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  • Definition Essay: What Is Justice?

    What is Justice? It sounds like a simple question to answer, but what about in the world we live in today. Many people in our society have their own distinctive explanation of what justice is. When most people think of justice, they think behavior, treatment, fair play, and equity. In many eyes, justice is seeing the villain pays for what they have done usually by some kind of punishment such as prison or the death penalty. Because justice is a hard word to define everyone has taking up there very onw viewpoint of it, and how it should be use. Many believe that justice is the concepts of moral correctness based on law, equity, ethics, rationality, religion, and fairness. First, we must understand that justice differs from every culture, as our culture are…

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  • What Is Justice In Plato's Republic

    In the book Plato’s Republic, the argument is a question of what justice is. Justice is the question that all characters in the book are trying to explain for the purpose of developing in their own opinion an ideal city. Socrates tries to form this perfect city where everyone will follow the rules implemented. While building the city everything is done in a matter to see the good or bad of each individual. So many rules each have to follow to form a just city that is not made of good people…

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  • What Is The Concept Of Justice In Plato's Republic

    Plato’s “Republic” is centered around the notion of justice and how it is beneficial to individuals. The main purpose of the book is to bring forth the conception of what is referred to as “just state.” The book is written in a dialogue form where Plato writes about the different arguments Socrates makes in regards to justice. As humans, we have strong intuitions when we are dealing with matters relating to justice and moral uprightness. Intuitions are influential in what we consider to be…

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  • What Is Restorative Justice?

    The criminal justice system has a goal of providing justice to society for any wrong doing by offenders. The traditional justice system fails both offenders and victims alike by its inability to successfully rehabilitate offenders. There is a viable alternative to the traditional justice in the use of the restorative justice system “Restorative justice is based on the principle that a crime has affected the community, victim, and offender and as such all three should be involved in the…

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  • Interpretive Justice: What´s Restorative Justice?

    Restorative justice sights offender acts as fights that arise within a society context and such as, they require society replies (Barsky, 2010). It is a theory that confirms reforming the injury caused by offender behavior. According to Hopkins (2004), restorative justice tries to approach between offenders and victims and aims to assist the criminal to avert future crimes. This may produce to transformation of people, relationships and communities to be better and close to each other.…

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  • Retributive Justice: What´s Restorative Justice?

    Restorative justice was once a dominant model of criminal justice worldwide (Braithwaite, 1999). The move away from restorative justice occurred during the Middle Ages when communities shifted from Acephallus (headless societies) to ‘States’, therefore shifting the responsibility for punishment and harm reparation from victims to the state (Gavrielides, 2011). This introduced the idea of retributive justice. Retributive justice refers to the idea that punishment is imposed on the wrong doer…

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  • What Is Retributive Justice

    Retributive justice: Retributive justice can be defined as; A theory of justice which involves the punishment of wrong things is known as retributive justice. If someone is giving you pain, then you have to return the same quality and quantity of pain to that person. Retributive justice are concerned with correcting wrong. Retributive is the just response to criminal acts, such as assault or theft. A theory which holds the best response to a crime is an immediate punishment. In this type of…

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  • What´s Restorative Justice?

    Restorative justice focuses on repairing the harm done by criminal behavior. There are many aspects of restorative justice that emphasizes the coming together of criminals, victims, and the community in efforts to reconcile the harm that has been done. Many churches, communities, schools, and workplaces are involved in restorative justice programs. Many restorative justice programs aim for the same goal. It creates the opportunity for both victims and offenders to meet with one another to…

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  • What Is The Criminal Justice System

    Our criminal system is designed to allow persons accused of a crime to defend themselves against accusations in a court of law. Convictions often depend on evidence, testimony, and the perception of a judge or jury to determine guilt and innocence. At the end of a criminal trial, a verdict of guilt or no-guilt is usually entered and the proceedings come to a close. If a person feels that he or she has been wrongly convicted of a crime, they may be able to appeal the conviction and take the trial…

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  • What Are Management Jobs In Criminal Justice?

    What Management Jobs are in Criminal Justice? Most management jobs in criminal justice are found in security, corrections, public service and law enforcement. Here are four popular management jobs for graduates with a criminal justice degree. Crime Analyst Supervisor Crime analyst supervisors are responsible for analyzing law enforcement data and interpreting criminal trends and patterns. They oversee employees who process information requests using law enforcement records management systems…

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