Criminal Justice Vs Restorative Justice

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The criminal justice system has a goal of providing justice to society for any wrong doing by offenders. The traditional justice system fails both offenders and victims alike by its inability to successfully rehabilitate offenders. There is a viable alternative to the traditional justice in the use of the restorative justice system “Restorative justice is based on the principle that a crime has affected the community, victim, and offender and as such all three should be involved in the resolution of the crime (Griffiths, 2014 p.208). Restorative justice makes use of victim-offender mediation, victim impact statements and other means of reconciling offenders to their victims to prevent future crimes from taking place. When an offender must reconcile …show more content…
In the “Robert” case (Griffiths, 2014 pg.315) a man was charged with impaired driving causing death as well as criminal negligence causing death. Robert was involved in a Collaborative Justice Project in which he was able to meet with Phillip, who was the adult son of Roberts victims. The meeting between the offender and the victim Phillip allowed the victims of the crime to learn more about the crime that had occurred “His mother didn’t wish to meet Robert but needed more information about the accident from the police so that she could move on with her own grieving process” (Griffiths, 2014 pg.315). Being a part of the Collaborative Justice Project meant that Robert had a caseworker who was making sure he was kept accountable for his actions and receiving the help that he needed for addiction to alcohol. Robert and Phillip would eventually meet in a victim-offender mediation that was beneficial for both parties. Robert was eventually sentenced to jail time for his crimes, however, for less time than the crown was originally seeking due to the work that Robert had put in with the Collaborative Justice Project, “The Crown attorney’s original position of three to five years was mitigated in light of the work done by the accused and the victim’s son and their interest in continuing such work” (Griffiths, 2014 pg. 315). The offender and the victim were able to make presentations to the community regarding the crime that had occurred which is of great benefit to the community in advocating awareness for drinking and

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