do not understand why people would want to teach, unless you want to teach.” With the

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  • My Life After High School

    stop. What do you want to do with your life is another question that never fails to pop up.  Many people think about it every day and right now I am thinking about it also. What is there to do? Where do I want to go? It can be a stressful time, trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. It is a step that has to be made after high school and sometimes it doesn’t come easy to everyone. Some may know what they want to do but later change their mind while some do not know what

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  • The Principal And Members Of The Management Team

    Questions asked by the principal and members of the management team: • Why did you apply for this job? • What do you know about this school? • Why did you decide to pursue a career in teaching? • How do you think you can contribute to the school development plan? • How do you think your present colleagues and managers would describe you? I believe that all of these are pertinent questions that should be asked by the principal or the management team. All of these questions will give the management

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  • The Education System Is Flawed

    Ever had that one teacher that fails you because you’re not capable of a skill that everyone else is? Or not familiar with the compatibility of working at advanced levels? Scratch that, I know the kicker. What about that one teacher that refuses to endeavor their assistance to you so that you could have an improved intellect of the assignment? We’ve all been there. I know how you feel. So, would you contemplate the fact that the education system is flawed? To be completely candid about this, no

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  • Why I Would Want to Be a Teacher. Essay

    BECOMING A TEACHER Page 1 Why I would want to be a Teacher Jamie Croneberger Grand Canyon University- EDU 310 August 16th, 2012 BECOMING A TEACHER Page 2 I want to become a teacher because I, one day, ant to open up my own Day Care Center where I can teach and help the toddlers and babies learn and grow before they start in Pre- Kindergarten. I have always wanted to help younger kids ever since I had my son Anthony and my daughter Kaitlynn. I am having trouble finding a decent

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  • Why I Am A Teacher

    reasons for why people want to be teachers. It could be because of someone who helped them love learning. It could be because they want to accomplish something, or help shape the next generation, or it could be just because they love to help people learn, like me. I have only ever wanted to be a teacher, and I have so many reasons behind why. My cousin Barron, the children’s faces, and the students succeeding are some of my reasons. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be a teacher, I just

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  • Why Students Graduation Rate Has Became A Top Policy Issue Among Educators

    of reasons why students want to dropout of school. Due to research students use dropping out of school as a way to escape from their problems.Numerous of students drop out for unbearable reasons such as, pregnancies, numerous absences, violence in the community, or needing more money. This bring the question to mind: is it the teachers fault students do not want to learn, or is it the parents fault for not setting great examples and allowing their child to not attend school. The teachers are here

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  • I Am A Teacher Based Off The Questions

    This paper will include the reasons why I want to become a teacher based off the questions: “Why do you want to become a teacher?”, “Who or what are your influences?”, “What do you hope to accomplish as a teacher?” and “What will be your legacy?”. I will include names of teachers I had in the past; how they have inspired me and why they have influenced my decision to become a middle school teacher. I will also discuss why I prefer to teach middle school instead of middle school or high school. I

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  • Philosophy: Education and Children Essay

    educator means that you are someone who cares and wants to see children be successful in your class and in their futures. The reason I want to become an educator is to make a difference in a child's life. I have worked with children for over seven years and everyday I spend with a child I learn someone new, about them and about myself. I want to give back to the community in which I was raised. I want to show them that they have helped make me become what I am today. A teacher can make a difference

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  • Essay about Unit 1 Tefl

    WORKSHEET – UNIT 1 Task 1 – List 5 qualities that a ‘good’ teacher should have and give reasons for your choices. Which of these qualities do you consider to be more important, and why? 1. a good teacher should really love teaching because in my opinion you cannot be a good teacher if you do not like what you do. 2. a good teacher should be lively and entertaining because children do not like boring teachers, they need somebody who changes learning into pleasure. as my experience schooled

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  • My Goals For My Mentor Principal Program

    in this principal program and spending time with my mentor principal, this would be the question or statement I would summarize it in. Being a principal, and a teacher, you always have to think about the students. They are, after all, the reason why we are here. They are the reason we have a job. This program has made me a far better teacher, so I can only assume what kind of administrator I will be one day. It was hard to only choose five essential characteristics, but I’ve chosen trust, communication

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  • What Makes A Teacher?

    a noun that I hate the most. What Makes A Teacher? Since I can remember I had never felt contented talking about school. It was not until tenth grade when I started to express my academic potential. My family is a huge influence in making a choice to become a teacher. My sister and both of my extremely close cousins choose an education path and they love it. English being my families second language my sister and I had to help each other a lot. My teachers I had my junior in high school pushed my

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  • I Is The First Day Back

    You are back in elementary school; it is the first day back. With no doubt about it, all of your new classmates are nervous and uneasy about the brand new school year. With a million thoughts running through your small and anxious mind, you are asking a thousand questions to yourself. You are sitting in your new desk, around your new friends, looking at a completely new environment from the previous school year; you get a very uneasy and tense feeling in your stomach. However, most importantly,

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  • The Importance Of A Good Teacher?

    Discussion topic: How to be a good teacher? Pang: I want to talk about teaching. I told you that teaching is not as important as research. But it is still very important. I want you think about your favorite teacher one by one? And why that professor or boss in your previous institution was a good teacher? Student 1: One of my favorite teachers is from my master degree. He teaches Data mining. He used a lot of good examples to let us know how to use the different models; he also made pools like

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  • The Career Of A Special Education Teacher

    Career Essay Research In kindergarten, my teacher asked the class to draw what we wanted to be when we was grown ups. Crayons danced across sheets of ­paper to illustrate our dream occupations. Our drawings were hung in the hallway for our parents to see at Back to School Night, when looking down the line and seeing pictures of ballerinas dancing, firefighters putting out a blaze of fire, and astronauts leaping across the moon. To all of us these careers were seen as typical dreams of five-year-olds

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  • Essay on America: Dumbing Down Our Students

    important facts. Some teachers do not feel their students need to know what was taught back in the day. According to Charles J. Sykes, “In a 1990 survey of college seniors, 42 percent couldn’t name the dates of the War Between the States within half a century” ( Sykes, 4). Why don’t our teachers care anymore about teaching about important events or even science? Many of them have said it is because they just are not useful facts. I would have to disagree. I believe that you should know the background

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  • Why I Should Become A Teacher

    Growing up, I had always wanted to become a teacher. Each year, I would collect more and more “teacher materials” and pretend I had a class full of students. I want to say that this love of teaching stems from my love of being creative and working with people. When asked, “why do you want to become a teacher?” a person may find it harder to explain their answer than you may think. There really is not a simple explanation to why someone wants to do something they love. It is a matter of what they

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  • Teachers Should Be A Preschool Teacher

    will become a preschool teacher. She will be helping young children that are still managing to make it out of preschool; most children do not know why all teachers want to become a preschool teacher. In a yearly average preschool teacher, make about $32,000 a year because the teachers would make a yearly average around $56,000 because they have work as a preschool, middle, and high school teacher. To become a preschool teacher you would need a high school diploma , all teachers should have a high school

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  • Career Essays : Career Essay

    Career Essay Research “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a child, we have all been asked this question throughout our school years. and as unrealistic children most of us were, we all had dreams dreams of being a superhero, princess, cowboy, or astronaut. In kindergarten, I can remember in my homeroom class every student was assigned to draw what we wanted to be when we was all grown up. Crayons danced across sheets of ­paper to illustrate our dream occupations. Our drawings were hung

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  • Students With A Professionalism Redirect Or Talk At The Parents

    Absolutely, one of the other things that you mentioned in your survey was something about encouraging the student with a professionalism redirect or talk to the parents. Can you tell me a little bit about that? Rich: Parent communication, to me, has always been huge and I laugh at them now because I have a stack of 25 years ' worth of newsletters that went home to parents on a Commodore computer. We had to put in a floppy disc and type something and you pull it out and put it in to save another

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  • Is Education A Waste Of Education?

    Is Education a Waste of Education? During high school, many people are asked to decide what they want to be when they grow up. I went through many options before deciding that I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I thought I could be successful in this career path and was very excited to begin my new adventure. Some people I knew thought otherwise. In general, I was told that I was wasting my time at college by trying to receive a degree in education. At the end of my junior year of high

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  • Graduation Speech On Entering High School

    there is so much pressure put on a student to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life, and then they want you to focus your high school curriculum to achieve that goal. As a young student, how are we supposed to know “exactly” what we want to do with the rest of our lives? Look at our society, how many adults do you know that are doing the job or career that they thought they wanted to do when they first started college. You guessed, it not many; on average over 75% of all college

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  • The Reasons Why Students Become Teachers

    reasons why students become teachers. Some of those reasons are good reasons and others are more self-centered reasons. It talks about what different types of situations the future teacher will encounter in the classrooms today. One good example of teaching which Herbert Kohl states, specialization does not interest me, and teaching elementary school makes it possible for me to explore many facets of the world and share what I learn (2013, p. 18). It’s important to know what grade level you will be

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  • Do Boys And Girls Learn Differently?

    my interviews because one of them had very little responses. The reason why I have decided to choose young students is because my question for this project is, “Do boys and girls learn differently?” You may think that this is a very vague question however there are so many answers to it and in my paper I will discuss a few of them. First I would like to talk about the four students I have chosen. One of the main reasons why I choose each of my subjects is because they are all from different areas

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  • Teaching Goes Beyond Core Curriculum

    rewarding jobs as well. Without teachers, you would not have educated citizens that can benefit society. Without teachers you wouldn’t learn math, science, and english. You wouldn’t understand the history of the world and how it works. You wouldn’t understand how words can be manipulated and how to speak in other languages. In addition, teaching goes beyond core curriculum and you learn how to be a citizen of the world and how to be responsible and live like an adult. You learn life skills in the classroom

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  • Why I Would Become A Teacher

    As a kid you hated the teachers in class trying to teach you the subject that no one gives a shit about, so what would make you want to be a teacher? As a current student I can tell you I was one of those kids thinking the exact same thing and asking myself the exact same questions. There are endless reasons on why I would like to become a teacher. With that there are plenty of things that influenced my choice of wanting to become a teacher and some would say they are unacceptable but some people

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  • Choices For Students And Young Adults

    Choices. Many are hard, only some come easy. Sometimes they are made with careful thought and consideration, but often enough they are made without a care in the world. Choices. They define who we are, who we want to be. With every choice we make, whether it be what we want, or based off the opinions of others, we are little by little changing the way our life turns out. These choices are necessary, as they develop and shape who we are as both students and young adults. One of your most challenging

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  • College Students With Behavior Problems

    I have always imagine about becoming the greatest art teacher to my own students. During my first field experience, it has taught me many things such as the good and the bad that I didn 't know about it. I had the wonderful pleasure of being placed in Ms. Kelm classroom. She and her students were very welcoming. And as I reflect back to myself, I realized that it is not all about the money that you work for, but it’s about showing how much you care for the students future. Honey Creek School is

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  • My Experience With A Teacher

    Whenever you see your relatives they always ask the question, what do you want to be when you grow up? Having heard this question since I was little I really did not know what to say. When asked over and over again my response always changed. First, I wanted to be a singer; then a nurse; and last year I figured out that I wanted to become a teacher. I would not have even imagined this if I had not worked at a daycare. I knew that I loved kids but it never clicked in my head that I would be good with

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  • What Are The Difference Between A Rule And A Procedure?

    and a procedure is not. A procedure is walking quickly outside and facing away from the school during a fire drill. Saying the pledge of allegiance in the morning is a procedure, along with having the students do their lunch count. An example of a rule is treating others like you want to be treated, or being a bucket filler, rather than a bucket dumper. Not chewing gum at school is another rule. Rules have consequences when they are broken. 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using

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  • The Veterinary Science Class At Belen High School

    agriculture class teaches lessons students can carry on for life in a hands on classroom setting and has a teacher who is willing to teach students so they can learn to the best of their abilities. Students need lessons that they can carry on for the rest of their life. In this class I learn many of those types of lessons. I learn many things about the vet science world. I do not want to be a vet, but I want to be a doctor. In this class I learn many things about the anatomy of animals, a lot of which applies

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  • My Goal As An Educator

    student fail. I will do everything I can to ensure all of my students succeed. There is so much diversity in schools now that this goal is a must for all educators. My classroom will be inclusive. This goal is very important to me because a teacher’s schedule is so busy that the one-on-one has decreased. I will take time each day to talk to each child on a personal level. I will use different strategies and materials to reach all learning styles. I want to be that teacher they remember twenty

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  • Reasons For Choosing A Career Path

    believe everyone has to take a step back and remember why they want to go down this career path before they start that journey in their life. I know I have had a couple of moments when I had to remind myself why I want to be a teacher. Every time I remember why I chose to do this career path, it reignites my fire and keeps me going. I have many reasons for choosing the career path that I want to go down. One of the reasons I want to become a teacher is to watch students succeed from working with them

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  • Why Teaching Is Important For Our Nation

    Why Teach? Why teach? When asked wouldn 't this be a simple question? Some want to teach because then they would get summers off, Christmas break, and a scheduled day with every weekend off with random breaks in-between. That alone would convince many people to consider teaching, one of the best work schedules in the world, just continuing the path you were on for 16 years before you graduated. Teaching is so much more than that when one looks at it closely. I want to teach personally because I

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  • Why I Become A Teacher

    amazing. Not many are cut out to be a teacher. You have to have that willingness and openness to be a successful teacher. Children will depend on you to be the best you can be. They will always look for you to support them no matter what. Why be a teacher? It should be pretty self-explanatory. I cannot speak for no one besides myself. There are many reasons why I want to become a teacher. I want to become a teacher because it is something I have always wanted to do since I was a little girl. When I

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  • A Letter About A Good Guidance

    “Hey, Chen. When is this class over?” I whispered, as the teacher is teaching in front of the platform. My deskmate Chen took a glance at me and said, “Don’t keep asking me the same question every class.” After a few minutes, I would ask another one, “Hey, Chen. Do you want to get some snacks after this class? I’m so hungry.” Usually, Chen didn’t answer me at the first time. And I kept asking, “I will buy you a drink if you come with me”. At this moment, I would hear a word, “deal”. This is the common

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  • Graduation Speech : Elementary School Teacher

    Elementary School Teacher. For so long I had a difficult time deciding what career I wanted to go into, which caused me to constantly change my major. After I had my daughter is when I realized I wanted to get into a career that involved working with children. Teachers don 't go to just a job, they go to a place that makes them happy everyday knowing that they are helping children learn and grow. There are several reasons to come a teacher that I can 't list them all. The reasons I want to become and

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  • Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon

    Teachers “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” A great leader Nelson Mandela stated this. Education is tremendously valuable and plays a large part in today’s society. The ability to learn and grow as a person is something people should never take advantage of, however they do it on a daily basis. The ability to attend school and get an education today is under-appreciated in society, which makes the profession of teaching in the United States an get underpaid

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  • The Problem Of The Education

    The education today is something that you can 't even describe because it is so messed up that one day all the schools will shut down because there are so many problems nowadays with the students getting out of control or drugs in the school or threats to the school. But the big problem of the education is how so many students that go to school but don 't have the right education and the other problems is that many students drop out of high school or don 't even finish school or their parents

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  • My Educational Journey : My Education Journey

    My Educational Journey Have you ever noticed a hesitant, shy, unjustified and confused student in your class? I was just one of them in my middle and elementary school. Just like Mike Rose, I was under estimated by my parents and teachers. I was an average student, who always makes different tactics to encounter the questions of the teacher. I always use a different method to not to get in an eye of the teacher, when I was in elementary school. Every day for me at school was like solving

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  • Why I Am A Teacher

    I have a lot of family and friends that are teachers or are retired teachers. I don’t remember a conversation I’ve had in the past 10 years of which a teacher was talking positively about his or her job, that they were inspired by what was happening in his or her school, that he or she was happy most days going to work. Are you a teacher? Are you happy in your job? Do you love working with kids, but frustrated by the system you work in? Do you wish there was a way to work with young people in a

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  • Why I Should Become A Teacher

    1. Why did you decide to become a teacher? I chose to become a teacher to inspire my students to be great at all that they do. I would like for my students to know that there are no limits to your dreams when education is involved. Majority of my students does not have a support system in their homes. As their teacher, I am their support system and I will try my hardest to encourage them and inspire them to be more than what society wants them to be. 2. To the extent that you feel comfortable

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  • Personal Statement : My Career Goals

    career goals, I will be mentioning my personal goals, for example, I will discuss my major which is Education, and explain why I choose teaching, and I am going to explain why I always want to teach and the real reason behind it, I will also discuss my strengths and weakness and how I plan to improving my skills. This is personal to me as long as I can remember I always want to teach. And now I will be sharing a lot in this paper. I am going to start by mentioning a few of my career goals which

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  • Teachers Should Be Allowed to Carry Weapons

    places in the world, you would think that a school is the safest place for a child to be. Sometimes this isn’t the case. In this speech, I will talk to you about how allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons will be a good idea. I will talk about the advantages of allowing teachers to carry a concealed weapon, how allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons is helping other countries, and why Gun-Free zones aren’t working. Let’s start with the advantages of allowing teachers to carry a concealed

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  • The Best Education Of The World

    came here, and now my conclusion is that maybe U.S has the best high level education but not necessarily for the elementary level. The reason why I say this is because I think from first grade to eighth grade, American students learn far less than students in other countries like China, Japan, and vice versa. Based on my personal experience, American students do not learn much about math and sciences, my first year studying in Indiana is sophomore year in a private high school, and what they taught

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  • Growing Up With An Immigrant Mother

    that made me happy. But it wasn’t always to keep my mother happy but my teachers as well. I always loved when my teachers would tell me how proud they were because that really made me feel great, like I was unstoppable. My teachers made me push harder in everything, it wasn’t only in the subjects they taught but if it was anything that was going on they motivated me to be better. So as I got older I really wanted to be a teacher I didn’t know at the time what subject or grade I wanted to teach. It

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  • The Privilege Of Interviewing A First Year Teacher At My Son 's School

    I had the privilege of interviewing a first year teacher at my son 's school. Ms. James is a first year pre-kindergarten teacher at White Bluff Elementary School. She was one of the teachers assigned to welcoming the kids to school every morning; that was how I got to meet her. She enjoys teaching the pre-kindergarten because she wants to put a lasting imprints on the educational sojourn of the kids as their first ever teachers apart from their parents or guardians, furthermore, she cannot resist

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