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  • `` The Scrivener : A Story Of Wall Street, By David Foster Wallace

    Street,” is a short story written by Herman Melville, that was first published in 1853. The argumentative appeals, ethos, logos, and pathos are all effective in making points about law and disorder. The authors choose these particular argumentative strategies to get the main point and purpose out to the reader. However, when it comes to connecting argumentative appeals with law and disorder, ethos is the most effective appeal in the following two works. There are three argumentative appeals and

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  • The Issue Of Banning Tobacco

    After rereading my past argumentative essay, I noticed key grammatical and structural errors that, if fixed, could assist me in the future. This argumentative essay lacked a strong thesis, reliable sources, and a sense of order of importance. The argument was to push the United States to make the silent killer, better known as tobacco, illegal. The essay reflected on key factors that were in favor of banning tobacco. After my grandmother died of lung cancer, I began to become an activist in the fight

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  • Reflection Paper On The Writing Process

    assignments and some in-class writing. During the writing process, I learn a lot about these different kinds of writing formats and realize my own weakness. As for the four essays that I wrote: summary and response paper, rhetorical analysis, argumentative essay and reflection essay, I’d like to introduce my past English learning experience at first, then discuss each assignment individually and express my feelings and reflection. When I was in middle school, at first, I didn’t like English composition

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  • How Freshman Composition Has Benefited My Ability As A Writer

    writer. It greatly increased my confidence about college level academic writing. Learning how to write argumentative papers was my biggest achievement this semester. It taught me the importance of writing multiple drafts in the process, and it challenged me to analyze other authors work. Some of the challenges I faced but have overcome as well are, learning to revise papers, refute an argumentative paper, and working with grammar. Many of these appear in the three essays I wrote and all of these essays

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  • Essay about Lesson of the Moth Poetry Analysis

    thoughts of a moth and his outlook on life. The overall poem would be considered argumentative being the moth is trying to inform the man that he should live his life and let his hair down a little more instead of relishing the everyday routines of life. This is shown in paragraph 3 when the moth says “But we get bored with the routine/and crave beauty/and excitement.”(18-20)Another example of the passage being argumentative is when the man says “and before I could argue him/out of his philosophy.”(43-44)

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  • Reading Stories And Poems By Sujin Shin

    reading completely. They do not understand what the book or poem is about. There are four main thinking strategies that are crucial when trying to understand a reading. Those four key components are literary thinking and expository, analytical, and argumentative thinking. These four key factors have distinct differences which the reader must understand when reading and afterwards make a connection based on the key thinking factors. Literary thinking for the most part has to do more with literature. In

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  • Annotated Bibliography Of My English Class

    Reflecting on the past few months, I noticed that our English class essays has been giving me skills necessary to become successful in today’s society. Knowing how to write personal in our in our Hupomnemata, and argumentative in our research papers will help me in out farther alone in not just my schooling, but in everyday life. I have taken many English courses in my life but this was the first one where I truly learned how to write a well thought out essay. Starting out with the annotated bibliography

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  • The journey to the center of the earth Essay

    ENGLISH ESSAY STUDY GUIDE 1. Argumentative Essay DEFINITION An argumentative essay tries to change the reader’s mind by convincing the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view. CHARACTERISTICS An argumentative essay attempts to be highly persuasive and logical. It usually assumes that the reader disagrees with the writer, but it should be noted that the reader is no less intelligent than the writer. Hence an argumentative essay should be written objectively, logically and respectfully

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  • Expository Writing : The Earth Is Full By Thomas Friedman

    Nation of Mutts” by David Brooks, and I decided that Brooks’ essay was effective. Assignment 4 was a Summary and Analysis of “The Earth is Full” by Thomas Friedman, and I decided that Friedman’s essay was not effective. Lastly, assignment 6 was an argumentative letter to Secretary of State John Kerry on overpopulation and resource depletion. These three assignments are all very different, and I believe that they are all good representations of my writing experience and ability. Assignment 3, a Summary

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  • Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut 's Harrison Bergeron

    easy to comment on today’s political issues through an amusing and defensibly unrelated short story, and indeed this is what many of Kurt Vonnegut’s stories do. He crafts an argument that allows the reader to interpret his meaning as opposed to directly persuading them through an argumentative essay. Vonnegut took advantage of dystopian fiction, a subgenre of science fiction, and satire to create the cautionary short story Harrison Bergeron. The story takes place in 2081 and explores a world that practices

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  • Argumentative Essay About Critical Thinking

    Ever since I was young, I loved writing and reading. I would write short stories, and could always be found with a book in my hand. But as I was growing up, that love faded because I soon found grammar and spelling hard to understand. Also, when I would read out loud, some words I could not pronounce so there were times when my peers would make fun of me. These experiences have turned me away from writing and reading, but I believe that this class has helped me get some of that love back. This class

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  • My Writing An Evaluation Paper

    an evaluation paper, I had received a 50 out of 100 points and I can just recall how shocked and confused as to why, and the great thing about our Instructor was that he always comments on our assignments. He had stated among the lines that it was short of the word count and also was not up to college standards. When he had said, “ it is not up to college standards” I needed a more in depth explanation as to what his statement had implied; therefore I did text him and he quickly replied in a timely

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  • The Jung 's Personality Test

    description, ENTJ’s have a natural tendency to direct and are decisive. NJ’s have a natural talent to plan creatively and bring those plans to reality. ENTJ’s are often larger than life when describing their projects and proposals, but may become argumentative when challenged. I agree I am more an extrovert than an introvert. I enjoy being around and interacting with people. I am not surprised my intuitive percentage is the highest. I feel like I have an innate ability to relate with people and notice

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  • The Accelerated Reading Program For A Young Child At School

    high my reading decreased. I would try to find a book or two that I sometimes never even read. In high school things changes a little, and I thank my English teacher to this day for pushing me to read so much. He would make us read novels, articles, short stories, and different kinds of poems. If it was not for him I do not think I would be able to read a book and actually enjoy it. The problem with junior high and high school English teachers was that they always chose books that I felt were boring

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  • Graduation Speech : Writing Technique And Style

    was essays for my other language arts classes. Some classes that I have taken in the past prior to Intermediate Composition were; middle school language arts, English 9, and American Lit. Some essay categories that I have written before were; argumentative, reflective, personal, persuasive, and definition essays. By taking these classes, it really helped shape me into the creative writer I am today. I chose to take Intermediate Composition because my tenth grade teacher, Ms. McDermott, suggested

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  • How Writing Is An Destructive Force For Challenge One 's Perception

    courses that I took were separated in different sections which consisted of English, comprehension and spelling. These sections were graded on how well one can write an essay given a topic and through rigorous spelling tests. My writings were very short about one page and were graded on a scale of four, one being the highest and four being the lowest. The transition to sixth grade was different because my country follows British rules of grading and follows a different system when advancing to the

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  • High Education : Is It Worth The Cost?

    suggested for word choice that I could look over my paper and if I use a word multiple times in a paragraph then I could try to look up a synonym in the thesaurus which is a great literary tool. In “Higher Education: Is it worth the cost?”, my argumentative essay, I give my argument as well as multiple counterarguments on the discussion. My argument was that although college is much overpriced, it is nearly impossible to function without a degree in today’s society. The counterarguments include that

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  • Teaching And Using Knowledge Of Writing

    of the paper. The paper was intended to tell a story, but it was also meant to entertain the reader. With this in mind, I focused on adding details to my essay that would draw in the reader and create emotions. The second essay written was an argumentative essay. Its purpose was to present an argument and persuade the reader the thesis the writer created was correct. Rhetorical knowledge was essential in writing this paper because the essay had to have a clear cut stance. While writing the essay

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  • A Hanging By George Orwell

    dehumanizing. Shortly after that Orwell became an Abolitionist and quit his job as Assistant Superintendent of Imperial Police. Orwell’s Abolitionist message, that capital punishment is wrong and that there is no reason to take another life, in the short story “A Hanging” is conveyed through the prisoner, the dog, the functionaries, their actions, words, and body language. The Hindu prisoner who was going to be hung, was a small man with a sprouting moustache who looked as if he was from a comic

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  • Should Marijuana Medical Marijuana Be Legal?

    don 't flow smoothly. The final step I take is to run all my writing through Grammarly to check for plagiarism, improve vocabulary and avoid passive voice. I had the opportunity to write about my gastroparesis in the Narrative assignment. The argumentative essay gave me the opportunity to support a controversial topic and give reasons why America should legalize medical marijuana. However, several of the assignments were laid out for me, writing the synopsis of The Kite Runner, citing and annotating

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  • Argumentative Strategies Of Plato Vs. Aristophanes

    Argumentative Strategies of Plato vs. Aristophanes In Aristophanes’ “Clouds” and Plato’s “Apology” Socrates is satirically attacked and rationally defended respectively. The two argumentative styles of Aristophanes and Plato are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Aristophanes utilizes satire and humorous exaggerations of sophist teachings to denounce Socrates. Alternatively, Plato’s “Apology” uses logic and reason in order to defend himself against the charges brought against him. Both writings

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  • Reflection On Learning Through Reflection

    Learning Through Reflection During this semester, I finished three main essays. They are the summary and response, rhetorical analysis and argumentative essays. In general, I think I have improved in many aspects within my professor’s help. In high school, students were only required to write 120 words for an essay, but in college, we are normally required to write at least a thousand words for an essay. At first, I had no idea how to just finish it, and just reach the word count, but now, I am

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  • My Native Language ( Somali )

    felt safe. Inside my portfolio, they are two essays that I chose: compare- contrast and argumentative. I chose this two essay not because I got higher grades but because they are the ones that I improved as I wrote first, second, and third drafts. For this essays, one of my most challenging parts was vocabulary. When I was writing about small thing, I used many words to explain because I didn’t have a short way to explain the word. Right now I am improving my vocabulary since my instructor advised

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  • My Writing Process Is A Process That Fluctuates Amongst Students

    My writing process consists of diluting the prompt to fit my understanding and to create a thorough, well organized outline. My process like others, oscillate depending on the assignment given to us. Essays that require analytical skills and an argumentative approach demand for deeper speculation. An assignment that call for skills such as these allow for an overall improvement of presentation within arguments. “Essay 1: Evaluation” was an assignment that gave us the opportunity to take on a controversial

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  • Argument Essay

    UNIT 1 Special Note: The argumentative essay is a very useful test of a student’s ability to think logically. Argue: v. 1. to persuade someone to do or not do something. 2. to give the reasons for your opinion, idea, belief, etc. Argumentative: adj. someone who is argumentative often argues or like arguing. Argument: n. a set of reasons that show that something is true or untrue, right or wrong etc. When you have an opinion

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  • Why Football Is A Dangerous Sport And Should Be Avoided With Young Children Ages 6-12

    In my argumentative essay I defend why football is a dangerous sport and should be avoided with young children ages 6-12. My previous essay used data from secondary sources and primary sources, however supporting my stance with only words was a challenge. Without visual and audio elements I felt I had trouble communicating with the reader. My remediation into a prezi uses a combination of videos and images to present the consequences of playing football. To support my claims I use evidence from

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  • Everyone 's An Author, By Andrea Lunsford

    from the book “Everyone’s an Author”, which was made by Andrea Lunsford, Michal Brody, Lisa Ede, Beverly J. Moss, Carole Clark Papper, and Keith Walters. This has all come to help improve my writing abilities and prepare me for the next course on argumentative writing. My composing process has changed drastically from the beginning of this semester. When the semester started I would have my writings done shortly after they were assigned and would come back and check and proofread them up until the

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  • Evaluation of English Writing Class Essay

    whole, self-reflections, essays, my strengths and weaknesses and my professor. Every English 111 textbook should consist of three main things: the proper way to write an academic essay, review of proper grammar, mechanics word usage and a short transition chapter of the difference between writing in high school and college writing. Successful College Writing by Kathleen T. McWhorter has many of the essentials but noticed it lacked examples of a noble essay. All throughout class students critiqued

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  • Writing Argumentative Essays

    A helpful book for IELTS Compiled by bavy&adrian October 2004 Contents Introduction - please read Debatable and non-debatable statements Providing support for debatable statements (or premises) Using connectives and paragraphs in a larger argumentative text The main thesis, supporting arguments and conclusion. Adding information to relevant arguments Connectives for listing arguments. Concluding connectives In fact / Indeed More practice on using In fact and Indeed Paragraphs Showing you are aware

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  • I Am A Word Of English

    Body paragraph 1: focus on the first piece: The first thing that helped develop my skills in 8th grade was the lady and the tiger pre-assessment argumentative essay. In this assignment, I had to write an essay, a debate, and then present and put into action my debate. The essay helps me develop my skills as a writer because writing an argumentative essay has always been a challenge to me because I always had a hard time picking a side and then sticking to it. The essay turns out well the second

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  • English Is Always Been My Weakness

    style as time went by for instance we learned how to use short sentences to begin papers, ‘winter knives’ for example. I was intrigued by how our guest speaker wrote this two word sentence that was vigorous and made readers anxious to hear the rest of a tale. We were advised to begin our argumentative essays in a similar format and I attempted to do so. I began my essay with the short sentence, “The beats brand stormed the market ‘Argumentative Essay’ ”. I believe this new writing style would intrigue

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  • William Shakespeare 's Taming Of The Shrew

    must marry the older sister Katherine. Petruchio, a wealthy bachelor takes the challenge of marrying and taming the shrewish woman, Katherine. Katherine is defined as a shrew because she is a bad-tempered, aggressive, unpleasant, devil-like, and argumentative woman, fulfilling the true definition of a shrew. Characters Petruchio and Bianca can; also, fulfill the definition of a shrew through their own actions. Shakespeare’s title of the play not only leaves questions of who the true shrew is, but what

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  • Edgar All Poe's Style Essay example

    Edgar Allen Poe’s style in The Black Cat and Tell-Tale Heart In many of Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories, a reader can encounter with many similarities of style and technique. In this paper, I am going to state the similarities of The Black Cat and Tell-Tale Heart to understand Poe style in short stories. To start with, in both of the stories, the setting is jail because the main characters of two stories are criminals. Such an entrance to the stories enables the reader’s attention to be more

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  • Edgar Allan Poe 's The Physical, Cognitive, And Social Aspects Of His Childhood, Adolescence

    Army back in Boston. Adulthood After his five-year term in the military, he moved to Baltimore to live with his aunt, Maria Clemm and his cousin, Virginia Clemm. Poe continued to struggle living in bankruptcy. He began to publish short stories. While he was publishing his short stories, Poe fell in love with Virginia. They secretly got married in 1836 when she was only 13 years old. Despite his reputation as a successful writer, Poe continued to struggle financially. Poe and Virginia relationship started

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  • Comparing Muhammad Ali And Joe Frazier

    is no point in these arguments and disputes, because they will outlast the people creating them. Humans do not live forever, these ideologies and scientific principles can. Understanding the principles and ideologies is necessary to coexist for the short amount of time that people have on earth. There will obviously be more discoveries and questions in the future, but we must understand them and stay informed to maintain our inner peace. Science is a major part of this as is religion. The cooperation

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  • Fun Home Alison Bechdel Analysis

    For my argumentative CLEW I read Fun Home by Alison Bechdel and analyzed the characterization in the story, through my analyzation, I am trying to prove that the actions of the parent (Alison’s dad in this case), may influence the actions and lifestyle of their child and through the story the author reveals this by showing how in some ways the father acts like a woman and how he is trying to push gender roles onto his daughter, whereas she acts more like a boy. If you pay attention, throughout the

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  • Essay on The Ajnd

    Nutrition Spring 1 2009/ Andrew McCormick, Instructor Final In-Class Essay: Fast Food Nation Choose one of the topics below, and brainstorm, plan and write an argumentative, thesis-driven essay of at least 600 words. You may use your copy of FFN; you will have two hours. Your essay, as always, should: ✓ Provide a short, separate introduction that presents the issue and then segues into an explicit thesis with several concrete reasons to back it up. ✓ Develop each reason in a body paragraph

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  • Assessing The Reliability Of Iq Tests

    of intelligence, such as IQ, is enough to capture all of the differences in cognitive ability that we see between people.”. Different parts of the brain are used for different thought processes. It means that there is a need for different tests of short-term memory, reasoning and verbal skills to measure someone 's overall intelligence. Dr. Highfield said "When you come to the most complex known object, the human brain, the idea that there is only one measure of intelligence had to be wrong. We can

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  • Asean Essay

    ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY Why Grace Poe is the Best 2016 Presidential Candidate Five months after, who do you think will be the next leader of the Pearl of the Orient? Who is in your mind that deserves to have the highest position in our country and has the potential to bring our economy upwards? Who among the 2016 Presidential Candidates will end the widely spread graft and corruption in the Philippine Government? Who would go beyond the limits for the improvement of our countrymen? These are just

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  • Corn Pone Opinions By Mark Twain

    Throughout his short essay “Corn-pone Opinions,” Mark Twain begins to describe his elaborate views on ones self-approval, succumbing to the norm and societal trends. Beginning with an anecdote from his childhood in which he recalls the sermons of a lay preacher, Twain proceeds to discuss what he feels is a universal case of conformity and among the general population. “Broadly speaking,” he states, “there are none but Corn-pone opinions” because people tend to base their choices and preferences through

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  • Food, Inc. Is A 2008 Documentary Directed By Robert Kenner

    in food safety becoming a second thought. Food, Inc. illustrates the importance of consuming healthy and non-contaminated food. With factories becoming larger due to the increase in need for food faster, industries are finding any possible short cuts. These short cuts led to worse treatment for animals. The documentary shown a light on the horrible treatment that was going on in chicken farms, pig and cow confinements. In the chicken farms, chickens were typically submerged in darkness and forced to

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  • Writing And Writing Techniques And Strategies

    somewhat argue my point. This helped me better prepare myself for argumentative writing. Essay #2 was my best writing for this particular class. However, with every strength there is usually always a weakness. My greatest struggle when writing would have to be narratives. I do not consider myself a very creative person; therefore, my creativity, or lack thereof, I possess shows throughout my creative writings. With this being said, Short Writing Assignment #4, was my weakest. We were asked to tell

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  • Why I Would Be Different From English 101

    if I was not a good writer. I also had to get used to writing papers so frequently throughout the semesters and my first year of college. This was very different from my high school career because we did not write that many extensive papers and a short time period to do so. But I appreciate that we did because now it is easier to write a paper without struggling like I used to do but I know I still have many years to perfect my writing still. Even though I have gained plenty of skills during this

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  • Questions On Writing And Writing

    I completed one. Through the process I was unsure of what actually was required for an annotated bibliography. Once I figured out what was required for an annotated bibliography I soon raised questions about if my description of the source was too short or too long. Eventually I was able to complete my annotated bibliography through class room discussions about the annotated bibliography. Using different conventions for each essay allowed me to make steps towards accomplishing goal two.

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  • President Nixon And The Vietnam War

    His father was very argumentative opposed to his mother, who was sweet- tempered. (“Miller Center”) Unfortunately, Nixon lost two of his siblings early in his life. One of his siblings died from a short illness while the other suffered and died from a long illness. Nixon greatly excelled in his educational career. His grades were above average and met the standards of many high class colleges. Not only were Nixon’s grades exemplary, but also his argumentative skills. Nixon won an abundance

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  • The Student Learning Outcomes Of English 1301

    topic. This essay then follows to the comparison essay, interpreting two sources and telling the audience my side by diction and tone. I compared a book to the movie and had to be argumentative while proving my side with evidence that I found using rhetorical analysis. Finally, the third paper assigned was an argumentative paper. This essay was difficult because of the amount of researching. But, it comes back around to the first essay while I analyze texts and then the the second essay where I pick

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  • Apa Style And Habits Of Writing

    Throughout this semester, the English Composition 1 class helped me in a variety of ways in gaining and sharpening skills in writing. In this class I learned about different styles of writing including narrative, argumentative, and compare-and-contrast. However, the APA style lesson taught me the most important techniques during the course, because I learned how to avoid plagiarism, how to use in-text citations correctly, and how to cite the work and authors in the list of references. I have acquired

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  • What 's A Toothpaste Is A Formal Essay And It Is An Informational Essay

    use of dashes allowed Bodanis to write this additional information as well as show the reader why they need to be aware of what’s in their toothpaste because it could be very dangerous. The third type of syntax used in this essay is short sentences. The use of short sentences allows the point and topic of each sentence to be easily communicated to the readers. This is very effective in giving information just not too much information as that could overwhelm the reader. The first rhetorical device

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  • Reflection Paper On Death Of A Salesman

    I was required to read various forms of literature such as poems, plays, short stories, and novels. Some of my favorites were Lord of the Flies, Romeo and Juliet, and The Pearl. I also wrote numerous essays analyzing different components of the literary works. As a senior, I took Dual Enrollment Composition 1 at Pellissippi State Community College. Examples of the assignments I was required to complete included argumentative, compare/contrast, observation, and rhetorical analysis essays. When I

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  • Writing Is Not Just A Basic Skill

    anything. The only struggle I faced when it came to writing was the topics. No I do not consider myself to be a perfect writer because “writing involves abilities we develop over our lifetimes” (Richardson). However, if you ask me to write an argumentative or persuasive essay, I will write a great essay and get my point across. Maybe my structure wasn’t the best nor my choice of words, but I got my main idea across. That’s is one thing I loved about the state exams, the State of Texas Assessments

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