Essay on Importance of Education in Life

  • The Importance Of Education In Modern Life

    Education has played an important role in modern life for many individuals in society. It is important to acquire knowledge and skills, and it can bring positive changes in life, enhance the intelligence of a person and enable him/her to lead more successful life. Malcolm X and Liz Murray are good examples of this. These two authors changed their lives by educating themselves. In Homemade Education, Malcolm discusses his time in prison, where he taught himself how to read and write by using a dictionary and books, to become literate. On the other hand, in Breaking Night Liz Murray was able to overcome obstacles to success in her life and changing her lifestyle from being homeless to graduating from Harvard. Education can change anyone’s life unless they take all the advantages of the opportunities available in their life. Malcom X and Liz Murray, both started their education late in life, One of the biggest reasons why Malcolm chose to become literate was the letters that he wrote to Mr. Elijah Muhammad (the leader of the Nation of Islam, also called the Black Muslim Movement) that he discusses in Homemade Education which motivated him to begin his studies and learn how to read and write using proper English, because he wanted to be able to express himself in his letters. He was having a difficult time expressing his feelings through the letters because he was not able to use the correct words, however; after teaching himself how to read and write, it was much easier for him…

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  • The Importance Of Education In Life

    “Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.” John Dewey. What is education? What is that we have learned? Why is it relevant in our everyday lives? I think that John Dewey said it well in his quote. That all life revolves around education. Every day no matter what you do you are somehow educating yourself. Whether you’re still in school or not, everything is full of education. Even the ridiculous tabloids in grocery aisles can teach you something. Education is something…

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  • Importance Of Education In Life

    The Importance of Education in Life: There are many satisfying advantages of getting your education, the society will be able to expand and have growth throughout their lives and future. The first thing is they can have a bright future, and be able to learn how to read and write. That is an immeasurable experience and leaverage because people that were a part of slavery did not have the opportunity to grasp how to read and write properly. Someone with their education in a school environment get…

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  • The Importance Of My Life In Education

    showed her entire class of second graders pictures of the inside of her body that were taken during surgery. As a second grader, I had never seen photos like that and had a hard time comprehending that that was what the inside of our bodies look like. I do not think this was appropriate to be showing to young children in a school environment. As I matured over the years, I realized the uncomfortableness of the situation and my favorite elementary teacher has since changed. Progressive As a…

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  • The Importance Of Fire And Life Safety Education

    Fire and Life Safety Education leapt out at me after the several hundredth pass or so. Why? I found the irony in broaching a topic predicated on educating others after lamenting my own lack thereof too amusing to pass up. My education on the topic consisting of disjointed flashbacks of a talking bear, nude save for a debonair hat he presumably scavenged from a park ranger he devoured, spoils of war I suppose; stories by Chief Whitt, cognizance of a few key terms lacking the context to make use…

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  • Importance Of Education Give Us Life

    Education Should Give Us Life – A Free Future According to Freire, libertarian education is the best way to eliminate the teacher-student contradiction, by reconciling the poles of the contradiction so that both are simultaneously teachers and students. Basically, Freire is pointing out that in order for the education system to effectively serve its purpose, some point both the teacher and the student need to collaborate and exchange roles at. Thus they can learn from each other. I therefore,…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Education In The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

    The past weeks we have read a book named Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. The book is about a former slave named Frederick Douglass, who was born into slavery which he didn’t fully understand until a later stage of his life. The book addresses his life as a slave and how he came to understand the meaning of slavery in a segregated world where white supremacy existed. In the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, the author Douglass mentions the importance of education and how…

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  • Importance Of Education In Your Life

    Education in Your Life “Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of the fire.”-William Butler Yeats. Many students in American society today, often look at not education itself, but actually taking the time out of their day and going to get an education in a dim light. An abundance of students do not realize that education sets the stage for your life. Opening an uncanny amount of doors that eventually lead to mindblowing opportunities all created by the knowledge you gain…

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  • Importance Of Education In College Life

    College: Is it really necessary? Most are raised with the mindset that college the next step of the checklist of your life. You are supposed to graduate high school, go to and graduate college, get a successful job because that is what college is for, and create a family. How dare you think that you can go out of this order, or even skip a step of this process. Schooling and higher education is not everyone’s cup of tea, some just do not perform well in these situations, that does not mean that…

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  • The Importance Of Life In Education

    Mercer Island High School my teachers were stressing the fact that you need to go to college. I didn’t only hear it from them; I also heard this from my parents and counselors. I couldn’t understand why it was so important at the time because I was more into playing sports and being a child or young adult if you will. After my senior year it began to click on why it was so important to go to school because you could start to build your life. Or as Thomas Friedman says in his book The World Is…

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