My Trip To Guatemala

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Wow! It 's been a while hasn 't it? Well today marks exactly 2 days, 19 hours, and minutes until I depart from the airport on my third missions trip to Guatemala!! It 's another two week trip which means deciding what to pack becomes infinitely harder. So below, I 've decided to include my packing list! Hopefully this helps you packing for either a missions trip to Guatemala, a missions trip in general, or just overall leaving the U.S. 

Food - Obviously I put the most important thing first! On most mission trips where and when you 'll be eating are planned out for you. Whether you eat a lot, (like me) or you 're a picky eater, (also like me) it 's just a good idea to include some of your favorite munchies!

Pretzels - One of my go to
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Especially when it 's warm. To keep you from getting tempted to just not drink, take water flavors to shake things up a little!
Oreos - Um, because they 're oreos!


Money - For souvenirs, snacks, etc; Don 't bring more than you think you 'll need!
Book - I only take one book because we rarely have any free time and when we do, we usually go somewhere.
ID - It 's just a good idea to have some form of identification on you.
Journal - It 's not everyone 's thing but if you do it, you 'll definitely want to bring it on an adventure like this!
Bible - It is a missions trip after all.
Plug Adapter - Depends on what country you are going to and where you are staying. My team stays in a hotel so I won 't need one. If you plan on bringing a hair dryer, though it is good to have one.
Camera - And any batteries/charger/SD cards you 'll need.
Polaroid - Most of the kids in the villages have never actually seen what they look like, other then reflections in the water. iPod - For pictures because my phone camera has got the wiggins and won 't work.
Water Bottle - Having your own plastic one just makes it easier to know which ones yours.

Meds / First Aid

Antihistamine - Allergy

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